Mini Meditations

business web picture pink heartshaped roseIf you are feeling frazzeled, frustrated, fearful, worried or short on time, you can do a quick mini meditation, even while sitting at a red light, in your seat at work or school. It only takes a few moments.

This meditation may at first seem very simple but by simple actions great things can be accomplished!

I know that this action is powerful and can create a tangible difference in your day. I am certain of this because I have seen huge shifts in peoples lives when they allowed themselves to fully open up their minds and bodies to experience this gentle refocusing meditation. You too can experience this comforting change.

OK, go ahead and try it. As you are waiting at a stop light while rushing around town, trying to get to your appointments, or sitting where you are right now, allow yourself to start experimenting…

Take one deep conscience breath and simply ask yourself, “How am I feeling now?” Ok, perhaps you would like to take a moment and take three breaths! As you let it out, notice your body and how you are feeling.  Let go of thinking it to death…how do you FEEL now?  Is your personal feelings of joy increasing or decreasing?

Depending on your answers you can do the following:

If you are feeling pretty great, flood your entire body with feelings of gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation for all the blessings that have been provided in your life. Notice the ones currently coming to you now.

Open up and allow every cell of your body to become engaged in this activity.  Let those good feeling that are generated within you grow bigger and bigger. You have the power to do this.

Just allowing in those feelings indicates  that you have increased your connection and personal relationship with those who created you. With that more perfect union, you can command all things in your life to form as you desire.

However, if you just ain’t feeling it…you know what I am talking about! Experiment with this:

Take three deep, slow cleansing breaths. Let EVERY CELL of your ENTIRE BODY become engaged in this experience. As you are breathing in, gather up any discord within you. Then easily and quickly allow any tension or distress to rapidly depart from you and go out the window. Continue to gather and release from every cell any vestige or tradition that helped those feelings to come to you. Continue to breathe and allow the shift to happen.

Let your whole being feel this wonderful shift as you release. You are letting go of feelings, situations, beliefs and traditions that have had value in the past but have completed their service for you. They have been your blessing and now you are ready to release them so you can learn something more satisfying now.

Next, breath in peace, well-being and clarity of mind into every cell of your body. You can do this because you just cleansed out a place for those feelings to come and dwell within you. Continue to breathe and allow them to anchor into every cell in your body. Continue to breathe.

Now, gently speak to your soul this truth; your truth:

“I have all the time and more to accomplish whatever I desire to create today.”  Say it several times with real meaning behind the words. Continue to breathe deeply. Feel your soothing balm of calm and wellbeing grow with in you. Plus, feel a bit of a thrill to flow into you. Smile and allow time to shift for you.  The outside dimension of time in your world will expand for you as the inside dimension of time speeds up. Continue to breathe and complete the shift.

Believe, with every cell of your body that this is literally happening for you right now. This is actually your truth. Begin noticing all around you how things and situations are smoothing out for you. Hold on to those feelings!

Here are some other ways you can use your mini meditation:

While getting ready for a test, event, speech, meeting etc, you can also take a deep conscience breath, relax your body and say to yourself with genuine meaning and feeling (otherwise, these are just hollow words! bla, bla, bla…):

  • I easily and quickly learn and understand new information and can just as easily recall that information.
  • I have all the help, support and funds I desire for the activities I am experiencing now in my life.
  • I have all the health, love, understanding, confidence…that I desire now!
  • All that I have prepared for is quickly coming together now.
  • I am enjoying every moment of this opportunity.
  • I am grateful for this expansion and growth.

Lastly, Throughout your day, check how you are feeling NOW.  Keep turning to that better feeling place.  Remember that your feelings are your perfect compass and guide throughout your entire life.  They will never fail you.

BIG TIP TO HELP YOU TAKE ACTION!; To help you stay awakened and allow in this mighty change of heart, set your watch for every half an hour. When it notifies you take some breaths and shift according to how you feel. Soon you will be able to simply take one breath to release and one breath to drink in!

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