TAT Hold Exercise

Business web TAT Hold faceChoose something you would like to release from your life easily and quickly NOW. Also allow yourself to identify the origin of this situation. Perhaps this is something that has served it’s time and you are ready to let go of it. It can be a big or small situation. Perhaps you have allowed it to nag and eat at you for years. Or maybe it has just appeared and you would like to release it immediately instead of letting it become a distraction from what you would prefer to purposefully create in your life adventure.

You can release anything or any situation. It could be about a relationship, an addiction, financial circumstances, your health, feelings and emotions…anything that has become burdensome or paralyzing for your progression and day to day joy.

CAUTION: If what you desire to release feels too overwhelming for you to allow to happen while you are alone, go to a therapist that knows this technique. They can assist in walking you gently through this. Remember that you are never alone. Your “Divine Team” is ALWAYS with you. Be kind and easy with yourself. Allow the flow of what you are now ready to release to just stream and lift out of you.

Place your hands in the TAT Hold beginning with either your right or left hand, whichever is most comfortable for you. Place your thumb and ring or third finger gently on the tender points just above the tear ducts. You will feel a small dent in the bones of your eye sockets in that area. All the major meridians run through these areas. Your hands also have meridian points in them that add to the effectiveness of this powerful hold.

The middle or second finger is placed in between the eyebrows and slightly above, also known as the third eye location. This location is where the intuition point is on your head, also a potent place.

With your other hand cradle the back of your head with your palm and fingers in this manner: The thumb is placed along the BOTTOM of the hair line and the palm and fingers are naturally, gently holding the head, not too far up or too low down.  The fingers are near the thumb, without a large separation. In fact, the thumb and first finger, or pointer finger can be almost touching one another. This is also another strong and effective part of this overall hold involving many meridian energy points.

Remember: Each time you do this hold, only do it for three to four minutes at a time. You will feel a slight shift in your body like a deeper breath or feeling of relief. This indicates you have completed that mini session for that hold. Then release the hold. Take some deep breaths and allow the full shift to take place for that portion. Notice how you are thinking and feeling after each mini session or TAT Hold.

Each of the cells in your body hold profound amounts of information. Release the portions of knowledge you have identified as a distraction now. Let them flow out of you physically. Visualize and feel them lifting out of you. Permit healing to easily and quickly flow into you with abundance!

The following exercise is an example of how you can personally activate this hold. It is important to focus your thoughts on what you desire to release. It is more important to highly focus your feelings on what you desire to release as well. If you allow yourself to open up and deeply awaken your passionate desires and feelings while freely connecting to those who created you, this exercise will become much more powerful!

Drink a glass or bottle of water with some sea salt if possible.

Focus on the situation and what you believe is its origin; what you would prefer to release NOW. If you speak the words out loud, with feeling, it will be more powerful!

  • TAT HOLD. Take some DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “I am allowing myself to experience this release while being free of any healing crisis of any kind.” Continue to breathe as you let go…
  • Release the hold. Breathe. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling and thinking?” Notice the comforting assurance of that truth.
  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “I put all of my attention and feelings on everything that is resonating and contributing to my identification and connection to what is happening in my soul. I am allowing my soul to begin freely releasing this from me NOW!” Continue to breathe
  • Release the hold. Breathe. Continue to release. Continue asking, “What am I feeling and thinking?” Notice the improvement of your feelings.
  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “All that happened is OVER. I no longer resonate, identify or connect with what has happened. I allow myself to feel the truth of these words NOW!” Continue to breathe. Feel the release.
  • Release the hold.  Breathe and continue to release.  Go on. Ask, “What am I feeling and thinking?”
  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “All places in my mind, body and life where this has been stored are healing NOW!” Continue to breathe. Feel the deep relief.
  • Release the hold.  Breathe and continue to allow the healing. “What am I feeling and thinking?”
  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “All the origins of the situation are healing NOW!”
  • Release the hold. Breathe. Continue to allow the flow of healing. “What am I feeling and thinking?”

As and added source of support, do a couple more forms of the hold to place what you would prefer within the void you just created in your soul…

  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “I’m easily and quickly allowing __________________to come into my soul (fill in the desire, feeling or situation you prefer to have take the place of what you just removed). Continue to breathe.
  • Release the hold. Breathe. Continue to allow the flow of replenishment. “What am I feeling and thinking?
  • TAT HOLD. DEEP BELLY BREATHS. “I’m flooding my being with feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Continue to breathe.
  • Release the hold. Breathe. Continue to allow in those uplifting sensations. “What am I feeling and thinking?”

Remember: Each time you do this hold, only hold your head between three to four minutes.

If you are a visual learner,  check out the TAT Hold video on this site. Allow these sessions fit you and your desires. This is just a beginning example of how to utilize this powerful hold.

Short on time and in a public place? Sometimes only one little mini session is sufficient for when you feel some stress or slight disharmony creeping into your body during the day. If you are at work, do the hold during a quick moment at your desk or in the privacy of a restroom stall. Soon you will be feeling that calm refocused feeling and be back in the center of your hurricane.

Initially feeling awkward about doing this where someone might see you? Allow yourself to freely and easily release that sensation. Now notice that you and others have naturally been doing some of this pose already. Recall people leaning their head slightly forward and holding their head with their hands and fingers pressing around their eyes when they feel tired, stressed or overwhelmed or headachy. Or sometime they balance their head on the tips of their first three fingers of one hand on their third eyes area. The second finger is the main finger that is touching that point!

Notice too how they often include rubbing the bottom of their head and top of their neck back and forth with their hand. They may not be using the hold exactly as describe, but they are pretty dang close!

Enjoy this hold. Clear up all the situations in your soul that you have allowed to sabotage and distract you away from any portion of your progression and personal well being. Then use it on a regular basis to stay on top of your game of life. Remember always: 

You came into this existence to gain experience and harmonize your life with everything that touches it. You were also created to feel consistent, abundant JOY always!

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