What Are You Doing With Your World Now?

business web sea anemoneWe Are Individually Either Creating Our World, Destroying Our World, Or Creating The Same World Over And Over. We do this by our thoughts, visions, words and feelings along with what we give our attentions.

 What Are You Doing With Your World Right Now? Are you creating, destroying or creating the same thing again and again?

Get clear on what you would really love to create in your world right now. Then take action! Allow yourself to deeply connect to those who created you. Firmly declare… boldly command what it is that you would love to experience in your life. Let every cell in your body resounds with your belief that your request is now forming for you.

Hold on to your connected wonderful feelings and see your mighty blessings begin to form. Then open your arms and fully receive your blessings when they appear.  Remember to give thanks to your magnificent Divine Team and increase your feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Pamela Ann