What Are You Doing With Your World Now?

We Are Individually Either Creating Our World, Destroying Our World, Or Creating The Same World Over And Over. We do this by our thoughts, visions, words and feelings along with what we give our attentions.  What Are You Doing With Your World Right Now? Are you creating, destroying or creating the same thing again and again? Get clear on what you would really love to create in your world right now. Then take action! Allow yourself to … [Read more...]


"All experience is for your good... So If all experience is for your good, can you ever make a mistake?" Pamela Ann (From the book, Mindset of Miracles) ____________________________________________ "Powerful! Absolutely one of THE best books I've ever read!" Order MINDSET of MIRACLES here. ____________________________________________ … [Read more...]

You Can Do Anything Your Heart Desires…

You can do anything your heart desires, as long as it does not impinge upon the rights and freedoms of others... It is actually impossible to encroach into another’s space or freedoms unless they at some level invite you to do so. But just your desire to impose or invade another’s personal domain would trigger a catalyst of discord within you. Simply your thinking about striving to control another would in actuality begin the process of … [Read more...]

*Reawaken Your Faculties

Deep within, you already know all the information I am sharing with you. I’m simply assisting you in reawakening your faculties to the knowledge of these eternal laws. Your feelings in your body will assist you in validating the truths you are reading. The results of your reawakening will help you more rapidly apply the information you receive in your everyday life. Listen to your body. Open your eyes and see the world and everyone in it … [Read more...]

Your Divine Birthright

It is your divine birthright to connect with those who formed you and together create the  world you prefer now.  This is the most joy filled exhilarating way to exist in this life that I am aware of. You can quickly and easily increase your ability to personally connect to the Divine and enjoy that deeper, more meaningful connection and enjoy it every day of your life. I will show you how your can do this. Would like to learn more? … [Read more...]

Only Harmonious Relationships

You have the power to draw to you ONLY Harmonious Relationships in everything that touches your life. This includes your health, wealth, wellbeing, other people, animals, nature…even the elements. Draw only the finest qualities of this world to come easily and quickly to you Believe your truth! Start creating your own beautiful music today. Would like to learn more? If so simply, Click Here to schedule some Mentoring Time with me. If … [Read more...]

Look Forward To Receiving Your Blessings

Look forward to the many blessings swiftly coming to you now. Feel your increased excitement. HOLD ON to those feelings. Remember they draw your experiences, opportunities and gifts into your present reality... Pamela Ann   … [Read more...]

Profound Truths through Simple Means

Oftentimes, by simple means profound truths can be revealed. Take note and savor the many basic yet deeply meaningful treasures of knowledge that are liberally sprinkled throughout your life. Pamela Ann   … [Read more...]

Recognize Your Blessings…

Recognize your blessings as they appear. Also notice who assisted you in creating them. Acknowledge where those gifts came from; appreciate them and give thanks. Soon you will notice more wonderful blessings coming into your life and the lives of others. Pamela Ann   … [Read more...]

Keep Your Life Simple

Remember to keep your life simple and enjoy this process. If you begin feeling like this adventure is work, you are trying too hard to make it happen and have slid off course.  If that is where you find yourself it’s OK too.   You can quickly learn how to get back on track. Your “Team” will be there to assist you as well. Pamela Ann   … [Read more...]