Are Your Mistaken Beliefs Sabotaging Your Goals?

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Are Your Mistaken Beliefs Sabotaging Your Goals?

Before you begin listening to this show, ponder this thought for a moment:

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking…

Now take some time to prepare yourself so you can get the most out of what is being shared with you. By the way:

What do you believe?

Whoa! Now that is a pretty broad Question. Hmmm, what to you believe?

Well to get the ball rolling, Glance over some of the following questions that have been provided for you. Perhaps you will identify with several or many of them.

Identify which ones resonate with you. Free yourself from any desire to dwell on those questions. The instructions were- Glance. Remember?

After you finish reading them, simply allow yourself to be open and teachable. Simply experiment upon what you are learning.

Here are the Questions. You May Discover their Answers In This Show…

– Some people think traditions and beliefs are important foundations in our lives. So how can those beliefs sabotage us from being able to create our goals?

– Many people think they have faith and believe that they can receive blessings but yet they are not seeing those blessings. Why?

– I know a woman that believes she has made some mistakes in her life and is unworthy of being able to receive the love of her creator or the blessings she desires. How are those beliefs keeping her from reaching her goals?

– I know another woman who believes she is forgotten and no one notices her…not even those who created her. She is a wonderful person and has some really great goals yet she has not been able to attain them. What in her belief is holding her back and what can she do to rapidly receive those blessings?

– You are speaking about creators or something of the Divine. What if you are a person that doesn’t believe that a higher power even exist? How does that affect your ability to create your dreams?

– Many people would love to have a soul mate to share their lives with that consistently contributes in a positive way to their relationship. Within that committed relationship they would love to have affection, acceptance, understanding, communication, fidelity, physical and financial support as well as great passion and sex that stays fresh and grows throughout the years.

They also believe that for a marriage to be successful and really last it requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, patience plus it will be difficult to maintain that quality of commitment for life with one person. How does that belief about marriage sabotage a couple’s ability to enjoy their desires in their union?

– Generations have believed that if we work really hard and try with all our might to do the right thing, We will eventually receive the reward we are seeking. How can that belief keep them from their reward?

– Some people believe it is important to surround themselves with positive affirmations everyday and even post them in places to help them remember those inspiring words but they continue to stay stuck. Why?

– Why is it that people who believe if they worry and sacrifice enough they will eventually prove or earn their right to have their desired goal, yet it still eludes them?

– I have heard that if you simply believe in positive thoughts about what you would love to experience in your life and surround yourself with those thoughts that you will receive what you desire. Is that true?

– How can my beliefs that I was taught as a child keep me from reaching my goals today?

– Some people believe that this life is a place for us to be tested, life is meant to be hard, God is a punishing God, if we don’t obey the commandments we will be punished…How can those beliefs sabotage us from getting our blessings or receive our goals?

– Many people believe we must fight for what we believe in so we can get what we desire. We see this in the political and business world and even in private lives. How does fighting for our beliefs keep us from our intended goals?

– There is a growing believe that Tapping, EFT, Tappas Hold or other like transforming methods are powerful ways to release stored information that no longer serves us. But some people are far more successful at using these life skills than others. Why?

– A friend of mine has some really big goals and believes he can attain them but sometimes he has feelings of fear and worry. How do those feelings affect his beliefs and ability to reach his goals?

– I have heard it is important to believe without wavering. How does wavering affect my ability to create the world I prefer?

– Some people believe it is important to vent their concerns with others so their fears, worries, frustrations or disappointments will be alleviated. How does that belief push them away from their intended goal?

– Lots of people believe that if I am a true friend, I am to be a “sounding board” for others. In other words, I am to be available for them to share their thoughts and feelings about their concerns, disappointments and losses.

– I thought that was showing compassion and empathy for them…That’s good. Right? How can that belief contribute to more of those discouraging feeling and situations for all of us?

OK, enough of the reading. Time to take ACTION! Simply listen to the radio program and then begin using what you learned. Release four letter words from your life and replace them with the powerful words that can literally assist you in creating the life you purposely prefer to life.

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