Three Page Roadmap for Life

business web roadmap ParisOpening to Your Creative Powers Exercise…Or Three Page Roadmap for Life! (from the chapter, “Wrapping It Up” in the book “The Mindset of Miracles”)

Take three pieces of paper and a pen or pencil. Be sure to HANDWRITE on all three sheets. Fill out the information by following the directions below. Do these exercises quickly. Write what first comes to your mind, in other words, don’t think it to death.  Your first impression will more likely flow from your wise eternal soul while connected to your source of Divine Energy. The voice that thinks it to death is the vacillating voice of the flesh that often discounts your original inspired thoughts and picks them apart.

Page one:

Write everything you are thankful for. Include what gives you feelings of gratitude an appreciation. Allow yourself to actually FEEL your thankful gratitude and appreciation as you do these exercises. Your soul’s response and ability to connect to your team will be more profound!

If you have difficulty beginning, start with your simple joys in life such as the song of a bird, a soft pillow for your head, a beautiful sunset, the purring of a kitten…Soon, your page will be filled.

This exercise will assist you in adjusting your feelings to shift to a higher level of awareness and connectedness to your Source. Allow yourself to recognize how much you are personally loved and provided for. See that manifestation all around you. Your awareness of the presence of your personal team and your connection to them will feel stronger. The adding of your FEELINGS will significantly pump up the results of this exercise from mere thoughts that are quickly forgotten to an entire body response that more likely will be retained and utilized.

Look over the page you have just written and allow yourself to believe and accept this truth:

I am a being that comes from a place of love and abundance.
I allow myself to see the daily evidence of this truth NOW!

 Also, ask with feeling the following, “More of these blessings in my life now, please. Thank you!”

Page two:

Write down all the people that “get” you. Anyone who has been there in your life. Perhaps someone was free of judgment and simply completely accepted you. Another may be a total stranger that extended a kindness. Write down all the qualities of these people who you admire. In fact fill in the rest of the paper with names or descriptions of a variety of individuals who you respect and appreciate. If you don’t know their names, just write what you are able to, such as the crossing guard at your elementary school. Then write down the qualities you valued and treasured about them. Look over this page and with FEELING in your soul say

“ More people and qualities like this in my life NOW, please. Thank You.”

This exercise will help you more purposefully draw to you these types of people into your life NOW. They will also help you to develop more of these fine qualities in your life that you admire in others.

Allow your soul, your body, mind and spirit, to THINK, VISUALIZE and FEEL this statement:

“I easily and quickly draw to me continually only harmonious relationships in all areas of my life NOW!”

 Page three:

Finally write what you would purposefully LOVE to create in your life NOW. Add your feelings of excitement and passion about what you desire. Remember the story about the Chef in Mexico? Add as much detail as possible. Do not concern yourself with how to accomplish these goals. Trust that they are beginning to form for you NOW. See, Smell, Taste, Feel and Hear these experiences forming NOW! See yourself actively participating in these visions. Feel your excitement and hold on to that feeling. Put a date on the page of when you wrote down this information. If you’d like, put beginning and completion dates on these goals. Go ahead, give yourself permission to think BIG if that is your heart’s desire. Release any limitations and resistance.

Look over your page and the information on it. Allow yourself to picture the formation of these goals and preferences. This exercise will help you more clearly identify what you would prefer to purposefully create in your life NOW. It also sets in motion its creation in a spiritual realm or dimension. The more detail you supply the more easily you will recognize what you have asked for when it appears in your world.

When you add your genuine excited feelings about your preferences being created for you now, those feeling literally drive your desires into your physical world. Believe, releasing all wavering, that this is your truth.

“ I easily and quickly draw to me only the experiences and things I purposefully desire to have in my world NOW. I readily release all else. Cast off any distractions from your preferred goals. Whenever you happen to think about what you are creating, allow an excited happy thrill to run through your soul.

Remember, we were always supposed to have those happy, carefree, joyful childlike feelings. They help you to recognize how fully you are connected to your Divine Source of Creative Energy. They also help drive your creations into reality.

Believe in yourself and your ability to create with your Divine Team. Allow the Truth of your belief to gather up and grow within you. Let it fill you to overflowing!

As your recognize your creations appearing easily and quickly in your life, give notice of them and give heartfelt thanks and feelings of appreciation and gratitude to your “Team” for taking the time to personally create with you. Notice also the many displays of kindness and miracles large and small that are showered upon you daily. Allow yourself to marvel at how generous and giving they are. Feel your joy for them and theirs for you. These are some of the thoughts, feelings and actions that will help you remain centered in your hurricane. In fact, take time to notice how you are feeling throughout your day. Ask these questions:

“Am I centered in my hurricane? Am I feeling peace and clarity of mind?”

If you feel like you are slipping out of your center and sliding toward the rough outer edges, review your first paper that is filled with all the situations you have experience that encouraged your feelings of joy. Keep turning your soul more and more toward that better feeling place of wellbeing. You soon will be back in you center.

Remember that you are drawing opportunities to learn about in your life.  You are also the one releasing them and pushing them away as you remain in your center, unless you choose to become distracted. You also choose how long you desire to experience these lessons for growth and expansion.

Write down your “Stories” as they come into your life. Stories like the ones in this book.  You already have some. It is important to record your “A-Ha! Moments” so you can reflect on them from time to time… especially when you may begin to feel somewhat disconnected

Let go of any other feeling that may pop up. Specifically let go of jealousy, envy or lack. All those feelings push you further away from fully ushering in your eternal connection and power to purposefully create the world you prefer.

Genuinely allow yourself to feel happy for the other individuals who have taken the time to participate with you during this creative process. Be grateful they have provided you with an example of your possibility to be able to receive more blessings and opportunities. Be thankful they helped you to more clearly define what you would love to enjoy in your life as well. Think and feel wonderful feelings while you are connected to your source of creative energy. Then say the following:

“More of this please in all of our lives. More of this Now, please.Thanks!”

 Met all your goals and have slid into a funk? Feeling tired, sleepy, depressed, blah?

Do your three pages again and start rapidly creating what you prefer next. Then continue creating a joy filled life for the rest of your existence…

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