Body Hydration through Water and Sea Salt

business web water by baby poolThe following is and excellent report created by my good friend Tim Brown. I use structured alkaline 9,5 Kangen Water by Enagic every day as well as Redmond’s Real Salt. I avoid most forms of bottled water, especially if it is reverse osmosis water because it is pure acid. Most “Water Stations” sell this type of water which contributes to a more acidic body. An acidic body is an unhealthy body! See for yourself. Purchase some PH paper from your pharmacy and test your bottled reverse osmosis water. Then test your tap water. Then test Alkaline Kangan Water! You will be amazed…your tap water PH is better than your bottled water!   Pamela Ann

Tim Brown

I believe the single most important component of good health is maintaining an adequate intake of water daily.

Body Hydration through Water and Sea Salt: An adequately hydrated body will generally respond to other natural treatments more effectively; although proper hydration may eliminate the need for other protocols.  Many individuals find that many physical pains and joint or arthritic conditions are also diminished with an adequate water intake. Improvements to bronchial (asthmatic conditions), allergic and digestive conditions have been widely reported.


Be in the habit of drinking water whether you feel thirsty or not; feeling thirsty is an early indication of dehydration.  More severe dehydration is indicated by headaches and mental fogginess.  Chronic dehydration results in the weakening of cells and increased susceptibility to disease.  Extreme dehydration can result in organ failure and death.

Chronic dehydration, the state the I believe most people exist in results in slower waste expulsion by the body.  In this condition dead and diseased cells accumulate and the otherwise healthy cells are relegated to survival mode unable to aggressively fight off attacks by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Many researchers and physicians familiar with this subject believe that 70% of ALL medical costs could be eliminated if individuals maintained proper hydration levels.


Divide your weight (US pounds) by two (2).   That number is equal to the MINIMUM amount of water an individual should intake daily – IN OUNCES.   Juices and other drinks are not a substitute for water.   Intake of diuretic drinks such as coffee, non-herbal teas (such as green, black or white tea), caffeinated drinks etc. will increase the minimum amount of water needed for proper hydration.

I like filtered or distilled water… I am not concerned about the lack of minerals in distilled water or the myth of minerals being leached from your body with the use of distilled water (which has a neutral PH of 7.0).  There are very few minerals in water first of all and they are not found in a form readily absorbed by the body.  Leaching of essential minerals from the body a side-effects of many prescription drugs, alcohol intake and renal problems. I do avoid water filtered by reverse osmosis as this process makes the water acidic. This is a problem with most bottled waters as most are processed using a reverse osmosis process. The use of unprocessed sea salt in your water can make the water slightly more alkaline and assist with your intake of minerals in a readily absorbed form.

The main point is hydration. The body has an amazing ability to respond to hydration even if the water used is not optimal.   Best health results can be had from water that is either PH neutral or alkaline – the more you are challenged by chronic health conditions the more important the quality and PH of the water is.  Once you have restored your immune system your sensitivity to water and even an occasional food borne bacteria should not concern you. You will find that you stay healthy even if everyone around you gets ill.


Salt is essential to human life.  For several thousand years salt was understood and used as a healing element.  Civilizations fought wars over salt deposits.  Many large cities in the U.S. were build over salt mines (Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Salt Lake City etc).  What has changed?  Salt has changed.  For centuries unprocessed sea salt was used (including the salt mined from the ground from ancient seas).  Everything began to change in the 1940’s when salt companies discovered that with the use of heat and chemicals they could separate the Sodium Chloride in the sea salt from the minerals.  The remaining white material (Sodium Chloride) was sold to consumers as table salt and the minerals which had a greater value were sold for industrial use.  Once it was determined that removing all minerals resulted in more health problems (increased number of goiters) Iodine (found in unprocessed sea salt) was added back to the processed “salt” resulting in Iodized salt.

Processed table salt may also contain up to 2% of anti-caking additives such as aluminum by-products.  Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals in the world yet it is one the most toxic minerals to the human bodyAluminum has been linked by many to mood swings, headaches, memory loss, dementia, and the large increase of Alzheimer’s cases.  For this reason in many countries Aluminum cookware is outlawed.  Yet in the United States Aluminum can be found as an additive to processed salt, anti-antiperspirants as well as many other cosmetics used in or on the body.  Many popular acidic caffeinated soft drinks are distributed in aluminum cans.

Due to the popularity of “Sea Salt” by many chefs and the desire by food processing companies to introduce new products to the market many products sold as “Sea Salt” are also processed salts with the minerals removed and anti-caking additives added.  Remember that all salt comes from the sea.  Unprocessed salt is not white due to the color of the natural minerals in it.  It is a pretty good bet that if the salt you are using is white it is processed salt.  Unprocessed salt is normally referred to as Celtic salt referring to the hundreds of year old process of natural drying of sea salt.  The color may very due to its origin (gray from France, and the U.S., coral color from the Hawaiian Islands, pink from the Himalayas etc).


Salt is necessary for life.  It was also historically known as “The First Antibiotic” due to its natural toxicity to bacteria (the reason salt has been used for centuries to preserve food!).  The body operates as an electrical system… that is why an electrical shock can stop the heart as well as restart it.  A proper level of water and salt in the body can be expected to allow the body’s electrical system to operate optimally; especially the heart.  Water without minerals (distilled water) will not conduct electricity (how can you expect the electrical system of your body to function without adequate minerals?).  Unlike processed salt, unprocessed sea salt contains magnesium, potassium and other helpful minerals which are actually helpful to the heart.  Unprocessed sea salt will help restore and balance the body’s electrolytes.  Some studies have shown that blood pressure can be lowered in the body by replacing processed salt with unprocessed sea salt.

Long term studies have also shown that very few people are benefited by low salt diets.  This is understandable when you understand that the importance of salt to the body has been known for hundreds of years.

Salt is necessary for the regulation of blood sugar.  Salt is a natural antihistamine and antiseptic.  Salt is effective for clearing mucus in the lungs, as well as congestion of the sinuses. It is possible that proper hydration with salt and water can reduce or eliminate many asthmatic and allergy conditions.

The PH of an adequately hydrated person will naturally become more alkaline as the body will pass more toxic waste through natural elimination.  A higher PH (more alkaline) alone helps to fight many infections and even attacks on the body such as cancer cells.   Unprocessed Sea Salt is a component in extracting excess acidity from your cells (compare for yourself the PH of unprocessed Sea Salt in a glass of water compared to processed table salt in a glass of water!)

Salt has long been used externally as well as internally.  Salt baths have been popular for centuries.  Processed salt has no benefit in healing – you would never put table salt on a wound for healing – the Sodium Chloride would just burn.  On the other hand just like ocean water the rich mineral content of unprocessed sea salt is effective for skin applications… As a natural antiseptic I find sea salt water very effective in helping to  heal cuts skin conditions etc.  Unlike using regular tap water for facial washes you find with sea salt water your skin will become softer and less dry.    Epson salts have long been popular for this use.  Epson salts have a high magnesium content; whereas unprocessed sea salts are high in magnesium but have a complete compliment of minerals.  This is the same reason that clay masks are popular for skin care.


Salt is sold by the grind.   Grinds may very from rock, course (also referred to as a kosher grind), regular, fine etc depending on the buyer’s preference.  This of course does not affect the mineral content.

I personally like the Redmond RealSalt products available locally in many health food stores or from their website   Use the “store locator” option to locate local store carrying their products.  You will find that unprocessed salts containing their natural minerals are extremely flavorful and do not taste extremely salty.   This is why “Sea Salt” has become popular with chefs and fine food connoisseurs around the world.


Processed salt: Eliminate processed salt from your diet as much as possible.   Banish it from your home!  It is not healthy for you.

Unprocessed Sea Salt:  For the most part your body will regulate the amount of salt that it requires to function. You will find that your energy levels will increase with the adequate amount of salt intake – almost real-time.  You may take salt mixed with your water, on food or on your tongue.  I found that after mixing unprocessed sea salt 1/8 teaspoon to 16 ounces of water the taste of the water is enhanced and does not taste particularly salty… it may take a day or so to experience this realignment of your taste sensation.  Remember that your body needs a minimum of 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight.  A 160 pound person should therefore consume a minimum of 80 ounces of water or (5) 16 ounces glasses.  Adding 1/8 teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt to 5 glasses would result in the intake of 5/8 of a teaspoon of salt daily… this will enhance the flavor of your water, and assist in cellular hydration.

Notes:  If your kidneys are not functioning properly you might experience puffiness in your hands or joints and should stop salt intake for 2-4 days, to allow your body to correct itself and begin gradually to add salt back into your diet.

Your pets are likely to experience the same benefits of the addition of water to their diet (1/8 teaspoon per 16 oz).  Farmers have used salt (mineral) licks for dozens of years to benefit the health of their cattle.

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