The Heart Of The Matter

brain_map1By Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.

For over 15 years I have been measuring and mapping the electro-chemical patterns of the brain. There are times I get to see something unusual and unique in the patterns that are formed in the brain. This is one of those times. Perhaps it is only a coincidence. Perhaps it is a message or perhaps it is simply one of those unique and unusual things in life that causes us to imagine, ponder and wonder at the possibilities. Whatever it may be, it is worth a few words to share the magic of this brain.

This is an actual event; the results have not been altered in any manner. I am referring to one particular frequency representation of brainwave activity in Pamela Ann Ezell’s recent brainmap. On December 13, 2012, I performed a brainmap on Pamela, just for the fun of scientific exploration. As she and I were going over the results of that mapping, she noticed an unusual pattern at 24 Hertz (dealing with the cognitive thinking process). As you can see from the graphic above, it is interesting and unusual.

When the data from the electroencephalogram (EEG) is converted into a quantitative EEG, it is then known as a QEEG and is displayed as “tomography.” Tomography shows the level of activity in the brain. Red is the highest level of activity. Just such activity was present in this brainmap at 24 Hertz. The unusual part, it is seen in the shape of the heart. That is a rare occurrence and worthy of noting and drawing attention to this unusual phenomenon.

Another interesting fact regarding our findings is the consideration of make up of the brain tissue, in neuroscience it is called matter. The matter of the brain is seen as either white or grey matter. White matter, long thought to be passive tissue, actively affects how the brain learns. While grey matter is primarily associated with processing and thinking. White matter also acts as a relay, coordinating communication between different brain regions. Therefore, it seems most appropriate to consider the depiction seen at 24 Hertz, since it encompasses both grey and white matter. Because of the uniqueness of it, I have decided to call it the Heart Of The Matter.

The heart shape pattern seen in this brainmap also encompasses part of the cingulate gyrus, which is the system that is known to be the “gear shifter” of the brain. It helps to create balance within the hemispheres of the brain, allowing the smooth transfer of information between the hemispheres. Creating not only balance from left to right, but also harmony from front to back in the brain. This condition is the state that we have identified in our scientific writings known as the Whole-Brain State, which is the gateway to higher consciousness.

There is even greater significance in this story. Pamela Ann Ezell has written a book entitled “Mindset of Miracles.” It is a spell-binding book, and as she long described the contents of the book, (years before this brainmap was done), that it is about how you can easily and quickly receive the desires of your heart when you applying simple eternal laws. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that in measuring her brainwave activity that we got to the Heart Of The Matter. Is it coincidence or miracle…you decide!

Jeffrey L. Fannin Ph.D.

I truly appreciate Dr Jeffrey Fannin for sharing his expertise. He has greatly assisted others in their quest to have their brains work more efficiently for them. This was the first time I ever had my brain mapped. It was a very enlightening experience.

brain_map3Here are two more pictures that literally show what is happening in my entire body when I am allowing it to connect with the Divine and that eternal power to create my world. The blue shows what happens when I was training Dr. Fannin to Meditate. My eyes were open, there was a lot going on around us and yet my entire body was relaxed and quiet so our Divine Creators and the Eternal Power of Love could surge through me and into him as he was guided through the purposeful meditation.

Immediately afterwards I turned away from him, closed my eyes and began communicating back to our Divine Creators brain_map2with every cell of my body engaged in this communication. I was sharing my profound feelings and thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings I see in my life and the lives of others.

I felt a strong powerful surge well up in me as the communication went out. It felt like it grew bigger and bigger the further It went out…as if it could travel indefinitely beyond this world.

Notice in the picture how all the calm open feeling of blue left my brain and it turned completely Red! Heavy red lines represents the fastest moving activity and actions  in the brain that are measured by this device.

So there you have it.  We actually have the ability to shift our body activity and even our chemistry. It is measurable.

In other words, The course of our lives really is in our hands. We actually have a way to destroy or heal our lives by how we choose to think and feel. We are squarely in charge of our happiness or unhappiness…no one else. We choose what we would like to experience and our Divine Creators answer, “Yes” to  our every request every time.

Ok, so this may sound kinda weird if you have not studied this scientific information before and realized it’s eternal significance. I understand. But what sounds weird at first glance can often become a source of wonderful comfort when you realized that you are literally known and adored by the loving Gods who created you.  So what are you asking for?

If you find this information uplifting and encouraging then Take Action and spread this good news to someone else. It could be just what they have been asking for today. Remember, you too have the power to create great change!

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Until next time, Stay Awakened,

Pamela Ann