Happy New Year, My Happy Birthday Song and Your Connection to Others

Happy New Year
Happy New Year!
At the beginning of this New Year, with all your resolutions, I encourage you to:
“…undertake a personal, diligent, significant quest for what I call the abundant Life-a life filled with an abundance of success, goodness and blessings.” Thomas S. Monson
The first week of every year I also celebrate my birthday. I turned 60 years old January 5th. What a wonderful milestone birthday. If I knew how profoundly happy, healthy and exhilarating life would be at this age, I would have celebrated turning 60 decades earlier!


I think you will appreciate a little heart-warming incident from a two-year-old that happened to me that day. It illustrates the powerful connection we each have with other people.

My Birthday Wishes

I purposefully decided that for my birthday this year, I would like to have one present, a bike bell. I would also like lots of opportunities to spend quality time with my family and friends.

With those thoughts in mind I chose to stay home all day. The cards, calls, texts, emails, facebook notices and visits flowed in continually. It was a wonderful occasion and I savored every moment of it.

The “Business” Phone Call

Just before one o’clock in the afternoon the phone rang. I could see who was calling me from the caller ID. A thought immediately came to me that I was going to receive another birthday song.

However, the small wavering, doubting, discounting voice of my body said, “They don’t even know it is your birthday!”

The higher all-knowing voice of my spirit gently assured me, “It doesn’t matter if they don’t know it is your Happy Birthdaybirthday…you’re going to receive another birthday song.”

I answered the phone and soon realized my friend and new business associate had called to discuss available dates for calendaring some upcoming events for the year.

Suddenly, I could hear singing in the background of our conversation. I thought it was coming from her little two-year-old son. I wasn’t certain of this because the few times we have been together we played a lot but he rarely spoke to me. If it was her little boy, he was now clearly singing over and over the words, “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!”

I was happily surprised! “Is that your little son singing Happy Birthday?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “It is his favorite song. I’ll give him the phone and let him sing it to you.” I listened to his fresh, sweet little voice as he continued to sing to me.

After he finished and handed the phone back to his mother I continued to inquire, “Has he been singing it all day?”

“No, he just began singing it while we have been talking on the phone.”

“Today is my 60th birthday and your son is singing Happy Birthday to me.” I told her.

We were both quiet for a moment as we each witnessed and acknowledged the special uplifting blessing that was just given to us by this little sensitive child.

Then my friend with a voice of amazement and awakened awareness said, “ I didn’t know it was your birthday today. My son has a special connection to you…it is very obvious.”

“I also have that connection to him. Even though I’ve only been with him a handful of times and we live in different cities, I have great feelings of love and affection for him.”

Shortly after that, we said our good-byes so she could go and tell her husband what had just occurred.

Our Connection to One Another

We are each connected to one another and are communicating through those connections daily. This communication is far more powerful than just the rudimentary or base use of our oral speech. It is a form of expression of our souls that has unfettered, boundless power and ability to reach throughout this entire world and beyond.

All beings that touch our lives and we theirs are capable of receiving the information we are expressing.

If you are worried, fearful, doubtful and deceitful, or genuine, honorable, confident and compassionate, those thoughts and feelings are being spread throughout your world, acknowledged by others and reflected back to you.

The importance of Loving and Accepting All People

That is why you are encouraged to love others, treat them as you would like to be treated and become one with everyone. Why? Because it helps you to create a personal world that sends out to others and returns to you amazing, satisfying experiences every moment of your life.

Learn more about how you can live an abundant life. I will be happy to show you how easily and quickly you can accomplish this life-skill.

· Build self-confidence, and positive relationships with everyone in your life · Immediately release stress, anxiety, fear and panic from your day · Have all the time and more to create what you desire to do each day

business web bike bellBy the way, I also received the bike bell for my birthday!

Till next time, stay awakened,

Pamela Ann

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