Mentoring Certification


Is this your Life Mission?

Are you the kind of person that deeply feels the desire to share this uplifting good news with others? If your answer is, “Yes” then this is your opportunity to learn more about your gift and how you can actually let that light within you shine out into the world.

As a motivated and Evolving Mentor, You will continue your awakening process while learning more about these powerful eternal laws and principles.

When consistently applied, this knowledge will strengthen your body, mind and spirit. You will be able to take all the intelligence you have been amassing, during your quest for higher learning, and use it to bless your life and the lives of others. Your trust and confidence in your mentoring abilities and spiritual gifts will grow stronger and stronger each day.

Here are some others who also feel that desire to spread this good news:

“Even though I am only thirteen I have been deeply moved by what Pamela Ann writes, and by the topics she has spoken about. I have read some of Pamela Ann’s stories and I have really grown fond of them. They have changed my life or that is, helped me change my life for the better. After reading and listening to Pamela Ann I have had a natural desire to follow in her footsteps and to become a motivational speaker. Pamela Ann has helped many people, including me, find answers and find our inner selves. Thank you.”

Samantha, Junior High School Student

Pamela Ann and Fady“I came to the United States in 2009 as a refuge (from Iraq) escaping from all the violence and persecution I faced there. My life was all about studying and education. I thought the arts were a waste of time that could be used for something better. I never sang or danced before and never imagined myself doing it. But deep in my mind, I really wanted to do that.

“I had the chance to see the performance of Up With People while they were in Tucson, AZ. It is an international educational organization that travels all around the world to spread the message of peace through music and community service. I dreamed about joining them but never believed that I could be part of that. In one crazy moment I decided to apply, although I couldn’t afford the tuition fee.

“Then I met Pamela at a party. We had a really uplifting conversation that cured a lot of my unhealed wounds. I discovered a lot of things about me as a person. I also learned there is a huge difference between I want and I hope.”

“After my visit with Pamela, I had the confidence of making this decision; not only making the decision, but believing in it.  The very next day I received a grant to join the group. Now, I know that everything is achievable if you believe in it.

“I am the first Iraqi and refugee in Up With People from the time it founded in 1965. I also sing a solo song in the show and dance and sing with the cast for the rest of the songs. I am now a person who believes that music is the best way to send the message of peace, respect, and love to all over the world.

“I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness for my amazing friend and spiritual coach. Thank you Pamela for inspiring me.”

Fady Sarkees, Dentist, Up With People Iraqi Cast Representative, from Baghdad, Iraq

“All my life I have been told I am a child of God and I am a princess in the kingdom of God with the potential to be a queen. Listening and learning from Pam has helped me truly understand what that means. I have learned that I can create now the life and world that I desire to have. Ever since Pam has shared with me I am constantly hearing or reading talks from the leaders of the church that reinforce everything she is saying. This is proof to me that what she is saying is true. I have seen a change in my life and in the lives of my family. We have had miracles happen, and a more positive outlook on life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Pam for opening up my eyes to a wonderful world of possibilities. Love you!”

Missy Carter, Community Leader, Mother of 8, Tucson, AZ

Age is not a factor. And your circumstances do not determine if you can or cannot develop your gift. It is your thoughts, beliefs and strong feelings of desire combined with ACTION that create what you would love to do with your life. If you feel the stirrings of the desire to become a Mentor, or if you would like to Master the powerful laws I am teaching, TAKE ACTION now and begin your adventure!

These Classes will take about 2 hours of studying each week along with simple daily applications of these powerful principles and laws. Learning materials are intended to be accomplished while you are experiencing your normal day-to-day life. They can be adjusted to support your personal desires. There will be key lessons and supplemental support to accommodate each student’s capacity for learning and growth

Here are some of the activities you will experience and experiment with while perfecting your gift:

  • Mentoring Time with Pamela Ann.
  • Teleseminars and Webinars with Pamela Ann and other Mentoring Students.
  • You will have Weekly Take Action Focuses to help you internalize what you’re learning.
  • Audio and Radio Programs that provide another source to learn about and utilize your gift.
  • View Videos that provide examples of these simple laws so you can more rapidly apply them.
  • Read Mindset of Miracles written lessons, based on life stories that you can easily remember.
  • Networking with Mentor Students through Google Group and Skype. Share your experiences!
  • Lessons that strengthen your Body so you can become more balanced with your Mind and Spirit.
  • Journaling and recording your own miraculous stories so you can learn from them and share them with others

Through these activities you will learn:

  • How to be in the world but not of it.
  • How to create only Harmonious Relationships.
  • How to be become one with yourself and all others.
  • How to have the blessings you’ve learned come alive in your life.
  • How to command your world with exactness and even put a date on it!
  • How to truly and completely forgive yourself and others.
  • How to have the Peace That Passes All Understanding.
  • How to shift time and change the weather.
  • How to heal and regrow your body!
  • How to live an abundant life.
  • How to see visions.

Click here to learn more about other the topics that I will teach during your mentoring program.

happy woman pink sweaterBut, most importantly… You will learn how you can connect with and experience the reality of having a joy filled daily life through the Living At-One-Ment with God. In other words, you can actually have a personal daily relationship with those who literally created you!

After you have completed the course and you understand how to literally activate and apply what you have learned, you too may become a certified mentor by Pamela Ann.

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If you find this information inspiring and uplifting, share it with one or two other people. It my be exactly what they have been looking for. You may be one person, but you have the ability to touch the world in a profoundly positive manner.

The following list is just a small portion of the topics I teach. Feel free to scan through it to get some ideas of what you would like to learn! You can even jot down some of the ones that stand out to you. Then I’ll teach you how to apply them in your daily life.

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