Sedate the Triple Warmer and Strengthen the Spleen

fearful faceThe Triple Warmer Meridian is your “Fight or Flight” response in your body. At times it can get overly excited.  When this happens, our bodies pump out powerful chemicals that can become quite destructive unless they are properly burned out and the meridian is quieted.

Sometimes our bodies forget how to calm this response back down.  The following is a simple, quick procedure that will sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian.

Drink some water, then take a deep cleansing breath and as you slowly exhale do the following:

With your opposite hand, begin by pressing at the point of the eyebrow with three fingers, furthest from the nose. It is the line of your eyebrow after the arch. Then draw a line with your fingers on your body from that point to in front of the ear, up around and behind the ear, behind the head to the back of the neck, down the neck, across the back of the shoulder, down the outside of the arm, across the top of the hand, down the top of the ring finger and press the base of the nail of the ring finger.

Do this procedure three times on either side of your Body.

Continue to take a deep breaths and then exhale as you trace this meridian. Easily allow yourself to let go of what you would like to release as you calm down this Meridian. Check how you are feeling. Notice if your soul feels more relaxed and comforted.

You can do this procedure as often as you would like.

This Meridian tends to get revved back up quite easily when it has developed the habit to run rampant. It also works great with kids and animals too.

Caution: if you already feel internally relaxed, DO NOT Sedate the Triple Warmer! You can start to feel so mellow that you just want to kick back and Relax all day in bed!

Remember: Always strengthen the Spleen Meridian whenever you sedate the Triple warmer by pressing or massaging 1 ½ inches below the center of each breast (not below the breast) with the heels of your hands.

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