Immediately Release Stress And Take A Deep Breath (Katie’s Story)

Happy Girl in Green DressMany people are feeling stress from the rigors of their daily life. Everyone, from the stay at home house parent to the high power executive is fair game to this disruption in their well-being. There are reasons why those feelings set up in their bodies. There are also simple solutions that can immediately create remarkable results in releasing those unnerving experiences of panic, anxiety and shortness of breath.

The problem It was a chilled weekend in late October. I listened to the young woman as she briefly related her concerns while tears streamed down her cheeks. Katie was a brilliant, powerful individual, a stay at home mother of three active little boys and a CEO of a flourishing home business that she had created.

Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, stressed with time crunches and large shipping orders, she had panic attacks every Sunday; dreading the weekly demands that inevitably began each Monday.

Katie, like so many individuals, had developed a cycle of anxiety and panic.  Whenever she felt overwhelmed and pressured from lack of time, she breathed shallow or held her breath.  Her diaphragm then locked up and her body felt panicked and anxious. For good reason—it lacked oxygen.

Taking Quick Action Before calling a doctor or reaching for an RX bottle of medication, Katie first tried applying some simple solutions that I shared with her to break her miserable Sunday tradition.

I told her to sit upright or stand up straight and slid her bottom jaw forward, passed her top teeth and breathe! To her amazement, her body suddenly unzipped from the bottom of her throat all the way down to the bottom of her torso. Voila! Her diaphragm unlocked and she breathed deeply again. Her anxiety attacks and panicked feelings vanished!

With that restored breath and life giving oxygen, Katie was able to think and reason more clearly and effectively. She was also able to start deliberately and permanently resolving the core issues of why she was creating those attacks.

Proactive Steps I reminded Katie that her feelings were her perfect guides.  I suggested that throughout the day she take a quick scan of her body and asked, “How am I feeling now?” If she felt tightness in her breathing or abdomen, she was to simply unzip her body as often as she desired. She let go of the old habit she had formed and rapidly mastered how to draw into her life what she preferred instead.

Katie also learned how to shift time and accomplish all she desired to do each day (see follow up story, Slowing and Expanding Time). She then identified what life experiences she had completed, which included her current company. That was why working in it felt so unbearable to her. Those feelings helped her let go of her attachment to that situation so she could identify and solely focus on what she would love to create in its place.

The Happy Solution By the following week, with this shift in her awareness, Katie quickly drew to her many offers to purchase her business for cash. She was also able to identify the next profession she would love to create and formed a smooth transition between the two of them. A month later her company was sold and her new career was launched; well funded with money in the bank.

Within one hour of gentle guidance, Katie was able command the panic attacks to depart. She then was able to see her world once again with an awakened inspired view point. She took action and fully stepped back into her empowered state of being.

You do not have to settle for whatever may come your way in life. Take charge and take action. Command your world and choose what you would love to experience!

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Pamela Ann