Amazing Trip To France

Notre DameRonnie and I are back from our amazing trip to France.

Some people have asked me how we were able to “pull off” such a wonderful trip. Well, frankly I live what I teach: How to Create the Exact World You Desire and Even Put A Date On It!

One day last January my daughter called me and told me that “someday” she would like to take me to Paris along with her little girl. I thought that was a wonderful idea. I also knew that when we think about doing something “someday” it never comes into our today until we allow that shift and ask (or command) it to come to us now. So I knew we wouldn’t be going that year. That’s okay; my granddaughter was still young and would enjoy the trip more when she was a little older. 

Anyway, I got very excited about going this year and actually pictured Ronnie and I celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary  In Paris. In my mind, I clearly viewed us seeing all the sights, including going to the top of the Eiffel Tour. I held on to that wonderful feeling and enjoyed every detail of this amazing trip. I believed it was possible for us to have this adventure and felt it was actually forming now for us. I took no concern about how it would all pull together; I simply kept my great feeling.

The very next day Ron’s brother called me and invited us to join him and his family in France the first week in June (Our anniversary was in May-close enough for me!). He told us he would be providing us the apartment in Paris as well as the Chalet in the Loire Valley! So generous of him.

Prior to his call, I was unaware they were even planning a trip to France. Wow, talk about “Ask and It Is Given!”

This is precisely the experiences my family, friends and clients are having in EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES when they put into action the information they are learning. It’s the most enjoyable way to live life that I am aware of!

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Pamela Ann