Couples Mentoring

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Hum… This Young beautiful couple looks Ecstatically Happy.

Is it a “medically induced” bliss? Are they simply paid models? Or is it genuine happiness?

I don’t know about you, but I for one was definitely not “feeling it” in my marriage. For a LONG time I tried to “fake it” to convince myself and everyone else that I was alright.

I really tried to be the supportive, loving, devoted wife but I felt bitter, unappreciated, worn out, misunderstood and very dissatisfied with my situation. I didn’t feel cherished or adored. I longed to have a soul companion. When I’d take some children to see a fairy tale movie, I’d gag at the lie in the last line and think: Yeah right, And they lived happily ever after… REALLY?!!couple not communicating

I began longing for “greener pastures.” I actually contemplated divorce. And those who know me also know that fact because I finally couldn’t keep my secret about how miserable I was feeling!

But one day, ALL of that suddenly and dramatically changed. I literally mean that ALL OF THAT SITUATION COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY CHANGED!

I discovered a powerful life altering love that ROCKED MY WORLD! I completely rediscovered my husband and saw him through newly awakened eyes. Better yet, I loved him with abandon! Where feelings of bitterness, distain and resentment once brewed inside me, total feelings of profound love, appreciation, and adoration along with complete acceptance flourished in my soul.

I now actually do have that soul companion. And to my ultimate wonder, I discovered it in the man I was already married to! How amazingly life transforming is that…falling deeply and completely, totally head over heels in committed surrendering love with my husband?

couple communicating outside, matureAnd the sex…

Well, I don’t wanna brag, but even though we are in our 60’s, it is beyond what mortal words can describe when it is entwined with this Divine Eternal Love that we discovered. You see, we opened “The Door” and received from the Divine…not the world… what was prepared for us to experience. And even though our relationship in that department was a knock out of the ballpark, this added awakening catapulted our intimacy and passion to a whole new dimension!

If we can have that mighty change of heart, so can you!

Seems impossible? Well it absolutely is possible and definitely is possible for you! And it is never too late to awaken and allow that shift into your life. In fact, I have seen this mighty change in many MANY people.

Here are a few examples…

“I’m blown away with the things Pamela Ann has done to help people transform their lives. She helped me wake up and taught me how I can change so I can restore my happiness in my life and my relationship with my wife. It’s kind of one of those, “WOW!” moments. What a plus for my life! I would Definitely recommend this information to others. That is Definitely with a capital D.”

Ben Holder, Retired LA City Fire Captain and 76 years young, Lake Balboa, CA

“We now have a greater love for each other, and a greater understanding of the power of our thoughts and words – we have learned to create our own joy and how to work with our “Team”* to make positive changes in our lives…”

Mel & Liz Claridge, Tucson, AZ

(*To learn more about the “Team” they are referring to, read my book, “Mindset of Miracles.”)

Perhaps you are just in the dating time of a relationship or newly betrothed. Maybe you are partners, or a married couple. It doesn’t matter. All of these heavy boulders of feelings can build up within you and an avalanche more can tumble into your life.

However, while visiting with me, as a motivated couple, you will immediately begin to release stress and distractions that block your energy and ability to receive what you desire. Once you start letting go of those burdens, then you can begin letting in more opportunities for what you actually would love to experience.

Learn real supportive life-skills that both of you can easily apply. Activate this simple, yet life-enhancing information. Experience a more deeply united, enjoyable companionship along with a happy, personally satisfying, daily life!

As active participants in this adventure, you will be able to:couple communicating picnic table

  • More perfectly create what you desire.
  • Find personal harmony and well-being in all areas of your life.
  • Strike up that flame of your passion for life. Let it burn brightly within you.
  • Your level of love and understanding for one another will be greatly enhanced.
  • Discover a simple yet powerfully clear way of communicating with one another.
  • Enjoy an absolute trust in one another.

You will also learn how to easily apply this powerful knowledge and other laws to genuinely draw to you only the best in all that surrounds you in your relationships, health and prosperity.

Now when I go to movies that have a fairy tale theme I realize that they actually do represent my reality. I get a genuine tickle and thrill inside me and think…

“And they actually did live happily ever after…REALLY, THEY DID!”

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If you find this information valuable and uplifting take action; share it with others. You may be only one person, but you have the ability to spread this positive, encouraging good news throughout the world by simply sharing it with one or two people. In fact, it might be precisely what they have been searching for!

The following list is just a small portion of the topics I teach. Feel free to scan through it to get some ideas of what you would like to learn! You can even jot down some of the ones that stand out to you. Then I’ll teach you how to apply them in your daily life.

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