Checklist to Stay in Balance

confused man in suit scratching headHave you noticed how your dance in life seems to be going great and then one day you wake up feeling like you have lost your confident stride and easy rhythm? Instead of those smooth moves, you are now stubbing your toes and banging your elbows while stepping on others’ feet. Do you sometimes find yourself scratching your head and wondering what is going on? How did I get so off kilter? How can I get in sync with a happy skip in my step again?

Here is a quick check list to assist you in staying on course for maintaining a happy balance with your mind, body and spirit. It includes many easy to find items I have discovered over the years that I personally use; all conveniently organized for you. Many of these suggestions may seem overly simple. However, I know that they are profoundly important and helpful for you. Do not underestimate them. Life really is supposed to be simple…when it becomes complicated, you are sliding off track!

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~First, take the time to deeply and completely come to a place of profound love and acceptance for you and everything about you!

~Remember you are the one in charge of how your life is being created. At any time you can change the situation you are experiencing and turn to a better feeling place.

~ Start every morning and end every day with something that will prepare you for your day or sleep. Prayer, meditation and j0urnaling at least 5 things you are grateful for are some great examples of what you can do.  Simply focusing on what you are grateful for actually alters brain and body chemistry!

~We are beings that love variety. Rotate the above ideas and include other uplifting activities like doing deep cleansing breathing, reading scriptures and positive books or listening to beautiful music and motivational talks can also prepare you to waltz through every moment of your life.

~Decide what you would love to create each day. Include the details to those creations. Remember that your words and feelings have the power to command your world. Purposefully select your words as you rev up your good feelings and hold on to them–free of any wavering.

~Open up your heart and connect to those who created you. Invite them to join you in this fun adventure! Notice their loving supportive assistance. Thank them often for the blessings they bring to you.

~Let go of distractions and sabotages. What are you listening to, speaking about, envisioning in your mind and giving your attention to during your waking hours? You will create more of those situations. Deliberately choose what brings you true bliss and well-being. For example, do you begin and end your day with the news on the internet and TV? That’s fine if it is flooded with feel good uplifting information.

~Exercise every hour for a few minutes. Get moving and quickly burn out the one muscle group you are using. Do some push ups, deep knee bends, run in place, jump on a re-bounder, walk briskly while swinging your arms, jump rope and lift some weights. Firmly pat your body all over with cupped hands. Magnesium Oil (3)These vigorous exercises will increase your oxygen, endorphins, human growth hormone, electrical energy, heart and lung reserves, while lowering your risks for depression, heart attacks and strokes.

~Get good adequate sleep. Aim for 8 hours a night. You are worth it and your body requires it to function properly and rebuild itself. Prepare yourself every evening to rest properly with the suggestions previously listed above. If necessary, use earplugs, sublingual melatonin, time release melatonin, bio-identical progesterone and estrogen.

~Also consider transdermal magnesium. For a report about this important mineral Click Here. To order some magnesium Click Here and Click Here  

~Mutually uplift with others.  Get involved in a positive community project.  This will do wonders for expanding your feelings of thoughtfulness, gratitude and becoming one with others. Be honest in your business and personal dealings. Make amends for mistakes or indiscretions. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Draw only harmonious relationships into your Confident Businessmanlife. Be an honorable being.

~Ask yourself from time to time, “How am I feeling now?” (not what am I thinking now)  or “Am I floating my boat gently down the stream? In fact set your alarm on your watch or phone to remind you every 30 minutes! (this will help you reprogram your body mind and spirit) Take a few deep breaths. Easily and quickly release any distractions. take a few more deep breaths and quickly draw into you what you prefer to experience now. Allow adjustments according to your answers. Also, remind yourself, “I have plenty of time (support, love, strength, confidence, wealth…) to accomplish everything I desire to do today.” For more info. click here to learn about Mini Meditations.

~Listen to your feelings. They are your perfect guide. Also listen to your body and respond to its requests. Release the feelings stored in the cells of your body that have completed their service for you.

~ Let go of your addictions. Begin with sugar. Eliminate simple carbs, sugar, pasta, bread, white rice and white potatoes. Corn and carrots also contain lots of sugar. For most people it takes about 3 days to wiggle away from the craving for sugar.  For some people it can take a couple of weeks.

KAL Stevia~Use Stevia to sweeten drinks and shakes. Stevia is 400 times sweeter than sugar made from a leaf! My favorite Stevia powder is Kal pure Stevia extract. (Click here) In one small 3.5 once bottle there are 2381 servings!

~ To support your staying consistently well while growing a healthier body, plus assist you in eliminating the cravings for sugar, check out the bullet points below:

~Put a blend of Essential Oils  that include a blendessential_oil_antiseptic of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils. Just add 8 drops to 16 oz. of water (regular size bottle of water) and drink between your healthy meals throughout the day to help manage hunger, calm your stomach, and lift your assist you in your waterLearn how it can be supportive in your everyday  life.

~Also Add  Lemon oil to your water. It helps your liver cleanse your body by helping your body in creating Glutathione.

~Use  Oregano oil mixed with some coconut oil on your feet and put it into capsules to keep you well. It blasts out illness! 

~Also use oil blends that contain Cinnamon Bark, Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Rosemary Leaf/Flower, Eucalyptus Leaf, and is an excellent protecting oil that smells wonderful. It is also documented in hospital studies for  killing MURSA.

If you are interested in obtaining these oils or would like to know more information, simply contact me at: 520.333.6015.

~Take an excellent combination of quality multivitamins, minerals and oils.  I can help you get informed on which ones are highly beneficial for your health and some ingredients in vitamins and food that you may like to avoid.

Real Salt~Increase your water intake and use Real Salt. (a form of sea salt. Click here).

~Do not drink with your meals. It dilutes your body’s ability to properly digest your food. Drink 10 minutes before or 1 hour after your meal.

~Drink Alkalized structured water. Consider getting a Kangan Water system. Your reverse osmosis systems and bottles are pure ACID.

~To learn more about the importance of body hydration and salt Click here.

~Eat LOTS of fresh vegetables and cultured foods that have friendly flora in them. I really like Bubbies products (Click here).

~Read Donna Gate’s book: The Body Ecology Diet. It has great information on the importance of cultured foods and many more well researched points on caring for your body through diet (Click here).

~Completely release becoming too hungry.  Eat within the first hour of waking up to get your metabolism fired up. Eat 4 to six small meals throughout the day. Try using a salad plate. These actions will help you create hormones naturally, rev up your metabolism, lose weight, cut down on stress hormones and easily forms healthy meal portions!

~Don’t go more than 3 hours without some protein.  Protein increases satiety or feeling full. I’m 110 pounds and I eat 90 plus grams of protien a day.

~Eliminate fried fats, trans fats and canola oil.  They contain toxic material.

Barlean's Cod Liver OilBarlean's Flax Oil Fresh~Add healthy RAW ORGANIC oils such as avocados, nuts, seeds, fish, coconut, olive, butter and cream throughout the day. They heal and rebuild the nerves, brain and vital organs and help you feel full. Every cell in your body must be coated with healthy raw oils to maintain an electrical current and be able to function properly. My favorite fish oil is Barleans Cod Liver Oil. It has a light lemon flavor and can be purchased in the refrigerated section in health food stores (Click Here). I also use Barlean’s Flax oil (one part) blended well with cottage cheese (2 parts) so the body can better absorb it (look on menu of same page to find the flax oil).

~Drink green drinks with wheat grass, cucumber, squash, celery, spinach, or other “green cocktails.” Avoid lots of fruits and carrots that spike up the sugars in your body. If you do use some fruit, consider strawberries or blue berries.

~To release pain and inflamation pluse rapid aging in your body minimize fruit and sugar producing intake (no more than one or 2 pieces of whole fruit each day… lean more towards strawberries and blueberries). Besides obviously sugary foods, foods like white potatoes, white flour, white rice, carrots and corn almost immediately turn into sugar! BTW, milk products like milk and yogurt have LOTS of sugar!

Essential Oils have literally proven to create exceedingly positive experiences in my life and my family’s life.  I carry them with me any where I go and often give them away to those who would benefit from their rapid healing qualities (Click Here to read, “Does Anyone Have a Cotton Ball? Or Click Here for Lindsey’s Mighty Miracle.) They may also provide that support for you and your family as well.

  • Take the Proactive Approach to your health (get rid of a cold or flu within hours!
  • Reduce your time and money spent in the doctor’s office or hospital.
  • Lower your prescriptions cost.
  • Increase your feel good creative time!
  • ward off mental stress and physical illness while increasing overall well-being.

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Please remember that everyone is unique and individual results may vary.
This information is not to be interpreted as providing or prescribing medical instruction or information. It is simply my experience with using therapeutically pure essential oils.

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