Exercise, Electricity and Recharging Your Battery

people in class clappingStand Up and Live Longer!

By Dr. Amen and Pamela Ann

A new study found that people who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks. It does not matter how much you exercise or how healthy your diet it, if you sit for most of the day, the chances of you dying from a heart attack doubles!

The study took place over a span of 13 years, analyzing the lifestyles and daily habits of over 17,000 men and women. While the researchers were able to formulate these statistics, they were still unable to give a concrete reason as to why sitting for long periods of time can be so detrimental to your health. Marc Hamilton, Ph. D., “suspects it has to do with an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which breaks down fat in the bloodstream and turns it into energy”.

The researcher discovered that standing rats had 10 times the amount of this enzyme coursing through their bodies than laying rats did. No matter how fit and healthy the rats were, when they laid down, their LPL levels dropped dramatically.

There are 3 things that happen when you sit at your office chair for too long:

  • Posture- tissue that connects individual muscles begins to set after staying in one position for too long
  • Calories- you burn 60 more calories when standing versus sitting, also when you sit your glutes (largest muscle group) are at rest, which means that you burn even less calories
  • Back pain- when you sit your pelvis is pushed forward which puts pressure on your spine

If you want to be healthy and avoid having a heart attack call your number, then you can follow these 4 steps:

  • Breaks- taking two breaks an hour can give you a chance to stand and stretch your legs
  • Standing phone calls- standing during a phone call may seem insufficient in making a difference, but it will add up, and help you stay on your feet, and not on your butt
  • Emails- do not write emails that take longer than 15 minutes, if it does, call that person instead and make sure you stand when you are doing so
  • Asking for a standup desk- workers who sit for more than 6 hours a day are almost 70% more likely to be overweight.

Investing your efforts in a standup desk just may be a great solution to living longer and healthier, make sure your computer screen is at arm’s length and at eye level, and your keyboard is raised up so that your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle.

So remember, stay smart, stay healthy and stay standing!

ElectricityImportant additions from Pamela Ann: If you stand and also include movement you will raise your electrical energies and oxygen levels which actually can shift your body from a degenerating or normal mode to a robust or even healing mode! That change literally is the difference between frogs and salamanders. The electrical currents in normal human and frog bodies generally run on negative 22 ions. Salamanders run on negative 50 or 52 ions.

Frogs cannot re-grow a limb when it is severed. Salamanders can! So get moving!

Become a salamander: When my clients simply make some brisk movements like deep knee bends or slightly bouncing movement as though they were gently bouncing or a trampoline or rebounder for a minute or two, their electrical energies dramatically improve. The proof of this fact is easily measured on the Tennant Biomodulator created by Dr Jerry Tennant. He created this device when he was working with the Russian astronauts to help them maintain their health while they were in space for long periods of time.

DO NOT OVER EXERCISE! Check out Dr Al Sears “PACE” method of exercising. Hands down it is the best and most natural way to exercise and build your body and health. The following are some short lists of why it is so important to exercise by this method.

frogThose who over exercise:

  • Lower their immune system
  • Create more stress hormones
  • Create more acid in their bodies
  • Reduce their heart and lung size and reserves
  • Send a message to their metabolism to conserve calories!
  • Tear down their body tissues plus wear out their bodies at a more rapid rate

Those who exercise by doing quick workouts throughout the day or use the PACE method:

  • SalamanderIncrease endorphins
  • Build up body tissues
  • Create less stress hormones
  • Create less acid in their bodies
  • Strengthen their immune system
  • Naturally increase Human Growth Hormones!
  • Increase their heart and lung size and reserves
  • Send a message to their metabolism to burn more calories
  • Increase electrical energies and shift their bodies into Salamander type healing mode!

 So set a timer and get up and move every 30 minutes!

 Are you a dead battery?

Do you feel like you are dragging around a mountain of a body that is tired and exhausted?

Each cell of your body must be coated in a 4 to 1 ratio of RAW short, medium and long chain fatty acids so your cells can function properly and also hold or store the electrical currents that are needed to run your body. Add RAW fats to your diet and raise your electrical currents plus store them.

Why raw? If you heat or cook your fats they become one carbon away from plastic. Plastic simply cannot conduct electricity!

Think of each cell of your body as you would think of a home that has strong walls, window and doors.

The four parts to the proper 4 to 1 fat ratio are the short and medium chain fatty acids in their RAW form. They are your walls and windows: coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, butter, cheese, milk, beef (rare), eggs, lard, cocoa,

Never use canola oil. It is toxic. Even bugs won’t eat those plants! Never use Soy. It is also toxic and bullies out your thyroid from its receptor sites.

The one part of the proper 4 to 1 fat ratio is your long chain fatty acids in their raw form. They are your doors to let things in and out: cold water fish (cod liver), hemp.

Flax is to be used sparingly because the ratio of 3-6-9 is out of balance and inferior to cold water fish. However, you can change the molecular structure  of the flax oil if you blend it well with cottage cheese. (one part flax oil to two parts fish oil, per Dr. Johanna Budwig). Then the flax can be better utilized by the body.

I use only the Barleans brand of fish oil and flax oil. I Always keep it refrigerated. The fish oils tastes like a hint of lemon and I put it in my protein shakes, on salads, tostados…I have never had a bad “after taste” in all the years I’ve taken it.

Take digestive food enzymes with ox bile with each meal that contains fat so your liver can properly utilize it. This will also eliminate diarrhea from the undigested fats.

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