*Joy In Every Moment

Whether you live in a simple tent or a regal mansion, you were created to have immense joy in every moment of this life now. Open up and allow it in! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

My Daily Uplift

Everyone can benefit from some daily uplift and genuine encouragement. Scan through some of these thoughts and lighten up your day. Spread the feelings of wellbeing you receive to others along your journey today. Go ahead and inoculate yourself and those you come in contact with…It’s the best kind of virus you can catch! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*A Perfect Consistent Love

Those that fashioned this world and created us, see the big picture at all times. They are able to maintain a perfect, consistent love which is solidly anchored in the eternal relationship they have with us in spite of our temporary mortal vacillating thoughts, feelings and actions. They are always there to encourage, inspire and comfort us. Pamela Ann   … [Read more...]

*The Actions That Generates Your Happiness

Go ahead, allow yourself to feel a warm, peaceful, joy, and thrill inside you that begins flowing into your heart and enlarges in your chest. It can then spread throughout your entire body.  This is your indication that you are completely connected to the “Divine” or your “Team” and that “Power.” These  actions are what generates your feelings of happines, bliss and even ecstasy. It is created by the power of love. This is the love that will … [Read more...]

*Remain Childlike & Filled With Amazement

At times, during your busy life, you can lose your bearings and begin feeling discombobulated. This  usually happens when you are trying to do everything on your own, forcing your way through life. Those are the times you take life way too seriously. Instead, stay connected and remain childlike while being filled with appreciation and amazement. Keep life simple and savor the moment, Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Enjoy Your Soul’s Potential

 Enjoy the full measure of your soul’s potential with those who personally created you and adore you. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*The Crux Or Bottom Line

I soon understood that I literally had a personal relationship with those who created me. Isn’t that what we at some level are all seeking? That is precisely the crux or bottom line…to develop a personal relationship with the “Divine” and then begin purposefully creating with them! Permit yourself to deepen your personal relationship with them. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*These Actions Are Worthy Of Your Energy

These applied actions are worthy of any energy you expend because your union with the “Divine” is pivotal to your being able to create an amazing adventure. While united with them you’ll gain confidence in your ability to choose experiences in this world that are personally satisfying and worthwhile to you. What an  exhilaratingway to live life! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

How United Are You Now?

Our ability to create chaos and misery or joy and wellbeing reflects directly on how united we are with one another as well as the “Divine.”How united are you? Relax and allow your full connection now. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Tossing Your Pebbles

Toss down any pebbles in life that you have picked up and held close to your eyes . Some now may seem like boulders, blocking your clear vision. Drop those distracting stones and view them in their actual perspective. See the BIG Picture NOW. Eternally, the time you spend on those concerns take less than a blink of an eye. Easily learn from them and move quickly forward. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]