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Pamela Ann Ezell, mentors motivated, successful individuals and couples as well as organizations. She expertly guides preferred changes, achievement obstacles are rapidly removed and simple yet powerful strategies are identified, easily and quickly employing remarkable results. When purposefully applied, these principles swiftly produce positive outcomes in ANY arena of personal and professional life. Begin this enjoyable process today.

You can learn and master these valuable life skills. Readily attain your best Work-Life Balance.  Restore your personal peace. Achieve your preferred desires. Direct and unleash your creative energies. Feel inspired and personally empowered again. Allow this change to begin NOW!

“You will learn how to tap into a POWER within you and literally command into your world the exact life you prefer to have and even put a date on it! I can say these bold statements because my motivated clients, within the first hour of personal training, begin to literally feel this shift when they activate what they are learning.

Become one of those motivated people and start enjoying this amazing way of living.

Now is the time for you to:

  • Quickly release your distractions and energy drainers
  • Regularly experience win-win scenarios in all areas of your life
  • Develop positive career and personal relationships
  • Consistently meet and exceed financial opportunities
  • Enjoy mental clarity, physical exuberance and calm awareness
  • Feel a genuine positive attitude with a measurable increase of productivity

For Simple Solutions With Remarkable Results Select From The Service Options Below:

Phone Consultations • Individual & Couple Sessions • Group Classes • Saturday & Weekend Retreats Executive & Corporate Training • Motivational Speaking Seminars on Personal and Career Development

Contact Pamela Ann Today at:  520-749-4950 office,   520-247-0549 cell,   or www.PamelaAnnEzell.com.

Pamela Ann’s Radio Broadcast: “4 Letter Words” – April 23, 2012

Based in Tucson, AZ. Pamela Ann Ezell is providing services in the US and throughout the world.

Pamela Ann Ezell is a powerful inspired mentor that teaches others how to command their world with exactness and even put a date on it!

That bold statement is backed by hundreds of stories and people who have witnessed these truths. They too have learned how to activate in their daily lives the simple eternal laws that she has taught them.

From her personal experience of over sixty years, she understands how to triumph over the most crippling effects of life’s challenges and then go forth to live a happy satisfying joy filled adventure.

This award-winning speaker and author is also a native Tucsonan and Renaissance Woman, Entrepreneur, Artist, Published Designer, Patented Inventor, Community Leader and more. She happily lives what she teaches.

In her past professional life, she developed and ran only successful businesses. She is also one of the principals in the development of nationally and internationally known EZ Messenger with her husband Ron. When the economics of the country were faltering, they stayed focused on their goals and dreams, then hired 100 people.

Pamela Ann and Ron have been married for more than forty years. They are the parents of four and have adopted numerous children into their hearts and family. They also enjoy their many grandchildren at their home in beautiful Arizona.

This nurturing woman is a gifted, compassionate, leader, consultant and friend. Those who have trained with her and grown to know her have also called her a Mother, Elder, Healer, Doña, Master, and Prophetess.

She knows that you too can receive this gift of prophecy for your personal and family life and for that which you are a steward over, such as your livelihood, professional life and community relationships.

In fact, if you are not having visions, revelations, healings and miraculous experiences on a regular basis, it is simply because you have not allowed yourself to activate your faith and connect to those who created you.

I look forward to meeting you,

Pamela Ann