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Even as a motivated client you can sometimes slip off your desired life course.

This loss can especially happen when you lose focus and let yourself get caught up in life’s bustling activities. Those activities can sometime feel like they engulf you.

Actually, those feelings are simply an indication that you are disconnected from those loving beings who created you. Your feelings are just helping you to wake up and recognize that disconnect. (BTW, you cannot ever be completely disconnected from those loving beings.)

If that is what you are experiencing, quickly and easily get dialed back into what you desire to create by spending some quality Mentoring Time with me. You will rapidly remember how to refocus on what is meaningful and important to you. You will also remember how to reconnect with your Divine Creators and that Eternal Healing Love that only they can provide. You literally will feel more energized and uplifted after one of these sessions!

Here are some clients that got back their great creative feelings:

“The “training” I did with Pamela Ann was of great value for me.  It is with my deepest gratitude that I cherish the day Pamela Ann Ezell came into my life, that I took the time to read her book, “Mindset of Miracles” and gain the wisdom from it. Her depth, knowledge, caring and spiritual wisdom was there to guide me and teach me in a manner that I know has eternal significance.  There is no doubt in my being that the principles she taught me are universal, they are from the Divine and meant to guide and comfort us, if we will learn them and use them.”

Jeffrey L. Fannin Ph.D. Neuroscientist, Center For Cognitive Enhancement, Glendale, AZ

“Pamela Ann Ezell adds value and peace to others through reawaking the mind, body and spirit to their true vision and purpose. I have seen firsthand the abilities and lessons she shares for all to learn.”

Susan Grantham, CEO, Saguaro Business Associates, LLC, Saguaro Business Conferences

“My deepest and most heartfelt thanks for the blessings you share…I was touched to my core… You are a most special lady, and angel for me, and I am grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I believe the blessings are from Him, but you are the most amazing spokesperson I know. Love, peace and happiness to you, amazing Lady.”

Lanny Henderson, Kangan Water Distributor for AZ

“I have been continually amazed by Pamela Ann’s ability to maintain an eternal perspective. Her confident, fearless attitude is, I believe, the fruits of her complete certainty in her connection to Heaven. It is inspiring. She is a seeker of truth and joy. She teaches those who will hear how to live with confidence and gratitude in the truth of their own divine connection. I have watched miracles happen as she guides troubled hearts into the light and vision that shines from that truth.”

Janet Nelson, Homemaker and Community Leader (plus on call Mother, Grandmother, Neighbor and Friend!), Sandy, UT

So if you feel like you have fallen ‘asleep’ and have not been purposely directing your life, WAKE UP and happy woman pink sweaterTAKE ACTION! Immediately get yourself refocused and headed back on your joy-filled adventure.

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