Preparing Your Vessel

Woman Placing Palms TogetherEver notice how you sometimes feel like you are stubbing your toes or banging your elbows all day long? Are you ready to experience a more uplifting way to consistently begin and end your day?

Then select some of the options under this main post, “PREPARING THE VESSEL,” like: Chinese Bed Exercises, Sedating the Triple Warmer (and Strengthening the Spleen), TAT Hold, Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) and Purposeful Meditations (Pondering and Prayer).

Try the different exercises and see which ones best suit your personality or desires at the time. Use one or all of these techniques. Rotate them and enjoy a variety.

You can also do a few during the day if you prefer some quick relief and would like to refocus your energies and thoughts or vision. Subtle Tapping, Deep Breathing and Meditating at a Stoplight…even the TAT Hold can be done almost anywhere.

Also refer to the videos with the same titles if you are a visual learner.

Start your morning and end your evening with your best foot forward by preparing your body or vessel. It may only take a few minutes to accomplish this balancing and is worth every second of those valuable moments. Your health and energy plus calm awakened awareness will improve if you actively engage in these movements.

Quickly release any discord, disharmony, blockages and lack. Then readily replace those thoughts and feelings with harmony, wellbeing, abundance and clarity of mind.

Purposefully command what you would love to experience each day. Visualize it, feel it taking shape. Get excited about what is being formed for you now. Feel thankful and grateful for your many blessings and gifts you now have and are quickly allowing to come into your life. Rev up with those amazing feelings and HOLD ON TO THEM!

When you take the time to properly prepare your vessel your entire day will shape up more smoothly. Watch and notice how “doors” will be opened more easily for you and what you prefer will quickly come to you.

End your day with some of these exercised as well. You will rest better and awaken more restored.

If you have a question or would like information on any subject, ask for it to come to you. Notice your dreams along with the thoughts and feelings that come to you. Also ask questions of others when you feel a “nudge” to do so. Many times, they are the individuals that have been sent to you who have the exact answer you have been seeking!

Notice how distractions or obstacles reduce their looming size and life just smooths out. Jot down the evidence of your improved experiences. Refer back to them often and build your personal confidence that you are capable of forming a delightful life with those who created you.

Give thanks often.

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