What I Teach

Here is a list of a variety of topics that I teach. It can give you support as you ponder and decide what you would enjoy exploring with me.  Glance over it and see if some topics stand out to you more than others. Jot some of them down and let’s start experimenting with them!

Topic Description
Step One of How To Command Your World The Simple Yet Powerful Laws to Create Your Desires
Rapidly Reduce Stress In Your Life The Self-Administered, Drug Free Way To Quickly Release Stress
Making Your Own Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Creating Your Own World
The “Dump and Flush Method” of Living Life Letting Go Of The Crap In Your Life!
Turn The Page…Turn the Page Again When Your Concerns Keep Worrying You
It Will Easily and Quickly Come to You! Whatever You Desire Can Rapidly Come!
The Economy and The Political Scene How You May Be Adding To Crises and Drama
Facebook, Emails, The News, Conversations Whatever We Give Our Attention To Will Grow Bigger!
The Importance of Remaining Childlike How to Stay Open While Creating Your Desires
The Answer Is Always, “Yes!” But What Are You Really Asking For? How to Receive Your Desired Blessings
Enthusiasm= n-theos-ism= God Inspiring within What You Feel When You Are Connected to Your Power
Your Feelings Are Your Perfect Guides Learning To Trust Your Feelings, They Are Your Compass In Life
Tapping Like A Gorilla To Release Addictions Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT
Over-Anal-Lyzing Life… Moving Your Creative Energy From Your Head Into Your Heart—Your Other Brain!
Creating “Stories” of Your Own Recognizing And Recording Your Personal Miracles
Bowling a Strike in Life How To Overcome Envy and Jealousy
Dragon Flies Even Children Have The Power To Command Their World
The World’s Most Famous Meatball Commanding Your World With Exactness And Putting A Date On It
Creating Only Harmonious Relationships How You Can Draw Only The Best In All That Touches Your Life
Ask and Receive, Seek and Find The Answer Is Always “Yes” To Anything You Desire To Create
Say, “YES!” to What is Sent or Presented to You Open Up And Receive What You Have Asked For
Say, “Yes to Your Life Step Fully Into Your Ability To Create What You Desire
The Widow’s Christmas Story We Are Known And Personally Loved By Our Creators
The Divine Nature Of Your Team Info about the Beings That created Us And Their Relationship With Us
The Living At-One-Ment with God How To Become One With Your Creator And Continually Feel Joy
How to Form A Council Meeting How to Create Anything You Desire With Those Who Created You
Holding on to Your Focus Releasing Distractions; Fear, Worry, Hesitation And Reach Your Goals
Forgiving Self and Others… Freeing Yourself From The Distraction Of Disappointment In Yourself And Others
Repentance and Restoration How To Have Your Personal Joy Return After You Have Lost It
Love of Self, Spouse and All Others How To Live The Second Highest Law, To Become One With All
Eternal Love; the Power that Created this World and Your World How Worlds Are Created
Meditate, Ponder & Pray Communicating More Perfectly With Your Soul, Others And the Divine
Seeing Others Through Your Teams Eyes An Eternal Perspective Of What Is Really Happening Here
Comforting & Quieting the Voice of the Flesh Relieving Negative Thoughts/Allow In And Receive Inspiration
Did You Get The Memo? The Fight Is OVER! Becoming One With Yourself And All Others (The Sculpture)
Turning Away and Releasing Temptation… The Simple Steps To Release The Addictive Behaviors In Your Life
Becoming An Honorable Being The Great Law In Learning to Commanding Your World
Casting off the Bushel and Letting Your Light Shine Boldly Stepping Forward To Live Your Life Mission
Sending Invitations to Others- One Soul to Another Soul How to Communicate Without Speaking A Word
Roadmap for Life A Simple Yet Powerful Plan For Continual Happiness And Success While Creating Your Life
Living Your Daily Life With Purpose and Intention Living Each Day With The Eternal Perspective In Your Soul
Connecting to Your Team How To Invite Them To Join In With You and Your Creative Adventures
Releasing Distractions and Sabotages How To Remove The Roadblocks That Stop Your Rapid Progression
Float, Float, Float Your Boat How To Let Go Of All The Frantic Work And Let God Take Care Of The Details
Staying Centered in Your Hurricane How Remain Calm While Rapidly Creating Your Dreams And Desires
Mastering Your Experiences Before Moving On Learn From Your Experiences-Let Go Of Repeating Them
Choosing To Jump Into The Fire Deliberately Drawing To You Opportunities to Learn
You are the One Driving Your Vehicle of Life Taking Complete Ownership and Responsibility For Your Life
Driving Down the Same Road, Falling Down the Same Hole Your Ability To Choose Something Better In Life
Prophet’s Time How To Shift And Expand Time To Accomplish All You Desire Each Day
Peace, Be Still How To Command The Elements
HALT! Deliberately Changing Your Body Chemistry Into Healing Mode
You Are Calling All The Shots! Commanding In And Releasing Away Your Life Experiences
Ask, Nothing Wavering How To Let Go Of Paralysis And Rapidly Create The Desires OF Your Heart
Become Your Authentic Self Releasing The Concerns Of Others Opinions Of You
I’m Not On That Committee! Letting Go Of The Desire To Fix And Change Others
Follow Your Internal Truth and Guidance Even when no one else is watching
Be Hot Or Cold! Letting Go Of Complacency To Go Boldly Forward And Live Your Life Mission
Alkalinize Your Body How To Shift the Conditions In Your Body To Support Optimal Health
Exercise Like a Little Child How To Easily And Naturally Raise Your Hormones and Body Electricity
Your Perfect Body Easily Achieve The Perfect Weight For Your Body Type By This Simple Shift
Bio-Identical Hormones How They Can Help You Dial Back The Clock
Healthy Dentistry What Is Healthy Dentistry And Who Can Provide It For You
Healthy Raw Fats The Keys To Building Healthy Body Cells, Brain And Nervous System
Sleep, Adrenals, Depression, Allergies And Blood Pressure How They Are Related To Each Other (Isocort)
Kefir and Raw Living Food Foods That Assist Digestion And Healing While Increasing Our Energy
Inflammation and Disease The Refined Foods That Are Destroying Your Health And Quality Of Life
Revealing Blood Tests, A1C, C-Reactive Protein Key Tests That Everyone Should Know About!
You are a Visionary Being How You Can Immediately Begin Seeing Visions
The Many Layers of Perceived Honesty Peeling away the Onion to Find Honesty and Personal Truth
Becoming Whole Finding Yourself and Parenting Your Inner Child/Reintegrating with Him/Her
Commanding Your With Others; Nothing Wavering Finding Confidence In Your Creative Spoken Voice
If Muhammad Can’t Come to the Mountain Sending Invitations to Others Without From Soul To Soul
Awakening to See Your Daily Miracles See Your World With A Loving Eternal Perspective
I Believe, With Arms Outstretched Finding Your Personal Method of Connecting
Hold Your Resolve; Stay On Your Course Releasing Concerns About Others Opinions Of You
Do What You Feel Inspired and Impressed to Do Abraham Taking Isaac to Be Sacrificed
“He Who Hesitates Is Lost” Exercising Active Faith/When You Feel Moved to do Something- TAKE ACTION!
The Hard Way Or The Fun Way Living Your Life on Your Own Or Creating With Your Divine Team
Running With Your Arms Wide Open Giving Yourself Permission to “Go For It!”
The Physical ABCs Of Depression What Causes It and How to Release It From Your Body
Chinese Bed Exercises A Simple, Free And Powerful Way To Easily Maintain Your Health
Letting Go of Blame Rapidly Release This Major Distraction And Create Your Desires
TAPPAS Hold Another Means To Release Information And Feelings From Your Body
The Rice Experiment How Every Cell In Your Body Responds To Thoughts, Words And Emotions
Six Deep Meaningful Breaths Or Meditating At A Stop Light How To Always Have A Great Day
Shifting Time Quantum Physics, Dimensions, Prophet’s Time And The Lord’s Time
Peace, Be Still Commanding the Elements
Forty Days in the Wilderness How To Access God and Angels While Discovering Your Life Mission
It’s Your Decision Mastering Your Life Experiences in 5 Minutes, 40 Years or the Rest of Your Life
Stand Ye in Holy Places Or How to Find Your Holy Place The Temple Within Your Soul
Gods of Miracles: Yesterday, Today and Forever How To Create Daily Miracles With The Divine
Stopping The Saber Tooth Tiger! How To Stop The Fight Or Flight Response in Your Body
Become A Salamander instead of a Frog! How to Raise Electrical Energy And Re-grow Your Body
“Beam Me Up Scotty!” Release Depression and Loneliness, Live Happily And Fully in the Now
Being In The World But Not Of The World How To Keep Your Daily Eternal Perspective
Take No Purse Or Script Trusting That Your Needs And Thoughts Will Be Provided By The Divine
Things, Stuff and Toothpicks How To Detach From The Material Bondage Of This World
How to Measure True Success How To Recognize Real Success And How You Can Attain It
The Peace That Passes All Understanding Finding The Peace That Cannot Be Touched By The World
I Choose Happiness Now Deliberately Choosing And Living A Life Of Happiness
Stop Eating The Crumbs, Feast at the Banquet! Learning How To Live An Abundant Life
Filling Your Lamp With Oil How To Replenish Your Body, Mind and Spirit So You Can Enjoy Life
Four Letter Words How Words Have The Power To Create, Destroy Or Continually Reform Over And Over
Your Personal 40 Days In The Wilderness Discovering and Preparing For Your Life Mission
“I Will Go Before You” The Promised Blessing for Spreading the “Good News”
Preparing Every Needful Thing How To Properly Prepare For The Future So You Will Be Free Of Fear
Commanding With Others How To Gather Your Physical Team To More Powerfully Create Your World
Crossing The Finish Line Every Time! How To Keep Up Your Momentum And Reach Your Goal
Removing Your Block To Success Getting Out of Your Way-Trusting and Allowing In Your Success
“COURAGE! Pamela Ann, COURAGE! Setting Aside Fear And Moving Courageously Forward
The Best Kind of Flu You Can Catch Experiencing And Sharing The Feeling Of Your Divine Connection
Allow in Your Dream…The “Mula” will follow Choosing First To Live Your Passion Over Seeking Money
Let Your Vocation Become Your Vacation Discovering and Doing What You Would Love To Create In Life
Taking Off Your Escape Goat Sign Changing How Others Treat You By First Changing How You Treat You
Stop Running from Your Demons Face Them, Learn From Them, Release Them
ALL Experience Is For Your Good Meaningful Learning From Everything That Happens In Your Life
It is Impossible to Fail! If Everything Is For Your Good, You Cannot Fail!
You Are Already Perfect Your Perfect Spirit That Is Here To Gain Experience
Are You Shooing Flies? Releasing Procrastination And Dealing With the Stuff You Put Off
Your Personal Relationship With The Divine How To Play Everyday With The Divine
Better Than Any Feel Good Drug You Can Get Replacing Drugs And Addictions For Something Better!
Allowing Yourself to Heal Your Soul Healing From Trauma, Abuse, Loss: Anything That Lowers Your Joy
Lifting Yourself to a Higher Dimension Quantum Dimensions Or Spiritual Worlds And Their Shielding Effects
Releasing All Judgment The Blessings From Living A Life Free Of Judgment
Parenting With Consistent Happiness- The Wrestling is Over! The Happy Stress-Free Way To Parent Children
Discovering Your Personal Divine Team Learning Who Is On Your “Team”
Leaning on the Arm of God-Not Man’s Arm Completely Trusting That Your Creators Exist
Ways to Receive Pure Floods of Intelligence Downloading Intelligence from the Divine
Become a Quotable Person Discover, Speak Up And Accept Your Greatness
A Profound Eternal Love Love For God, Self Love, Couple Love, Love For Others
Your Have And Always Will Have The POWER Claiming and Activating Your Eternal Creative Birthright
From Bla Bla Bla to I GET IT! How To First Take The Beam Out Of Your Eye Before Assisting Others
Physician Heal Thyself A Doctor’s Story Of His Mighty Change Of Heart
My Stroke Was My Blessing! How To Allow And Receive A Miraculous Healing Experience
Releasing The Mighty Green Monster How To Let Go Of Jealousy and Envy And Happily Live Your Life
Swimming Suits, Green Cars And Millions Of Dollars Living Your Life While Commanding Abundance
Tapping Like A Gorilla How To Release Anything From Your Life And Create What You Prefer Instead
Unlock Your Diaphragm And Breathe! How To Instantly Release Stress From Your Body