Lindsey’s Mighty Miracle

Lindsey and Robert"s ReceptionSeveral years ago, during a fresh spring day in early April, our son Robert married a beautiful girl named Lindsey. While on their honeymoon they decided to begin their family. The desires of their hearts were created and a few months later, they learned that they would be having a baby girl the end of February.

The joyous announcement was also tempered with the fact that this was going to be a high risk pregnancy because Lindsey also had Lupus. This autoimmune disease already had attacked her heart and destroyed one of her valves. Thankfully, she was able to have open-heart surgery to remove the damaged valve.  An artificial valve was then provided so Lindsey’s heart function could be restored.

With that life-saving change, it became necessary for Lindsey to go on blood thinners to protect her from forming clots around the artificial valve. Because she was now pregnant, she had to change to a different medication to protect the baby.

Problems With the Medication

The new medication did not provide adequate protection and Lindsey had a stroke the first week in November which resulted in the paralysis of her entire right side of her body.

Additionally, when she reached UMC Hospital in Tucson, the doctors could not give her the vital clot dissolving medication, which would protect her from developing brain damage, because it would endanger the baby.

The following morning I was informed of Lindsey’s plight. I immediately gathered up some things to help her and headed off to the hospital. I was there when the doctors came in to update her on her status.

The Doctors Could Not Help

The situation was very grave. The doctors and their teams told Lindsey that she had a large clot behind the artificial valve. Also, the clot in her head was in a vital part of her brain, in the area of her motor movement. They also saw brain damage around the clot. They could not do surgery to remove the clot because she was on blood thinners. Any surgery would cause bleeding and more damage to her brain.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, the doctors would not give any prognosis for any improvement until after 3 months. Meanwhile, all they could do was provide her with IVs and blood thinners.  It felt like their hands were tied.

An Alternative Solution to the Problem

I then spoke up and suggested to the doctors that we consider providing Lindsey with some alternative healing solutions that would not further harm her or the baby. I told them I would be willing to provide that care.

I also shared with them that Lindsey’s husband (my son) had been paralyzed with a Parkinson’s Paralysis when he was about Lindsey’s age. He was curled up in a fetal ball and could not control his body functions. His face looked like a stone…without expression. The hospital and doctors also didn’t know what to do to improve the situation so they also agreed to my providing alternative care for him.

Amazingly, within 4 days my son was drinking, eating, walking and discharged from the hospital. The doctors, nurses, physical therapists and nutritionists were astounded by this rapid change in this young man. (Documented records at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tucson, AZ)

I felt Lindsey’s doctors would also be open to my active support because of the programs for alternative healing that Dr. Andrew Wilde had previously developed at that hospital. Thankfully, the doctors immediately granted my request to provide Lindsey with the care her body required for her rapid recovery.

Taking Action!

I immediately began utilizing therapies that would best assist Lindsey in the healing she desired.

First, I reminded Lindsey that she had the power to command her world with exactness by becoming “one” with those who created her. She could then use the same powers that created this world to completely aright her situation. She always did and always will have the power. In other words, she was not a helpless patient. The outcome of this situation was completely in her hands.

I also asked her when she would like to be released from the hospital, since the doctors had no prognosis for her. We didn’t have to wait until they could form one. We could command when we would like for this situation to be completed. I suggested that Tuesday felt like a great day to have her released and she also agreed.

She Had The Power To Change Everything; Even The Test Results!

I assured Lindsey that in spite of what the tests reflect, that she could actually physically change those circumstances…even the tests results.  I asked her if she would like to fully participate in her rapid healing.

She said, “Yes.”

Simply and completely believing that we are active participants in our healing process has a powerful influence on our ability to rapidly recover. It moved us from victim to a willing proactive contributor to our success. That change in awareness literally changes body chemistry. It also moves our thoughts and feelings away from fear and worry, replacing them with visions and feelings of hope and well-being.

Connect With Your Creators And Command Your World

First Lindsey allowed herself to connect to her Savior and his atoning powers to restore her joy. I then immediately began teaching and administering the healing actions that I knew would aid in the restoration of Lindsey’s body. Her therapy consisted of Essential Oils, Purposeful Meditation/Hypnosis with Guided Imagery, Chinese Bed Exercises, mentoring/counseling, inflammatory reducing/live healing food and a Priesthood Blessing.

Lindsey’s motor movement began to improve immediately after I began her first therapy session (when I applied the powerful health restoring Essential Oils). That boosted our confidence that we were on the right track. I quickly guided her through the rest of the simple yet life-changing therapies. Her body released all feelings of stress, doubt or fear and she fell into a deep restorative sleep.

The Reports Changed!

About an hour later the doctors and their team returned and informed us that they no longer saw a large clot behind her valve, nor did they see brain damage around the clot in her head. Instead, they saw either a bruising or inflammation in her brain.

I smiled at Lindsey and told her that she was already rapidly creating the desires of her heart as she fully activated her faith…evidenced by the changing of her test reports. Her body was now rapidly healing!

Then she received a Priesthood Blessing from my husband and a dear family friend. Lindsey also felt a validation that she was known and loved by those who created her. She was assured that they were part of this rapid healing process that she had asked to take place in her life.

The Amazing Rapid Recovery

By the following day she was able to lift and move her right side of her body almost as well as her unaffected left side. Her recovery was so profound that the neurological doctor that headed Lindsey’s team began to form tears in her eyes as she witnessed the miraculous change that had taken place.

On Friday, Lindsey was moved out of ICU and sent to a regular ward. The nurses were visibly shocked to see her arrive. After reading her reports, they were expecting to see a greatly impaired stroke patient. Instead, they received a highly functional woman who could walk, shower, dress and feed herself without assistance.

The staff asked me why I wasn’t teaching this valuable healing information to this hospital and also the university? “Hmmm,” I thought. That is a really great question!

Her Advocate Doctors

When Lindsey and I were first deciding when she would like to be released from the hospital, I told her that she would be well enough to leave in just a few days but it would be wonderful if she could stay a bit longer so the doctors could work with the insurance company and arrange for her to receive the correct medication to ensure her protection from future stroke events during her pregnancy.

I assured her that we were doing everything within our power to improve her life and the Lord would step in to do the rest. He would even fight our battles and send people to assist us. In fact, she would not even have to worry about how this would be accomplished.

I shared this comforting eternal truth with Lindsey because she required a medication that costs $2,000 a month and the insurance company would only provide her with an inferior medication that costs $500. As a result, she had a stroke.

On Friday, the doctors told Lindsey they were not going to release her until they had this concern fully resolved…just as we had requested when we were commanding her world at the beginning of her stay at the hospital. The insurance told the doctors that they would not cover the medication. They said she would have to stay in the hospital for another 3 ½ months or until the baby was born while receiving the medication by IV.

After the weekend was over, another miracle happened for this amazing woman. The doctors told her that she could pay $20 and the hospital would pay for the rest of her medication. With that resolution, Lindsey was released from the hospital on Tuesday!

A Written Report of Lindsey’s Treatment

Before Lindsay was released, the doctors asked me if I would write down the actions we employed to help Lindsey’s rapid recovery so they could include it in her treatment files. That information is included in her records at Baylor University Medical College (Baylor UMC) in Tucson Arizona.

God of Miracles, Yesterday, Today and Forever

I often teach others that those who created us are gods of miracles yesterday, today and forever. Their answer is always, “YES!” to whatever we ask of them. The desires of our hearts will quickly and easily come to us.  And, if they will be there for the small things, they will be there for the big things that come into our lives.

Lindsey’s life is a testament to the reality of these eternal truths.

As we were leaving the hospital, Lindsey looked at me with her clear blue eyes and radiant, beautifully restored smile and said, “I’m a miracle!”

“Yes you are my darling!” I responded.

Their Precious Jewel

Lindsey and GiulianaLindsey and Robert’s sweet little Giuliana Elyse was born over a monthGiulianna and ponytails early by emergency C-Section January 16. Even though she was only 3.5 pounds, this little micro-mini baby was  mighty, strong and healthy. Alter learning how to nurse, she was released from the hospital. Today she is  thriving. As for beautiful Lindsey…she continues to be absolutely radiant!

May you fully enjoy every moment of your life as you too continually notice and acknowledge how you are personally known and loved by those who created you.

Please remember that everyone is unique and individual results may vary.
This information is not to be interpreted as providing or prescribing medical instruction or information. It is simply my experience with using essential oils while applying other sound alternative practices along with with powerful personal spiritual support and faith.

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With much affection,

Pamela Ann

The Inmate’s Miracles

woman in prison
woman in prison

 The following story took place when I was invited to teach in the religious institute program at the Utah State Prison for women. I have to admit; it was a blow your hair back soul moving experience! And I felt you would also appreciate discovering and learning how you too can quickly and easily create what you desire in your daily life.

I never know exactly what is going to happen when I speak in these classes because I do not prepare a script or lesson. Now allow me to clarify, I have received lifetimes of information. I am prepared. But I trust completely in the fact that The Divine knows each of us personally. I totally lean on that source and not my mortal understanding.

I trusted that these women would be taught precisely what they desired to receive at this particular time in their lives.

From the moment the opening music started to play, I could feel a mighty shift, a powerful uplift as it surged into that room.

Now anyone that knows me also knows I’m not a teary-eyed kind of girl. In fact I usually have a grin from ear to ear because I am so genuinely happy that I can’t contain it. Nor do I desire to contain that happiness. But that day my tears immediately began to flow when I felt that soul touching shift.

I took a moment to compose myself (because I knew that I was so deeply touched that I was incapable of speaking). Then I began to teach these beautiful women about their Divine Nature and the love and affection their creator has always had for them and continues to have for them.

I could see a definite change happen within them. Tears of happiness and relief sprang to their eyes and ran down their faces as their bodies literally felt their truth and joy burn within them.

They started lighting up as they willingly opened their souls to receive a greater, more perfect, personal relationship with those who created them.

Isn’t that what we all seek?

I also shared with these women an eternal truth that is all of our truth. That truth is: when we are connected with the Divine, we each have the ability to receive personal revelation and can actually ask for and receive miracles. It is our birthright.

In fact, through this connection, all things are possible. We can even say out loud what we would love to have happen. We can do this when we truly believe with every cell of our being that our request is being heard. Through this union, while being free of all wavering or doubt, it will happen. That is what active faith feels like. That faith is life changing!

I explained to these women that I know this is their truth even though they are in prison. I shared that prison can come in many forms. In fact I know what it feels like to be in prison too. I was confined in a 3’x 6’ prison for decades when I didn’t have enough blood pressure to run my body.

My prison was my bed. I only had about 15 minutes each day to try and force myself to shower, or prepare a meal for my family or pick up my home. Then I would return back to my prison. The women all agreed that I had had even more of a physical restriction than they were currently experiencing.

But it was while I was in that prison that I explored and learned many powerful eternal truths that now serve others and me each day of my life. That prison became my blessing! It was during this time that I was more fully prepared for my life mission. (By the way, do you know what your life mission is?)

One of the women in the class, who had also had that growing light within her, spoke up.

She shared that she had been sent to prison many times and that now her family no longer wrote her. She understood why and was not upset or bitter toward them. They were simply worn out from the chaos and drama she had created.

However, she boldly stated that she would love to get a letter from home and a picture too. As she spoke those words, a clear inspired feeling of assurance came to her. The feeling was that her letter was already waiting for her!

At first that wavering, unbelieving, discounting voice of the flesh, “the monkey chatter” in her mind, replied that this was not her truth. Thankfully she quickly let go of that thought, which was a lie, and continued to hold on to her inspired thought.

After the class, when she returned to her cell, her roommate told her that she had mail from the “outside.” She excitedly went to get her mail and discovered it was her son’s graduation announcement, along with a picture and a letter. What joy!

The next day, when I taught the class, the numbers had rapidly expanded as the good news spread. The woman had shared the story of her miracle with others. She also spoke of other desires that she had in her heart. They too appeared. Other inmates had even witnessed them.

She then announced that she would like to be baptized into the church that was sponsoring the classes. But she had one big concern.

Her concern was that she might die before that could happen. Another teacher assured her that the church she desired to join would honor her request when she was released; rather she was alive or even if she had passed away.

My time with these beautiful women was swiftly drawing to a close. There was so much I wished I could have shared with them. Thankfully, before I came to teach them, I had already been asked to donate copies of my book to their library. It was a comfort to know they had some stories of my personal examples of the love and support that they too could receive.

The one thing that greatly comforted me was the sure knowledge that they didn’t need me to hold their hand to help them have this mighty change of heart.

They had the power within themselves and always have had the power to personally connect with their Creator. While partnered with that Divine Being, all things can be created for them.

I was not that being, I was only an example of what everyone can have in their lives through that union.

Last week I received some wonderful follow up information about the woman who allowed herself to exercise her active faith and ask for miracles. She recently went before the prison board. The change in her life was so genuine and complete that they could not deny her.

As a result of her complete transformation, she was granted a prison release date without parole!

I’ve got to admit that as I share this information with you I’m filled with tender feelings of happiness for this woman.

Perhaps you too have experienced your own personal prison or even feel like you are in one now. You too can be rapidly freed from feelings of entrapment. You can also feel a peace that passes all understanding and discover, as I did, that it could actually be your blessing in disguise. (Because from the BIG perspective, all things really can be for your good.)

If you are interested in a happier life, that also includes a genuine daily relationship with your creators, first allow yourself to experiment with the uplifting knowledge you have already gathered. Let this knowledge become your blessing. Allow yourself to receive the good fruit that your inspired actions can create.

However, if you have been trying to do your best but feel you are falling short of the outcomes you desire, I would be happy to assist you as you bridge your way back more fully to the Divine. Simply schedule some training.  You may also call or email me at : 520-333-6015, .

Yes, it seems like each day is filled with more wonderful opportunities to learn.

I hope you too have had like experiences and have felt yourself stretching and growing.

With much affection,

Pamela Ann

PS: I have some really wonderful classes coming up in October and November. Two of them will be in the beautiful Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins Utah, near St George. Another very private immersion retreat, for only about 10 people, will be held in the fabulous Ritz Carlton Resort in Dove Mountain that is nestled in the Tortolita Mountains near Tucson, Arizona.  Look forward to those upcoming details.

“Does Anyone Have A Cotton Ball?”

Essential-Oil-with-dropperI highly recommend that my family, friends and clients become familiar with Essential Oils. They are powerfully effective healing oils.

I have been able to quickly and easily release the cold and flu virus, sore throats, ear infections, bladder infections, laryngitis, bug bites and stings (mosquito, spider, scorpion and more), ingrown toenails, infected wounds, poisonings, sunburn, a full blown Parkinson’s paralysis, food poisoning, vertigo,…the list is growing. I use a few drops daily and have been able to ward off some major illnesses before they could get a strong footing in my body.

One of the things I have grown to appreciate about having these oils on hand for our immediate use is that they save us money, time, energy and worry. Instead of racing off to the doctor or emergency room in the middle of the night, we can take immediate action when an illness first presents in our bodies. We are absolutely certain that these oils will perform for us.

Using them correctly is key. You see they are not to be used like medications that are only administered every 4 to 8, sometimes 12 hours. If indicated, you can use the oils every 15 minutes or half an hour and in a short while you can be well!

What is so remarkable about them is that they can actually go inside the cell where viruses reside.  The oils disrupt the communication system of the viruses so they cannot organize and replicate or grow larger in size or strength. Antibiotics can’t do that. In the same manner they also are able to stop bacteria dead in their tracks!

The following short story exemplifies their powerful healing qualities:

Blond Boy CryingI was traveling home from a cruise one winter and while waiting in the Florida airport I couldn’t help but notice a young 18 month boy as he wailed.

It appeared to me that he had been fitfully crying for hours. His exhausted parents were unable to sooth or comfort him so he could quiet down. Add to this miserable situation, he was preparing to go on the two and a half hour plane flight that my husband and I were also flying home on.

The child appeared as though he was throwing a gargantuan temper tantrum because he was hitting, slapping, kicking and pinching his parents. Naturally, the other people waiting for our flight were also beginning to wear down and looked tense and irritable.

I quietly pondered the situation and got the distinct inspired feeling that this little fellow was in excruciating agony because he was suffering from some acute ear infections and was unable to feel any relief!

I then approached the parents and asked them if this was the situation he was experiencing. They told me, “Yes” and went on to explain that they were treating the infection with some antibiotics.

I next asked if they would be open to trying out some very mild yet highly effective essential oils that are now being used in hospitals. I also told them that I too have used them along with my children, grandchildren and friends with great results. I explained to them that these oils would immediately reduce the pain and rapidly heal the infection.

cottonballBy now they were open to any reasonable resolution to their child’s agony and agreed to have me use the oils on their son.

I then turned to the group of people waiting for the flight and ask, “Does anyone have a cotton ball?” I briefly included an explanation about what was happening with the little fellow.

Suddenly it seemed like the whole area instantly united into a team of people searching for that one cotton ball!

sleeping toddlerSoon it was discovered and I divided it into smaller portions, dropped some oil on them and gently put the cotton pieces into his ears. He immediately pulled them out. I tucked them back in and he once again pulled them back out. But the oil had already begun doing its job and in less than 5 minutes the child stopped crying! I handed the bottle of oil to the parents and went back to my seat.

Relief liberally flowed out over the entire room. People began to smile. They whispered, “Thank You!” to me or formed the words with their mouths if they were sitting further away but uttered no sound. Awwww, the quiet…what a blessing.

Happy people in a planeThe child settled down and ended up sleeping for our entire trip. When I got up to use the restroom on the plane, the people once again began to smile at me. One woman even exclaimed, “It’s nurse Betty!” I couldn’t help laughing with the rest of the people when we heard her appreciative little quip.

This is just one example of how powerfully effective these healing oils are. Because I was prepared and carry those oils with me where ever I go, the little child, his parents and many other people were blessed that day with comfort and relief.

There are thousands of like stories and thankful people that witness and testify of the mighty power of  essential oils. I highly recommend them to you, your family and friends.

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Pamela Ann

The Heart Of The Matter

brain_map1By Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.

For over 15 years I have been measuring and mapping the electro-chemical patterns of the brain. There are times I get to see something unusual and unique in the patterns that are formed in the brain. This is one of those times. Perhaps it is only a coincidence. Perhaps it is a message or perhaps it is simply one of those unique and unusual things in life that causes us to imagine, ponder and wonder at the possibilities. Whatever it may be, it is worth a few words to share the magic of this brain.

This is an actual event; the results have not been altered in any manner. I am referring to one particular frequency representation of brainwave activity in Pamela Ann Ezell’s recent brainmap. On December 13, 2012, I performed a brainmap on Pamela, just for the fun of scientific exploration. As she and I were going over the results of that mapping, she noticed an unusual pattern at 24 Hertz (dealing with the cognitive thinking process). As you can see from the graphic above, it is interesting and unusual.

When the data from the electroencephalogram (EEG) is converted into a quantitative EEG, it is then known as a QEEG and is displayed as “tomography.” Tomography shows the level of activity in the brain. Red is the highest level of activity. Just such activity was present in this brainmap at 24 Hertz. The unusual part, it is seen in the shape of the heart. That is a rare occurrence and worthy of noting and drawing attention to this unusual phenomenon.

Another interesting fact regarding our findings is the consideration of make up of the brain tissue, in neuroscience it is called matter. The matter of the brain is seen as either white or grey matter. White matter, long thought to be passive tissue, actively affects how the brain learns. While grey matter is primarily associated with processing and thinking. White matter also acts as a relay, coordinating communication between different brain regions. Therefore, it seems most appropriate to consider the depiction seen at 24 Hertz, since it encompasses both grey and white matter. Because of the uniqueness of it, I have decided to call it the Heart Of The Matter.

The heart shape pattern seen in this brainmap also encompasses part of the cingulate gyrus, which is the system that is known to be the “gear shifter” of the brain. It helps to create balance within the hemispheres of the brain, allowing the smooth transfer of information between the hemispheres. Creating not only balance from left to right, but also harmony from front to back in the brain. This condition is the state that we have identified in our scientific writings known as the Whole-Brain State, which is the gateway to higher consciousness.

There is even greater significance in this story. Pamela Ann Ezell has written a book entitled “Mindset of Miracles.” It is a spell-binding book, and as she long described the contents of the book, (years before this brainmap was done), that it is about how you can easily and quickly receive the desires of your heart when you applying simple eternal laws. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that in measuring her brainwave activity that we got to the Heart Of The Matter. Is it coincidence or miracle…you decide!

Jeffrey L. Fannin Ph.D.

I truly appreciate Dr Jeffrey Fannin for sharing his expertise. He has greatly assisted others in their quest to have their brains work more efficiently for them. This was the first time I ever had my brain mapped. It was a very enlightening experience.

brain_map3Here are two more pictures that literally show what is happening in my entire body when I am allowing it to connect with the Divine and that eternal power to create my world. The blue shows what happens when I was training Dr. Fannin to Meditate. My eyes were open, there was a lot going on around us and yet my entire body was relaxed and quiet so our Divine Creators and the Eternal Power of Love could surge through me and into him as he was guided through the purposeful meditation.

Immediately afterwards I turned away from him, closed my eyes and began communicating back to our Divine Creators brain_map2with every cell of my body engaged in this communication. I was sharing my profound feelings and thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings I see in my life and the lives of others.

I felt a strong powerful surge well up in me as the communication went out. It felt like it grew bigger and bigger the further It went out…as if it could travel indefinitely beyond this world.

Notice in the picture how all the calm open feeling of blue left my brain and it turned completely Red! Heavy red lines represents the fastest moving activity and actions  in the brain that are measured by this device.

So there you have it.  We actually have the ability to shift our body activity and even our chemistry. It is measurable.

In other words, The course of our lives really is in our hands. We actually have a way to destroy or heal our lives by how we choose to think and feel. We are squarely in charge of our happiness or unhappiness…no one else. We choose what we would like to experience and our Divine Creators answer, “Yes” to  our every request every time.

Ok, so this may sound kinda weird if you have not studied this scientific information before and realized it’s eternal significance. I understand. But what sounds weird at first glance can often become a source of wonderful comfort when you realized that you are literally known and adored by the loving Gods who created you.  So what are you asking for?

If you find this information uplifting and encouraging then Take Action and spread this good news to someone else. It could be just what they have been asking for today. Remember, you too have the power to create great change!

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Pamela Ann








Flying In Clouds

flying in cloudsMy name is Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.,and part of my life I spent as a professional pilot.

It has been said that flying is made up of hours and hours of boredom, occasionally seasoned with a few seconds of stark terror.  I would add that flying in instrument conditions, which is flying in the clouds, is an interesting phenomenon.  Anyone that has ever flown on a commercial craft has most likely experienced flying in clouds.

It is an unusual sensation.  You have a sense of moving forward but you can’t see anything ahead, to the side or down.  It is not like being blind where there is the absence of light and you experience only darkness.  It is sense of knowing you are going somewhere but not sure how you will get there.  When piloting in a cloud you are taught to rely on your instruments.

As any good instrument pilot knows, you can’t get stuck focusing on one instrument too long or there will be consequences.  Keeping your scan going from instrument to instrument, reading and interpreting the information that the instrument is giving you is key to having a safe journey.

Navigating Through Life

Sometimes, navigating through life is a bit like flying in the clouds. You know you are going somewhere but you have to rely on a different way of determining where you are and where you are going.

I met Pamela Ann Ezell at my office one day; she and my assistant are good friends.  I purchased a copy of her book.  It is a large book filled with uncommon wisdom and delightful stories.  I was captivated by it.  I could not put it down and literally read it in three days.  The messages poured forth from the pages keeping me spellbound and was a source of deep nourishment for my soul.  It resonated throughout my entire being.

“Training” With Pamela Ann

Shortly after I read the book I began having conversations with Pamela Ann, which turns out to be “training.”  It seemed more like conversation to me.  We discussed the principles and stories in the book and how they applied to my own life.

Each time we had a conversation, I would come away with my spirit feeling refreshed and nourished.  I was learning another form of navigation.

While journeying through the days of my life, I was learning to navigate the uncertainties of life with principles and tools she taught that allowed me to be more aware of who I am and why I am here.  It reminded me of flying in the clouds.  I was going somewhere but I could not see very far ahead, to the side or below.

She taught me how important it is to trust in things that I could not see.  I had done that physically with flying, but doing it spiritually is an entirely different matter.  She offered guidance while teaching me to trust in my internal instruments to navigate my life’s journey.

Turning It Over To Our Creators

Recently, I reached a point in my journey that put my soul and every fiber of my being to the test.  I experienced fear and doubt like I have never experienced it before.  I am a pretty competent person and always have been.  I have been able to handle complex situations.  I had learned to be calm in stressful situations.

However, I truly did not know how to deal with the experience staring me in the face. It was threatening everything that I thought I believed in or held dear.  I could not see how to solve the issue and it frightened me deeper and created more doubt than I had ever known in my life.

Pamela Ann told me I needed to “turn it over to those that created me.”  They were there to help.

My mind snapped back sarcastically without speaking a word, if they are really there to help, then why aren’t they helping?

She explained that I was still trying to keep the situation in my own comfort zone and “fix it” myself.  I knew she was right.  She told me I still needed to “let go of it,” even though I could not see the solution.

The funny thing is I thought I had already done that.  We had discussed this principle on several occasions and I thought I had really, truly had done that.  I understood the principle intellectually, but there was a part of me that really had not surrendered yet.  There was part of me that was still trying to control the situation.

I wanted to do it my way!

Do I Believe?

That night as I went to bed, my whole being filled with fear and doubt, asked myself the question, “do I believe in the principles I had been taught?”  The very deepest part of me could not answer that question with a “no.”  I had experienced enough in my life’s journey to know that the principles were true and correct; it was my execution of them that the core of this learning experience.

Here it was, the proverbial push meets shove.  I was at the point where the “rubber meets the road.”  I could probably come up with a dozen clichés that would fit the situation.

Bottom line, the question at hand was would I truly surrender doubt and fear of what lay ahead, or would I continue to do what I had always done in the past?

As I lay in bed, I silently called a counsel meeting of those that created me and all teachers, guides and counselors that had assisted me in my life thus far.  Like being in the clouds, I could not see them, hear them or feel their presence.  It was up to me and me alone to have faith that these principles being taught to me were true and believe that I am not alone in the universe and the solution is all up to me.  At that point, I must have drifted off to sleep.

Flying In The Clouds

While sleeping, it too was like flying in the clouds.  I knew I was somewhere, not knowing where I was but sure I was supposed to be there.

It was like being in another dimension, perhaps I was.  In that instant, I sensed that I was there with my personal counsel, they were there ready to assist me; but it was up to me to ask them to help and to truly surrender the situation them.  Strangely, I was ready to do that in a way that I had not felt before.

In an instant, my thoughts merged with the collective consciousness of the universe, I was one with them and knew it.  I felt it in every fiber of my being.  My next thought was to completely surrender to this dimension explaining that I was ready to release this experience and call in something else.

Miracles DO happen, even in another dimension, even in your sleep.

The Mighty Change Of Heart

I had barely finished my thought of releasing when I experienced something that mere words cannot express. They lack the fullness or completeness of what I experienced.  It was like a shift of energy, a shift of time and space.  It was all at once, I was filled with love, acceptance, connectedness to other beings and the universe all at the same time.

I felt lighter, I felt loved at a very deep level.  I felt profound joy.  The underlying anger, sadness, confusion, doubt and fear vanished from the depths of my soul and was replaced with a most peaceful, pleasant sense of well-being that I have ever experienced.  I spent the rest of the night basking in that wonderful state.

When I awoke in the morning, I was amazed that I remembered everything and this new feeling was still with me.  I marveled that I had spent a lifetime (62 years) carrying all that other stuff around, and now it was different.  It was different in a way that is unexplainable but I knew deep within my being that it was for real and it was there to stay.

And so it has!

In the days and weeks that followed those wonderful feelings have remained and morphed into a solid sense of well being.

I love it.

Her Guiding, Comforting Principles Are From The Divine

The take away lesson from this experience is that the “training” I did with Pamela Ann was of great value for me. It helped me know how to apply the spoken and written principles she taught in my own life’s journey.

Second, I have the ability to command my life and my experience of that life.  It is with my deepest gratitude that I cherish the day Pamela Ann Ezell came into my life, that I took the time to read her book, “Mindset of Miracles” and gain the wisdom from it.

More importantly, her depth, knowledge, caring and spiritual wisdom was there to guide me and teach me in a manner that I know has eternal significance.  There is no doubt in my being that the principles she taught me are universal, they are from the Divine and meant to guide and comfort us, if we will learn them and use them.

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Until next time, stay awakened,

Pamela Ann