Purposeful Meditation

business web lilypad lake sunsetPurposeful Meditation is one of the times the left and right hemispheres of the brain can talk to one another and help you “regrind your lenses on life” so your vision of what you see in your day to day becomes clearer and more precisely what you prefer to create.

This meditation is a different form of relaxed contemplation than the type you utilize when you focus on clearing out your “noggin.” It is an active opening of your body, mind and spirit while connecting with your “Higher Power” or the “Divine” (insert the description that best fits your personal belief system). With this unification you can more powerfully create the exact world you would enjoy. Actually, this type of meditation is very supportive of your spiritual health and overall well-being.

I encourage you to ponder and meditate often.  It is actually possible to live your life in a meditative state, where you are literally constantly receiving guidance and well-being continually.  This is also a form of drawing your day out in a form of prayer; allowing this uplifting information you are receiving to come alive within you. Try doing the first example morning and evening.

The following is a brief example of Purposeful Meditation:

Lay on your bed in a “Sponge” position (on your back with your arms laying along the sides of your body while they, along with your legs, are also in a relaxed arrangement).

Take ten deep cleansing breaths, beginning with filling your belly up first.  Then easily breathe out all the air. End by pushing out your belly air last.

Picture and feel yourself easily and quickly relaxing all your body: forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, scalp, neck, throat, shoulders, upper arms, elbows,  forearms, wrists, palms, back of the hands, fingers, back, butt, chest, abdomen, vital organs, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, soles of the feet, upper feet, toes. Relax all your muscles, nerves and so forth.

Flood your body with feelings of appreciation for all the things, situations and blessings you are thankful for.

Allow the living “AT-ONE-Ment” to come alive within you. The “AT-ONE-Ment is your joining together with those who created you. Together, you are able to command and shape your life with the same power that created this world. Learn more about how you can easily accomplish this connection from Part I of the book “Mindset Of Miracles.”

NOW release from your body all that you desire to let go of, any illness, blockages, resistance, disharmony, lack, fear… visualize and see it lifting out of your body and completely leaving your room.

Flood your body with a green healing light, the color of new spring leaves.

Then allow your body to be filled to overflowing with the golden light of love and adoration that your “Higher Power” or the “Divine” have for you. Feel the joy and well-being they are sending to you NOW.

Count from ten to one and let your body sink more deeply into your bed (beginners may prefer to count longer as they remember how to relax). After you reach one, feel your spirit lift slightly up and allow it to hover.

Speak only loving assuring words of comfort and love to your soul of what you would more purposely prefer to create in your life NOW.  For example:

  • I am getting better and better every day. Better and better in every way.
  • I create and draw to me only harmonious loving relationships continually.
  •  I am appreciated and understood by others and I appreciate and understand them too.
  • My life is free of judgment.
  • I flow with life.
  • I easily learn new information. I can access and recall it readily.
  •  I am filled with gratitude.

You can also include specific ideas and details about what you would love to rapidly bring into your life. THINK, VISUALIZE and DEEPLY FEEL those dreams, goals and situations forming and happening now!

If you choose to internally verbalize and communicate your desires, hopes and passions, form all your thoughts, visions and feelings in a positive way. There is much POWER in this creative process. Be aware of your words! Ask for these blessings to come into your life now (they immediately begin to be organized and formed in a spiritual dimension…it’s a quantum physics kind of thing).

Now take some time to quietly reflect while listening for answers, inspiration, guidance and impressions that are being presented to you (stay open to receive this information throughout your day as well). This is how you draw your day out in meditation…staying open for continuous guidance.

Allow yourself to drink in the peace and well-being that has been created personally for you. Believe that you are adored by the “Divine” and you have the power to create your world with them.  It is your eternal birthright!

Then count from one to ten and awake to enjoy your day or fall peacefully asleep at night.

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