Flying In Clouds

flying in cloudsMy name is Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.,and part of my life I spent as a professional pilot.

It has been said that flying is made up of hours and hours of boredom, occasionally seasoned with a few seconds of stark terror.  I would add that flying in instrument conditions, which is flying in the clouds, is an interesting phenomenon.  Anyone that has ever flown on a commercial craft has most likely experienced flying in clouds.

It is an unusual sensation.  You have a sense of moving forward but you can’t see anything ahead, to the side or down.  It is not like being blind where there is the absence of light and you experience only darkness.  It is sense of knowing you are going somewhere but not sure how you will get there.  When piloting in a cloud you are taught to rely on your instruments.

As any good instrument pilot knows, you can’t get stuck focusing on one instrument too long or there will be consequences.  Keeping your scan going from instrument to instrument, reading and interpreting the information that the instrument is giving you is key to having a safe journey.

Navigating Through Life

Sometimes, navigating through life is a bit like flying in the clouds. You know you are going somewhere but you have to rely on a different way of determining where you are and where you are going.

I met Pamela Ann Ezell at my office one day; she and my assistant are good friends.  I purchased a copy of her book.  It is a large book filled with uncommon wisdom and delightful stories.  I was captivated by it.  I could not put it down and literally read it in three days.  The messages poured forth from the pages keeping me spellbound and was a source of deep nourishment for my soul.  It resonated throughout my entire being.

“Training” With Pamela Ann

Shortly after I read the book I began having conversations with Pamela Ann, which turns out to be “training.”  It seemed more like conversation to me.  We discussed the principles and stories in the book and how they applied to my own life.

Each time we had a conversation, I would come away with my spirit feeling refreshed and nourished.  I was learning another form of navigation.

While journeying through the days of my life, I was learning to navigate the uncertainties of life with principles and tools she taught that allowed me to be more aware of who I am and why I am here.  It reminded me of flying in the clouds.  I was going somewhere but I could not see very far ahead, to the side or below.

She taught me how important it is to trust in things that I could not see.  I had done that physically with flying, but doing it spiritually is an entirely different matter.  She offered guidance while teaching me to trust in my internal instruments to navigate my life’s journey.

Turning It Over To Our Creators

Recently, I reached a point in my journey that put my soul and every fiber of my being to the test.  I experienced fear and doubt like I have never experienced it before.  I am a pretty competent person and always have been.  I have been able to handle complex situations.  I had learned to be calm in stressful situations.

However, I truly did not know how to deal with the experience staring me in the face. It was threatening everything that I thought I believed in or held dear.  I could not see how to solve the issue and it frightened me deeper and created more doubt than I had ever known in my life.

Pamela Ann told me I needed to “turn it over to those that created me.”  They were there to help.

My mind snapped back sarcastically without speaking a word, if they are really there to help, then why aren’t they helping?

She explained that I was still trying to keep the situation in my own comfort zone and “fix it” myself.  I knew she was right.  She told me I still needed to “let go of it,” even though I could not see the solution.

The funny thing is I thought I had already done that.  We had discussed this principle on several occasions and I thought I had really, truly had done that.  I understood the principle intellectually, but there was a part of me that really had not surrendered yet.  There was part of me that was still trying to control the situation.

I wanted to do it my way!

Do I Believe?

That night as I went to bed, my whole being filled with fear and doubt, asked myself the question, “do I believe in the principles I had been taught?”  The very deepest part of me could not answer that question with a “no.”  I had experienced enough in my life’s journey to know that the principles were true and correct; it was my execution of them that the core of this learning experience.

Here it was, the proverbial push meets shove.  I was at the point where the “rubber meets the road.”  I could probably come up with a dozen clichés that would fit the situation.

Bottom line, the question at hand was would I truly surrender doubt and fear of what lay ahead, or would I continue to do what I had always done in the past?

As I lay in bed, I silently called a counsel meeting of those that created me and all teachers, guides and counselors that had assisted me in my life thus far.  Like being in the clouds, I could not see them, hear them or feel their presence.  It was up to me and me alone to have faith that these principles being taught to me were true and believe that I am not alone in the universe and the solution is all up to me.  At that point, I must have drifted off to sleep.

Flying In The Clouds

While sleeping, it too was like flying in the clouds.  I knew I was somewhere, not knowing where I was but sure I was supposed to be there.

It was like being in another dimension, perhaps I was.  In that instant, I sensed that I was there with my personal counsel, they were there ready to assist me; but it was up to me to ask them to help and to truly surrender the situation them.  Strangely, I was ready to do that in a way that I had not felt before.

In an instant, my thoughts merged with the collective consciousness of the universe, I was one with them and knew it.  I felt it in every fiber of my being.  My next thought was to completely surrender to this dimension explaining that I was ready to release this experience and call in something else.

Miracles DO happen, even in another dimension, even in your sleep.

The Mighty Change Of Heart

I had barely finished my thought of releasing when I experienced something that mere words cannot express. They lack the fullness or completeness of what I experienced.  It was like a shift of energy, a shift of time and space.  It was all at once, I was filled with love, acceptance, connectedness to other beings and the universe all at the same time.

I felt lighter, I felt loved at a very deep level.  I felt profound joy.  The underlying anger, sadness, confusion, doubt and fear vanished from the depths of my soul and was replaced with a most peaceful, pleasant sense of well-being that I have ever experienced.  I spent the rest of the night basking in that wonderful state.

When I awoke in the morning, I was amazed that I remembered everything and this new feeling was still with me.  I marveled that I had spent a lifetime (62 years) carrying all that other stuff around, and now it was different.  It was different in a way that is unexplainable but I knew deep within my being that it was for real and it was there to stay.

And so it has!

In the days and weeks that followed those wonderful feelings have remained and morphed into a solid sense of well being.

I love it.

Her Guiding, Comforting Principles Are From The Divine

The take away lesson from this experience is that the “training” I did with Pamela Ann was of great value for me. It helped me know how to apply the spoken and written principles she taught in my own life’s journey.

Second, I have the ability to command my life and my experience of that life.  It is with my deepest gratitude that I cherish the day Pamela Ann Ezell came into my life, that I took the time to read her book, “Mindset of Miracles” and gain the wisdom from it.

More importantly, her depth, knowledge, caring and spiritual wisdom was there to guide me and teach me in a manner that I know has eternal significance.  There is no doubt in my being that the principles she taught me are universal, they are from the Divine and meant to guide and comfort us, if we will learn them and use them.

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Pamela Ann