Book – Mindset of Miracles

Mindset of Miracles by Pamela Ann Ezell

If you are reading these words, it is because you have asked for this knowledge to come to you at this time. It is because your soul is searching for something—for the touch of the Divine, for joy, for comfort, for hope, for happiness. You are seeking to understand why certain things have occurred in your life. You thirst for true knowledge. You desire to forge a happy life. I’m Pamela Ann. I teach people how to command there world with exactness and even put a date on it! I can declare these bold statements because I have continually witnessed an astonishing, extraordinary phenomenon. Shortly after my amazing, motivated clients begin their first training session, they feel an awakening and a shift toward a peaceful relief and awareness; their eyes begin to see their world in a new reality. They also begin to experience other powerful feelings such as renewed hope, well-being, acceptance, profound love and enlightenment. That shift can come in a variety of forms, from a gentle “Ah-Ha!” moment to a joyful mind-blowing experience.

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