Your are the Driver…You Hold The Key

You are always the driver in your vehicle of life. It is you who steers the wheel in the direction of your desired destination. You choose how fast or how slow you would like to go.  If you recognize dissatisfaction with what you are experiencing, you can immediately turn and head in a different direction! You are never stuck unless you decide to push on the brakes and come to a complete stop; putting your vehicle into park. Doing so is actually beneficial because stopping your motoring around for periods of time creates an avenue for you to rest and reflect. It also is a valuable way to refresh your energies and get your bearings plus sense of direction. By the way, no matter what your current situation, you can change your life, make course adjustments or even  embark upon a completely new adventure at ANYTIME.  

OKAY. Here is your key. Turn on your creative engine!

Pamela Ann