Chinese Bed Exercises

Chinese Bed ExercisesTen Minute Chinese Bed Exercises

Perform following exercise set in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before going to sleep.  It will help awaken the body and prepare it for the day and relax the body before sleep at night. They are very powerful movements and can help keep your body well and in balance.

They help open up all your electrical currents and balance out the energy in your body. These are the exercises I did on Lindsey’s body when she was 6 months pregnant and paralyzed (Click Here to see story, “Lindsey’s Mighty Miracle”)

They are also the exercises I did to naturally release the lumps in my breasts and the excruciating pain in my stomach. They have help so many of my clients in their journey to get well and stay well.

To visually learn how to do them quickly and easily, set up an appointment with me on Skype or in person.  Simply, Click Here to schedule some Mentoring Time with me. Or click here to check out the Chinese Bed Exercises Video. Click here to Read about Sedating the Triple Warmer Exercise. These two exercises are a great complement to supporting your body.


The heart and mind are quiet, the qi and blood are pure,
practice morning and night, the exercises lying on a bed.
Rub the hands together, until they are warm,
Then “wash” (rub) the face, the blood vessels will all open.
Rub the eyes with the hands, this clears the vision,
Rub beside the nose, the breathing passages will be open.
Clench the teeth together, it will strengthen the gums,
Wash the mouth with air, this produces more saliva.
Comb the hair with the hands, the spirit will be pure,
rub the neck, it will dispel the effects of drafts.
Strike the “Sky drum” (the base of the skull), listen to the sound,
Rub the ears, the hearing will be sharp.
Rub the upper arms, this will open the meridians,
and also helps the circulation, this is a supplement to training.
Use the fists to rub the waist, thus preventing pain.
Knead the hips, the joints will feel light.
Rub the lower extremities, this also opens the meridians,
Push down along the outside, and return along the inside.
Rub the soles of the feet, this benefits the essence of the kidneys,
move the balls of the feet, relax the ankles.
Push on the right ribs, to soothe the liver,
move to the left ribs, the spleen and stomach will be free of obstruction.
Rub the Shen Que ( in the middle of the upper back), with an empty palm,
Pushing on the Ren meridian, the “triple warmer” will be clear.
After a long period of practice, disease will not be able to take hold,
Be consistent in practice, do not take these exercises lightly,
Our ancestors passed this knowledge down, it is a marvelous method,
To be preserved for future generations, to save the ill.

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