How To Get Better From An Illness Really Fast!

How To Get Better From An Illness Really FAST!

When you FIRST FEEL the signs of a Cold, Sore Throat, Flu or Fever take two cloves of garlic. Chop them up into tiny pieces or use a garlic press. Swallow the garlic with a full glass of water.  And, or, combine ONE drop of Oil of Oregano that has been mixed with EIGHT drops of Olive Oil and drop the mixture under your tongue.

Read the two pages, about Oil of Oregano, under “PREPARING THE VESSEL” section of this website to learn more about this powerful oil and how to use it responsibly!

Within hours the sickness will be gone. Take the garlic a second time that day or night just to be sure it is gone. If you waited a little too long and know for sure you are sick take the garlic three or four times a day, Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night until you are well (usually a day or two). Massage the web of skin and muscle between your thumb and pointer finger often if feeling nauseated. You can also take some drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue. Take the oil with or without the garlic.

Ear Infections: to avoid burns, First mix together eight drops of Olive Oil & one drop of Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano, then drop mixture into ear. When properly mixed, it is safe to use on babies or young children older children and adults). The pain and infection will soon be gone.

Colds and Sinus Infections: Along with the garlic and or Oil of Oregano therapy, take a baby bottle or, one that has soft sides so you can squeeze it. Cut off a little bit of the very end of the nipple, so water can easily come out when you squeeze it. You can also use a Neti Pot

Fill it with hot water. Add ¼ teaspoon of salt (preferably Real Salt or sea salt) and ¼ teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda (Whole Foods, New life, Sunflower Market or Health Food Store).  Shake the bottle to mix and let the salt dissolve. 

Tilt your head over the sink and turn your head to the side. Make sure your forehead is LOWER than your mouth. Listen to your body. Feel where the little virus bug is tickling and digging into your nose; making you sick. That is the nostril that needs to be down so the warm water can start washing the virus out of your body.

Put the nipple of the bottle or small opening of the Neti Pot in your nostril that is more toward the top while your head is facing sideways. Squeeze the bottle gently. Let the water drip out of your nostril that is lower (the one that has the virus in it). Open your mouth to breathe.  If the water comes out of your mouth, your mouth is lower than your forehead.  Put your forehead lower than your mouth.

When you cannot squeeze the bottle anymore and you need to let go to allow more air into the bottle, take it out of your nose. Let the air into the bottle, put the nipple back in your nose and squeeze again until the bottle is empty. Be sure the water is warm, not cold. Afterwards, wash the bottle with soap and hot water to kill any germs.  When you sleep at night, use more than one pillow to keep your head up so your nose and sinuses won’t get too stuffy.

Drink lots of water throughout the day so the mucus in your nose will become thin and you can flush it out more easily.

If you have a sore throat, use the garlic and/or Oil of Oregano four times a day until you are well. Gargle with very warm water and salt. You can also use the bottle (or Neti Pot) for rinsing out your nose and preventing the spread of infection.

Be sure to drink very warm tea and eat warm soup. These wash down the bad germs and viruses into the stomach. The acid in the stomach helps to kill the germs, so does the warm tea and soup.

Do not eat rice, potatoes, corn, flour (bread, pasta, cake, cookies, tortillas) sugar or sweet foods, fruit and fruit juice. Dairy and dairy products unless they are raw (not pasteurize or homogenized).  These foods are foods that feed the cold, sore throat and flu.  Don’t drink soda, or drinks that are sweet. Drink water or herbal teas sweetened with STEVIA.

Eat lots of vegetables and meat. You will heal very fast if you do, within a couple of days and you will not suffer much.

Drink lots of water. Firmly pat all over your body with your hands.  Instead of your hands being flat, shape them into little cups like when you are going to scoop up some water to drink.  Then pat your body all over in the Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Evening.  It will help break loose the sickness in your body and the water will help to wash it out of your body.         These remedies costs almost nothing.  By doing the above, you will be able to get well fast.