Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

business web tappingChoose something you would like to release from your life easily and quickly NOW. Also allow yourself to identify the origin of this situation. Perhaps this is something that has served it’s time and you are ready to let go of it. It can be a big or small situation. Perhaps you have allowed it to nag and eat at you for years. Or maybe it has just appeared and you would like to release it immediately instead of letting it become a distraction from what you would prefer to purposefully create in your life adventure.

You can release anything or any situation. It could be about a relationship, an addiction, financial circumstances, your health, feelings and emotions…anything that has become burdensome or paralyzing for your progression and day to day joy. Tapping can even be used to release Post Traumatic Stress problems.

Let’s face it, we can all feel like the walking wounded because of the life injuries we feel we have sustained. Tapping can set us free of these triggers or any other discord we perceive we are suffering.

CAUTION: If what you desire to release feels too overwhelming for you to experience while you are alone, go to a therapist that knows this technique. They can assist in walking you gently through this. Remember that you are never alone. Your “Divine Team” is ALWAYS aware of you. Be kind and easy with yourself. Allow the flow of what you are now ready to release to just stream and lift out of you.

Ever notice a male gorilla pounding on his chest? Observe that he uses both fists and that he alternates hitting his chest with one fist and then the next in a rapid manner. This method beating or Tapping in our case is far more powerful. See for yourself. Tap with your fingertips on your chest with just one hand. Next tap in unison with both hands. Now tap your chest with your fingertip by alternating each hand in a rapid manner. Notice the more continuous vibration in your body and how much more effective this method feels (this fact is not shared in tapping videos).

Tapping Points: Before trying to do a session, become familiar with the following Tapping points.  Tap 7 or 8 times on each point when you are in a Tapping Session.

Head and Face: Tap with fingertips of both hands on top of the head. Use two fingers of each hand inside of eyebrows,   the outside corners of both eyes and under the eyes. Use one finger under the nose (in the indention just above the lips). Use two fingers of one hand  on the crease of the chin, just below the lower lip.

Body: Tap with the fingertips of both hands on all the tapping points on the body, beginning with either side of the center of the chest, just under the collarbone. Tap a hands width under the arms or at the bra level. Then tap under each breast (directly in the center under each breast).

Hands: With one hand held sideways, thumb up, tap with the two fingers of the opposite hand on the first hand that is being held sideways. Tap on the top side of the thumbnail and each fingernail. Also tap on the bottom side of the ring fingernail. Lastly tap on karate chop point (see illustration of hand tapping points). Then alternate and do the other hand.

You can also do a tapping session while out in public by using the subtle, discrete method of thinking the words of your tapping session while using only one hand and tapping or pressing your thumb against the sides of each fingernail. Keep repeating the tapping or pressing on the sides of the nail like going up and down a ladder until you have finished the session.

After you have learned how to locate and tap on these points, go ahead and look on the internet for specific examples of how to do tapping sessions so you can become familiar with this process.

Try doing your tapping morning and evening or as desired. While enjoying these private moments, speak the words you are expressing OUT LOUD during your session. It is more powerful and effective that way!

I would be happy to guide you through a tapping session. The first time I ever tapped, I had a profoundly healing experience. Many of my clients also have a similar experience when they are properly motivated and connected to the Divine. You can too.

Check out the many U-Tube videos on this subject. They can provide some specific guidance in the different situations that you may like to release from your body.

I sometimes refer to Gary Craig’s “The EFT Manual.”  That Manual has been updated and is available on Amazon.com for a small price. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1604150661 Roger Callahan is also a resource for tapping information www.rogercallahan.com. The Ortner siblings, Jessica & Nick www.thetappingsolution.com present great examples of how to tap; as does Steve Wells www.eftdownunder.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that Tapping is more effective when you put real sincere feeling behind the words spoken. That fact is sometimes not included in the instructions you find on the internet but is vital…in fact pivotal for your consistent “Tapping” success. Simply put, when you add your feelings you are better connected to your personal “Team” and “Power!” Also, end your “Tapping” session with a round or two of drawing to you what you would love to create to take the place of what you have recently removed…a powerful activity to include in your experience! Lastly add a round that expresses your feelings of thanksgiving and appreciation to those who  created you.

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