Tuacahn Update Plus Classes in Mexico, CA and UT!

PAMELA20ANN20_20BIZ20HEADSHOTS020-MThought I’d share the latest and greatest with you…
Oh my goodness! The Tuacahn classes were really amazing. I continue to receive wonderful stories about what the class members are now experiencing. They are putting into action the simple eternal laws they were taught that day. Below are the juicy details…

I’m also having more of these powerful uplifting classes on weekends in Rocky Point Mexico, West Covina Cal. and Brigham, UT. Feel free to contact me and share what you would love to learn in these classes so I can include your interests.

Okay, here are some details! (Remember that these results are directly linked from the class members allowing themselves to experience a more personal daily relationship with the Divine. Because of this union, they were able to rapidly create the world they sincerely desired.) :

Some people have received answers to prayers that they have been earnestly seeking for a very long time. Others have had financial burdens quickly lifted from them. One woman had a lender literally contacted her and informed her that she did not have to finish paying off her debt!

A woman had a wonderful awakening which greatly increased her enjoyment of her job and everyone she came in contact with while there. They also obviously enjoyed being with her too.

One mom, as she returned home from class, was greeted by her young son singing, “Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life is but a dream.” She didn’t even know he knew that song! (evidently he got the memo)

This experience is significant because I ended the last class by reminding everyone to remember that simple childhood song that tells us how to live a happy life (Row Row Row Your Boat”).

What we are thinking about, talking about and experiencing goes out far beyond us. it goes out into the world (and even further). The sky is NOT our limit.

Heartedly sing that song it a few times out loud right now with a smile…you will feel an uplifting shift! Then start noticing the changes that begin to occur. Give thanks for what happens.

Some people have received that peace that passes all understanding. True love and forgiveness was also experienced. They have also personally witnessed how the Divine will literally go before them and fight their battles as they continue to live a more purposeful happy life.

Another woman had been longing for something for many years and wondered why that blessing had not been provided for her. Then she finally realized, deep within her soul, she really didn’t desire that responsibility in her life! She had assumed it was what she was supposed to do because that was what everyone else was doing. She thought they were expecting her to do the same. However, that wasn’t part of her life mission. The Lord had actually been answering the genuine prayers in her heart with, “Yes.” She just didn’t recognize what she had been actually asking to receive. What a relief and “Ah Ha” moment!

By the way, what have you really been asking for? Be honest. What has every cell of your whole body, not just your head, been requesting? Because that is what your Divine Creators have provided for you!

There were also people who left saying, “I don’t get it.” Yet shortly afterwards, after letting the information percolate and activate within them, they definitely did get it! One of those women had some personal training with me and was filled with tears of relief and understanding. She definitely “got it!”

Some people are now forming other classes to share this good news in their community. (Puerto Penasco Mexico, for the weekend of November 23. On January 11 a class will be held in West Covina CA. Another one will be held in Brigham City in March. Let me know if you would like the details.)

If you too would like me to provide some personal training for you or if you would like me to teach a group in your area, contact me so we can set something up for you.

If you would like 2 CDs of the classes, just let me know that too. Wowzers! We went pretty deep in that second class, which included information on recovery from abuse and molest. We are putting together unedited CD versions so you can get the whole enchalada!

If you tried to apply what I share with you and still feel some blocks, like stress, worry, fears, panic, obsessive thoughts, cravings, anxiety, addictions, ADD, depression, rage and anger, feelings of being overwhelmed, lack of daily joy…I have something that can greatly support you. It is very simple and can help your body physically relax so you can reopen to the joy and happiness you are seeking.

This gentle yet powerful support literally helps your brain and central nervous system calm down and function more perfectly. This improvement in your physical body can redirect and increase your energy and ability to focus.

With that shift you can more easily apply what you are learning as you happily create your desires.

I’m bringing your attention to this help because you are created to experience joy in your daily life.

So many of us are on medications, including drugs and alcohol or using addictive behaviors to numb and cover over these concerns and personal disharmony. Those medications or addictive actions can have some harsh side affects. This help is a natural gentle way to assist us in eliminating our needs for those medications or addictive behaviors.

This support can also be very valuable for our children, grandchildren, other family members and friends.

Click here If you would like to follow up and learn more about this body, mind and spirit support. You can also call or email me about it or anything other topic that you are interested in learning and mastering . You and your happiness are important to me.

520-333-6015 pamelaann@ezlightning.com or Click here to schedule some training:


Meanwhile, remember to float your body gently down the stream of life with a merry attitude because this life is not the main reality…it is but a dream!

With my warm affection,

Pamela Ann
pamelaann@ezlightning.com   pamelaann.myqxlife.com