Radio Show

Radio Program PictureEnjoy these Radio Shows.

They provide examples of the Powerful Principles and life Skills that I teach so you can immediately begin to create your dreams and passions. I also included some written notes for you.

If this is the first time you have visited this page, or website, simply remain open-minded and teachable. Gather what is valuable to you and then experiment with it. Let every part of you engage in these experiments. Notice the shift and improvement.

If you are already receiving mentoring support, these radio programs will help you remember the treasure trove of knowledge that you are amassing. They will help you stay “Awakened” to your Eternal Truths.

My Thanks and appreciation to Michelle Miron, Host of BlogTalkRadio show Love Your Life with Michelle, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She invited me to be interviewed by her and in doing so, greatly helped to share this uplifting news with others. If you also value this encouraging information, share it with a friend…It may be what they have been searching for.

Lost And Found

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Have you noticed all the people who are experiencing loss these days?
They have lost jobs, relationships, health and things that are precious and important to them. They have also lost their feelings of peace, well-being, happiness and hope.
Are you are also one of those people? Do you feel similar losses in your life? Read More….

Four Letter Words

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You’ve heard these four letter words before. Even fine, upstanding humble people use them…including your tea-toting auntie or Sabbath day preacher.
These expressions don’t usually bring out the best feelings in you. If you are not experiencing upbeat feelings, you usually will not be creating the world you desire. Read More…

Are Your Mistaken Beliefs Sabotaging Your Goals?

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Before you begin listening to this show, ponder this thought for a moment:
A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking…
Now take some time to prepare yourself so you can get the most out of what is being shared with you. By the way:
What do you believe?
Whoa! Now that is a pretty broad Question. Hmmm, what to you believe?
Well to get the ball rolling, Glance over some of the following questions that have been provided for you. Perhaps you will identify with several or many of them. Read More…