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A Team Of Experts

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Anthony Stephen
When Truehope co-founder Anthony Stephan ponders the future, he sees a world in which everyone who suffers from a mood disorder has open and affordable access to a cure.
Stephen Kimberley, M.D.
Chief Science Officer

William Moshofsky, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Moshofsky has 30 years of medical experience as a family practice physician. He is the former Chief of Staff of PeaceHealth’s RiverBend and University District hospitals in Oregon.



Kathy M.

“It saved my life.” Despite her great husband, job, house, and daughters, she battled depression every day. Meds didn’t help. EMPowerPlus Q96 allowed her to be pregnant and have her third baby free of any postpartum depression, and to breastfeed without any drugs getting to her baby’s developing brain. She got her ability to enjoy motherhood , and life, back.

Natalie S.

Natalie’s daughter was raging, and hardly eating or sleeping. On EMPower Plus/Q96 she saw “the true child emerge”. She got her daughter back..

Laurie P.

Medication made her feel numb, like she couldn’t breathe. She switched to EMPowerPlus Q96and says: My health returned. It got me to stability, got me to recovery, I started to get my personality back. She got “ME” back

Janine B.

Janine B. Even meds didn’t control her depression and hyper times. On EMP+ for at least 11 years, she’s never to go back to a psychiatrist or doctor about her depression and manic episodes. She got her life back; as well as control of her own health care back.

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Tammi R

She was diagnosed with Bi-polar II at age 31. She now feels joy “at the appropriate moments”. Her gratitude to Tony Stephan is unmeasured. “Because of you, my husband has a wife . . . and my children have a mother.”

Vanessa M’

Her daughter is grown, but was born with physical and mental disabilities, and suffered rages, needed constant supervision, couldn’t dress herself or get to the bathroom by herself or sleep without wetting the bed…until EMPowerPlus Q96. She got her daughter back, and more of her own life back, too.

Kathy W.

She helped a rebellious daughter get off the illegal and dangerous street drugs she was using to self medicate when she got her on the EM PowerPlus Q96 nutrition. She got her daughter back.

Adam C.

His son had a stroke while in the womb, injuring his developing brain. Amazed at the progress this little boy made in one week on the nutrients, therapists assumed Adam and his wife had done extra sessions, when in truth, due to a family wedding, they hadn’t worked with him at all. He’s surpassed all expectations since being on EMPowerPlus Q96.

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Laurie K.

Her chronic headaches limited her life extensively and began when she was in 9th grade. An MRI, dental checks, chiropractic, infrared light, medications, even pain killers did not help. Within a month her migraines subsided and within 3 months the daily headaches disappeared.


He was diagnosed with Compulsive Anxiety Disorder . To try to combat negative racing thoughts he was put on many pharmaceutical drug, including Lithium. EMPowerPlus Q96 gave him his life back by “removing the source of all the misery” instead of just attempting to address symptoms as the drugs had done.

Mary Beth

Her daughter, Gracie, was depressed from her infancy. She expressed her desire to “go home” many times as a very young child. Hear how these parents ended the emotional roller coaster in their home, and found true hope as EMPowerPlus gave Gracie normal, day to day happiness for the first time in mortality.

Mari D.

She got her sense of humor and her ability to laugh at life back. ” Meds made me functional and able to do my job but there was no life in me. I cant stand that feeling if not being not present in the world, Feeling like I’m in the outside looking in. After 10 months on E mpowerP l us Q96, I see that the occasional side effects I get are from coming off thenpocketsbif medication that sit in your body when you exercise, etc. like an LSD flashback. Knowing that, and looking up the side effects of the meds, it is completely true. Life isn’t absolutely perfect–but now there’s joy in it! My sense of humor used to fit on the postage stamp. I feel very expansive. I’m having fun at age 63 and am having fun, more fun than I e had in many, many years.

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Layne L.

Suffered with anxiety and panic that impacted his job and resulted in waves of darkness for many years. He says there was always a crash with meds eventually. But there’s never been a crash with EMPowerPlus”. Now 11 years without missing a day of work, EMPowerPlus helped him get his happiness and calm back, as well as his job productivity.

Terry P.

40 years of “cutting” ended with EMPowerPlus Q96. “I have had the craving to self-mutilate since I was 8, and have over 100 ugly, deep incisions. Even on any med, the urge never went away in 40 years. I’ve been on this (Q96) for 2 y ears and 8 months and have never had the urge to cut in that time. To be free from that–just with some minerals and vitamins–holy cow! It doesn’t seem believable. But it’s true!” Bree’s little one dove into depression upon weaning. Refusing all but a few foods, unable to handle changes, and biting other children (for years), her life revolved around his mood disorder. Two years on psychotropic meds resulted only in more nightmares, crying spells, rages, day long melt downs and night terrors all night. Both were exhausted, discouraged. Three days after beginning EMPowerplus Q96, “He didn’t have a meltdown and he was actually listening to me!” This mother helped her son have a life, got her son back, and got her own life back in the process.

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