Quickly Release Stress and Take a Deep Breath!

person taking deep breathMany people are feeling stress from the rigors of their daily life. Everyone, from the stay at home house parent to the high power executive is fair game to this disruption in their well-being. There are reasons why those feelings set up in their bodies. There are also simple solutions that can immediately create remarkable results in releasing those unnerving experiences of panic, anxiety and shortness of breath.

Unlocking the Diaphragm

When people begin to experience feelings of becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities or stressed for time, they often begin to breathe shallow.  Sometimes they even hold their breath.  As a result, their diaphragm locks up and their bodies feel panicked and anxious. For good reason—they are lacking oxygen. As a result of the decreased oxygen, their ability to function, think and reason clearly is impaired.

That is the beauty of the human body. It is constantly giving feedback as to how it is feeling. Listening to that feedback is the key to recognizing if a shift is appropriate to improve the current situation. Feelings are the perfect guides to awaken people to take action so they can quickly circumvent the distresses in life.

Instead of reaching for an RX bottle, individuals feeling stressed can simply sit up or stand up, slide their bottom jaw forward, passed their top teeth and breathe! Their body will then unzip from the bottom of their throat all the way down to the bottom of their torso. Voila! Their diaphragm just unlocks and they can now breathe deeply again (it is important to loosen constricting waistbands or belts for the full benefit of this exercise).

With the restored level of oxygen in the body, the brain can release those distracting feelings and refocus on the preferred actions and goals the individuals would like to achieve.

It is also beneficial for people to take a quick scan of their bodies throughout their day to break the habit of locking up their diaphragms. By simply asking themselves, “How am I feeling now?” they can quickly identify if they feel a shortness of breath or tension. They can then stop the mounting stress and do this quick and effective exercise during their day.  Soon they will master this powerful physical release and consistently create what they prefer to experience.

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