Wrapping it up

(From the book “Mindset of Miracles”)                                                                                                             

Okay, time to gather everything up and review the simple yet Powerful information contained in these pages. Go ahead and throw your shirt in your game of life! Allow yourself to actively participate in creating exactly what you prefer.

Remember YOU are in the driver’s seat in your vehicle, steering the wheel in the direction you choose. You are able to change your life, make course adjustments and head in a different direction at ANYTIME. Here is your key…turn on your creative engine. Put it in gear and start motoring!

Always begin and end your day by doing something to prepare your vessel or body. Tapping and meditation are some of the examples you were given. Pondering and praying are also powerful preparations for you day and night. If you would like to view some videos of these simple yet powerful balancing life skills, go to my website, www.PamelaAnnEzell.com. Look under “Preparing Your Vessel.”

 Meditate and ponder regularly. It doesn’t require a lot of time but it does help your “vessel” or body to be better prepared to receive what you desire. In fact, draw your day out in meditation. Before you take ANY ACTION, prepare your vessel so you will more rapidly create what you prefer. If you are feeling ill, take charge and release that distracting discomfort.

Also, support your body with proper food, rest and exercise.

Creating Your Road Map for Life

 If you still haven’t created your “Road Map for Life” from the chapter “Reconnecting to Your Team,” read the instructions and quickly write up your three page plan. There are three pages included in this book right after this chapter. Have fun with this enjoyable process. J

 What three things would you love to release? What three things would you love to create? Put those creative ideas into action today.

 Turn Off All Sabotages, Re-Inoculations and Negative Input.

Many of those distractions come from the TV, radio, newspapers, gossip, emails, internet community commentaries, negative thoughts, politics, and discouraging or frustrated passionate conversations and feelings. Even religious viewpoints, if they speak down about others outside their faith, further separate themselves from their eternal brothers and sisters.

 Become more aware of what you have been allowing into your daily life. Ask:

“What am I thinking, feeling, envisioning, speaking, listening to, reading about, writing, posting and observing?”

You will bring more of those same situations to you and those who are participating with you.

Your Feelings Are Your Perfect Guides…Keep Turning Toward a Better Feeling Place!

If you recognize you are participation in destructive/negative situations, stop and head off in a better feeling direction!

Your thoughts, words, and feelings have POWER! So take ACTION. Release lack, need, want. BELIEVE it is possible to allow these changes.

Ask, Nothing Wavering and It Will Be Given.

Let any distractions of pride, fear, embarrassment or ego flow quickly and easily out of you. These diversions diminish your ability to fully connect to your creative Powers and eternal source. Ask your requests, free of any hesitations. Your TEAM will answer you. Open up and receive your gifts. Then give thanks.

If You Experience Negative Thoughts and Feelings, You Can Turn the Page. If Discouraging Thoughts and Feelings Return, TURN THE PAGE AGAIN!

If these unhappy situations continue, use Tapping, pondering, meditation and prayer to assist your release. Focus your thoughts, feelings, energies and Powers on what YOU prefer to experience now. Keep your goals squarely in your sights. Hold on to your playful, excited feelings as you joyfully and expectantly open up and allow your blessings to enter your life. Watch them easily and quickly come to you.

Release the Stored Body Information of Traumas, Fears, Lack, Health Concerns and Addictions by Employing Those Same Supportive Exercises Mentioned Above.

Stop running from your concerns and face them. You will soon master those opportunities for learning. Embrace change. Allow yourself to continually progress in life. Being able to consistently progress is a goal worth having.

Create What You Prefer NOW!

Keep those carefree childlike feelings alive in you. Keep it simple and fun. Allow balance. Savor your life. Be grateful, thankful and appreciative for all your blessings and look forward with great anticipation for the blessings that are swiftly coming to you now.

Start drawing to you ONLY harmonious relationships in everything that touches your life. Identify anyone or anything you feel a disagreement with. Also note any negative reaction you may harbor inside your soul. Release those blockages. Then allow yourself to recognize traits or attributes you prefer to experience with the people or situations in your life. Say to yourself, while including a genuine FEELING and desire for this to be activated within you:

“More of this please in my life (or our lives) now! Thank you.”

View life from the “BIG PICTURE” perspective. Believe, Believe, BELIEVE that these shifts in your relationships are indeed possible. Get a little thrill when you think about these changes that are now beginning to take shape. Start looking for the evidence of this change and trust it is your truth. Have fun with this activity and enjoy your ability to become one with everyone and everything in your life.

Send an Invitation From One Soul to Another

Ask others to participate with you in Mutually Uplifting activities by sending an invitation from your soul to their soul.

Our ability to more fully enjoy every portion of our lives while Powerfully creating is greatly influenced by this fact:

If I am genuinely one with my fellow human beings, then I can become more one with the Divine.

From time to time ask yourself these questions:

* How am I feeling now? Am I turning to that better feeling place? (Feelings are your perfect guides.)

* Am I creating my world, destroying my world or creating the same world over and over?

* Am I floating my boat merrily down the stream of life because this life is but a dream?

* Am I centered in the peace and calm of my hurricane with clarity of mind?

Depending on your answers, take action to allow the change you would like that will in turn improve your feelings and experiences.

If you realize you have been creating the same world over and over, or are caught in an “eddy” and have a desire to stop the mounting chaos and drama, ask these questions:

“What am I to learn from this experience? How can this experience be for my good?”

 Recall that an eddy is usually only a gentle whirlpool. You can easily paddle or swim your way out of it and head downstream again! Besides, all experiences are ultimately created for your good. Relax. Release any blockages and resistance to what you desire to learn. Allow the knowledge, skills and mastery of the situation to flow readily into you.

You have the Power to connect with your TEAM and create in this manner. You always have and always will have the Power to unite with them if it is your desire and you follow the steps to let that union form. In fact, let yourself ponder this:

It is my ETERNAL BIRTHRIGHT to connect with and create through the source that formed me!

Release Four Letter Words and Little White Lies

Be A Being Filled With Integrity And Honor.

Then Even The Elements Will Respond To Your Requests!

 MONEY MONEY MONEY! It is perfectly alright to think BIG and have abundance as well! How would skyscrapers or intricate highways or bridges ever have been built if we pigeonholed our dreams and financial well-being? How would we have been able to create all the technology we have today? It is also wonderful to think small. Take pleasure in creating the ability to find those lost keys, the perfect parking space or all green lights as you travel across town. Besides, the truth is:

There is plenty of money and more for everyone!

Keep your focused beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Open bank accounts and excitedly visualize the money swiftly flowing into them. Then allow it to fill those coffers. It is how you choose to use your wealth that determines if it will be a curse or a gift for you and those who touch your life; you decide how your future unfolds.

Continue to picture everything happening NOW! If you envision your creations coming someday, they will always remain in SOMEDAY and will not come into your reality until you command them into your NOW by your words thoughts and excited passionate FEELINGS! Let go of how they will form. Just allow them to come. Think, picture, speak and feel these words:

“No matter how BIG or small, I will embrace my dreams or preferences and allow them to come forth NOW!”

Form a habit of saying to yourself when you start to feel stressed over not having enough time, help or money…

“I have plenty of time (help, money…) and more to do whatever I desire to do today.”

Meaningfully speak that sentence a few times while taking some deep breaths. Allow a deep internal shift within your body. FEEL the stress completely leave you and a soothing balm of peace flow into your body. Next, just relax your being while you observe as something joyful adjusts into the equation. Then time (help, money…) expands to fit the situation at hand. Somehow, everything just smooths out. Remember this freeing and empowering way of living:

“I am completely in charge of my happiness or unhappiness.

 I can easily and quickly change the course of my direction in life at any moment.”

You have the ability to be guided and comforted by your Team, and receive inspiration from them. They know all things past, present and future and can reveal that knowledge to you at any time when you prepare and allow yourself to receive that information.

If you would like to remember how to experience this more abundantly in your life, try experimenting with the following:

1. Allow yourself to deeply love, appreciate and accept yourself and everything about you. Be patient and gentle with yourself and all others. Live as “clean,” authentic, honest, honorable, kindly, thankful life as you are able to. That is sufficient.

2.  Awaken and become fully ALIVE! SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE! Take time to ponder, meditate and pray with every cell of your body. Feel your thoughts, desires and gratitude as you send them out.

3. Be attentive to the thoughts and feelings you are receiving. DO NOT DISCOUNT THEM! They are not the wild imaginations of your mind.  LISTEN and FEEL the reply and instructions being given to you. Notice the warm burning in your chest, thrill in your body, the electrical charge when you are connected to your Team. Your feelings are always your unwavering guides.  They will not fail you.  Soon you will develop the ability to trust in what is revealed to you. Feel yourself drawing near to your personal eternal support system.

4.Their reply is sometimes ushered in through the “Still Small Voice.” It is often the sound of a soft whisper. Mike, a client/friend of mine, refers to them as “Whisps.” The more YOU allow yourself to trust and allow this information in, the more easily YOU will be able to recognize it. When first seeking to hear this voice it may sound like a weak distant radio signal that gets stronger as YOU drive closer to the source of its emissions, or as YOU dial the signal more precisely in on its channel. The information is there. YOU are the one that controls the ability to hear it.

5. Remember to always give thanks for questions that are answered and blessings that are received. As a result of those appreciative actions, you will remain better connected to your Team and your relationship will continue to be strengthened.

Continue to focus on your goals. The source you seek to connect to sends only uplifting, positive information and support. They reside in a place of continual abundance and are prepared to pour that bounty upon you as soon as YOU open the floodgates. 

Your TEAM is the best source for information specifically created for you. Start asking them. They will give you your exact request and even add some extra bells and whistles!

If you become quiet and allow yourself to think, visualize, hear and feel your way through your world while connected to the Divine, you will receive more experiences in recognizing this gift. You will also become more confident and certain that you are being guided by your Team. This comfort is always available for you.

You Were Created to Experience Joy While on This Earth and Have It In Abundance. I can’t help but chuckle when my family, friends and clients call me up and exclaim, “Pam, this is real! These Powers really do exist and work!” They also consistently tell me how happy they feel. In fact, this is the happiest time they have consistently felt in their lives.

I’d been training a man for several months last fall. He was enjoying lots of breakthroughs of understanding, but very little progress in bringing into his physical world the desires of his heart.

Then one day I just flat out asked him, “Are you putting into ACTION the information you are learning?” I went on to share with him that we can go through the motions of life. We can observe others and the amazing things they are doing. We can read, study, talk, learn, philosophize and pontificate about our desires to have miraculous experiences and adventures for the rest of our lives, yet we’ll continue to remain stuck, perpetually in the same place until we actively put this faith and knowledge into motion!

Somehow he finally relaxed his personal struggle within his own soul and allowed himself to open up to his truth that he was worthy of receiving all the blessings and opportunities he desired. He internalized and put into action the eternal treasures of truth he had been amassing over the last couple of months. Almost instantly he began to see the evidence of his own sweet, satisfying, miraculous experiences.

He recently updated me about his adventures and excitedly told me he has done more in the last four months to create and live what he desired than he had previously done in the last ten years! Soon he was joining the throng. His eyes were bright with energy and happy anticipation as he excitedly spoke to me one morning, “Pam, this is real. These Powers actually do work!” “Yes they are,” I replied with a smile.

So what’s next? What are you going to create with your life now? You can be one of the many who have also experienced how tangible and real the results of these applied simple teachings and Powerful laws truly are.

So, here is your “Mindset of Miracles” all wrapped up in a red ribbon, tied with a bow:

* TAKE ACTION! Apply what you have learned.

* Prepare your vessel or body morning and evening (before you take any action!).

* Draw to you only harmonious relationships. Accept yourself. Become ONE with others.

* Create your “Road Map For Life” with detail and feelings of childlike excitement.

* Connect to your Team. Hold on to that amazing feeling. Listen to your “whisps.”

* Activate your Divine Powers. Start asking for the desires of your soul NOW!

* BELIEVE you can have these blessings in your life. Release distractions & inoculations.

* Give thanks. “More of this now please, thanks.” Blessings are now forming in spirit.

* Think, Visualize, Listen & FEEL. Allow your dreams and goals to organize and come!

* HOLD ON TO YOUR GREAT FEELINGS. They drive your desires into reality!

* Open up. Look and listen for your answers. Let your blessings and miracles pour in.

* Fully receive, accept and enjoy them. Take hold of them when they come near you.

* Give thanks again! Stay open and receptive with feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

* Remember, HAVE FUN! You were created to have abundant joy in this life.

* When you have accomplished your goals…BEGIN AGAIN…CREATE NEW ADVENTURES!