The Widow And The Christmas Miracle

business pink bougainvilla with leavesTo the world we each may appear as and ordinary people as we go through our days and live our lives. But many of us have allowed ourselves to awaken to the fact that we have the power to live extraordinary  lives that are filled with sweet daily miracles. I am such a person as are you. 

The following is a tender story of just one of those precious miracles that endears us to one another and to those who created us…

It was a few days before Christmas and I was getting ready to host a Toastmasters Dinner at our home on Wednesday. The day before the meeting one of the members suggested we tell some Christmas stories that evening. I said I would be happy to share a story with the group.

Then, I stopped and reflected for a moment, and said, “Lord, I don’t have a current Christmas experience to share with my friends. Please send me one.”

I received a warm happy feeling inside and knew my request had been heard.

The sky was filled with heavy clouds and it rained the entire day. I kept busy with my work and personal responsibilities. For several hours I filmed one of my clients for a video of a new song he had just recorded. We enjoyed every moment of that experience even though we were cold and wet. We were also very thankful when we were able to return to my warm home.

At 6:30 that evening, I finally completed all my assignments. I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed my umbrella and briskly walked down the street to my new neighbor’s home for a Christmas Social of a woman’s group called The Relief Society.

I had forgotten to wear a coat. Now damp from the rain, I shivered as I quickened my steps to reach my destination.

As I walked I glanced over toward another neighbor’s home. It was the home of a woman who was widowed this last summer. I wondered what could I do to help this private woman know that I was thinking of her? What could I do to ease her first lonely Christmas without her beloved husband?

Then I remembered that I already was reaching out to her as I saw her Christmas tree through the window and I remembered I gave her a Christmas card last week along with a delicate glass ornament.

Soon I was in the warm company of my friends. They were so dear to me that I called them my sisters. We shared some pleasantries and refreshments, played some games, listened to an uplifting story, and sang the closing song: Silent Night.

As we sang in unison, I marveled at how beautiful and harmonious our voices sounded.

Suddenly I received an inspired thought, “How often do people hear uplifting stories but take no action to have such encouraging opportunities come into their lives or the lives of others?

Ask your sisters to gather together, walk three houses down the street and sing Silent Night to your neighbor. Also, put together a small plate of refreshments to give to her.

I told the ladies about the plan I had just received and they excitedly prepared to gather up and go sing…one checked to see if the rain had subsided. She happily returned and exclaimed that the clouds had finally parted and the heavens had opened to reveal starry skies!

We walked over to the home, gathered ourselves together and began to sing as I rang the doorbell.

Soon we saw the widow peek through the window and then slightly open the door with a smile on her lips. There I stood, a familiar face in the crowd with the plate of sweet treats in my hand.

Tears began to stream down her cheeks as we finished our first song.  We then immediately sang, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I gave her the refreshments and said, “We thought you might open the door for a bunch of ladies that were singing to you.” Everyone laughed.

I continued, “We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and want you to know that we love you.”

With deep feelings of emotion, she managed to whisper the words, “Thank You!” as our group departed into the night.

We hurriedly went back to the house where the social had just ended to pick up our belongings and say our good-byes.

While we walked, I visited with the friend that had reported the starry skies to us.

I shared with her, “If we are honorable beings, we have the power to command the elements and they will obey. Our Creators knew of our hearts’ desires that evening and caused the rain to cease so we could comfort this dear woman.”

“It is an example of the Lord’s tender mercies,” she responded.

“Indeed it is,” I said.

It took only about five minutes for me to thank everyone for the wonderful evening. I then picked up my umbrella and headed toward my home. As I stepped out the front door I felt the raindrops upon my cheeks. I looked upward and saw the sky had closed back up with heavy clouds; once again pouring down the life giving rain.

Soon my tears were mingling with those raindrops as I recognized the miracle that had taken place that night. It had rained heavily the entire day. Yet when we desired to bundle up the babies and go sing to our fellow sister, the Lord had opened the heavens just long enough for that blessing to be accomplished.

My heart swelled with gratitude as I realized my prayer that morning had been answered. I desired to receive a new Christmas story to share with others about our Savior and his love for us.

The miracle I had asked for was granted that very day by a living God, Jesus Christ, who personally knows us!

Ask and it is given.

May you ask and receive throughout the rest of this year and the New Year that is swiftly coming. Know that you too are greatly loved by those who created you.

With much affection,

Pamela Ann

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