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My Blog Posts

Lindsey’s Mighty Miracle

Several years ago, during a fresh spring day in early April, our son Robert married a beautiful girl named Lindsey. While on their honeymoon they decided to begin their family. The desires of their hearts were created and a few months later, they learned that … Read more “Lindsey’s Mighty Miracle”

The Inmate’s Miracles

 The following story took place when I was invited to teach in the religious institute program at the Utah State Prison for women. I have to admit; it was a blow your hair back soul moving experience! And I felt you would also appreciate discovering … Read more “The Inmate’s Miracles”

Oil Of Oregano Uses And Applications

Essential Oils can be used in so may ways. It is important to get educated so you use them judiciously and effectively.  Seek out oils of the highest grade that are free of toxins and synthetics. Not all of these products are as effective as … Read more “Oil Of Oregano Uses And Applications”

“Does Anyone Have A Cotton Ball?”

I highly recommend that my family, friends and clients become familiar with Essential Oils. They are powerfully effective healing oils. I have been able to quickly and easily release the cold and flu virus, sore throats, ear infections, bladder infections, laryngitis, bug bites and stings … Read more ““Does Anyone Have A Cotton Ball?””

The Heart Of The Matter

By Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D. For over 15 years I have been measuring and mapping the electro-chemical patterns of the brain. There are times I get to see something unusual and unique in the patterns that are formed in the brain. This is one of … Read more “The Heart Of The Matter”

Flying In Clouds

My name is Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.,and part of my life I spent as a professional pilot. It has been said that flying is made up of hours and hours of boredom, occasionally seasoned with a few seconds of stark terror.  I would add that … Read more “Flying In Clouds”

Change Your Belief And Hit Your Target!

A BELIEF IS JUST A THOUGHT YOU KEEP THINKING. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are very powerful. They help to shape our world. If what you are experiencing in life is less than satisfying, change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings! Recently I had the pleasure … Read more “Change Your Belief And Hit Your Target!”

Immediately Release Stress And Take A Deep Breath (Katie’s Story)

Many people are feeling stress from the rigors of their daily life. Everyone, from the stay at home house parent to the high power executive is fair game to this disruption in their well-being. There are reasons why those feelings set up in their bodies. … Read more “Immediately Release Stress And Take A Deep Breath (Katie’s Story)”

Mini Meditations

If you are feeling frazzeled, frustrated, fearful, worried or short on time, you can do a quick mini meditation, even while sitting at a red light, in your seat at work or school. It only takes a few moments. This meditation may at first seem … Read more “Mini Meditations”

Minerals Essential to Life and Health

Here is an excellent researched report by my good friend, Tim Brown, about the importance of essential minerals, specifically Magnesium. They are a key component for us to include in our bodies to enhance their ability to thrive.  If you are concerned that you might not be getting enough … Read more “Minerals Essential to Life and Health”

Three Page Roadmap for Life

Opening to Your Creative Powers Exercise…Or Three Page Roadmap for Life! (from the chapter, “Wrapping It Up” in the book “The Mindset of Miracles”) Take three pieces of paper and a pen or pencil. Be sure to HANDWRITE on all three sheets. Fill out the information … Read more “Three Page Roadmap for Life”

Chinese Bed Exercises

Ten Minute Chinese Bed Exercises Perform following exercise set in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before going to sleep.  It will help awaken the body and prepare it for the day and relax the body before sleep at night. They are very powerful movements and can … Read more “Chinese Bed Exercises”