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Stop the “Monkey Chatter” in your “Noggin!”

Stop the negative self-talk in your mind. Smooth out frazzled nerves, anxiety and stress as you re-grow a new nervous system. Improve your sleep. Lower inflammation and pain in your body. Melt away cancer and release auto-immune diseases. Dial down ADD. Raise your electrical currents. Rebuild your body and so much more!

Stop the “Monkey Chatter in Your Noggin!” Notes

Hi! It’s Pamela Ann here with your “Stop The Monkey Chatter in Your Noggin!” wrap up notes and recipes you are looking for.

Note about the Notes

It is important that you first listen to the radio interview above or attend a class about body electricity before you read these notes or you will not understand what I am sharing here.

However, If you have listened to the interview or attended the related class, these are the reference points that will help you remember what you have been taught.

Lots to Teach in a Short Amount of Time!

When I teach a class, I share a lot of information in a very short time…much more than most people can internalize. That is why I am sharing this Canadian radio interview with you. For your added convenience, the Body Electric Drainers, Raisers and Benefits as well as the recipes that I spoke about are also included here.

Getting Naked

You may have had a bit of a chuckle about my “getting naked” in the wash (albeit while being covered with my clothing on top of me to maintain modesty).” Yet my actions were scientifically sound, proven and powerful.  As a result, I woke the next morning pain free after having a head-on collision. This is a perfect example of how you too can be proactive and take action to help your body physically heal and regrow!

Quick Overview of Body Electricity

Examples of Body Electricity Drainers!

  • Still Water (lakes and baths)
  • Wind/ Hair Dryers
  • Too Much Sun
  • Heavy Metals
  • Metals in Teeth & Root Canals
  • Holes in Jaw (Cavitations)
  • Touching Low Voltage People
  • Acid Water and Food
  • Too Much Exercise
  • Body Touching Cement Surfaces
  • Too Much Sleep
  • Too Little Sleep

Examples of Body Electricity Raisers!

  • Moving Water (Ocean/Shower)
  • Early or late Sunshine
  • Laying, Walking on or Touching Grass, Sand, Dirt, living plants..
  • Touching Living Plants While Growing in the Earth/ground
  • Snuggling People/Pets (dogs) with High Voltage
  • Daily Short Frequent Exercise
  • Alkaline Water
  • Sufficient Quality Sleep (8 Hrs.)
  • Fresh Organic Fruits/Vegetables
  • Unrefined Sea Salt (Redmon’s)
  • Healthy RAW FAT! Examples:

Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Seeds, Nuts, Flax*, Fish*, Eggs*, Milk*,

Cream*, Butter* (this is only a partial list of raw fats)(*It is

important to first change the structure of Flax oil for it to be used

correctly in the body. I tend to stay away from animal products.)

Some Benefits of Higher Body Electricity

  • Beneficial changes in heart rate
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Dial down negative thinking, stress, anxiety and ADD
  • Increases physical and mental energy
  • Increases oxygen levels in the body
  • Improves brain and nervous system (helps them regrow)
  • Reduces depression…Helps you feel good
  • Strengthens immune system/body environment
  • Helps heal all disease (Cancer, Auto-Immune Disease)
  • Regrows and Recharges every cell in your body
  • Thins your blood, making it less viscous-(less strokes and heart attacks)
  • Turns your body electricity from a frog (-22 ions) into a Salamander (-50 ions) So you can actually REGROW your body!

Raw Fat Recipes to Increase Body Electricity

(Each recipe provides two generous adult servings)

Remember that each cell of your body requires a 4 to 1 ratio of raw fat to properly build a healthy functioning cell that can conduct and store electricity. The 4 parts are the short and medium fatty acids that create the walls and the 1 part is the long chain fatty acids that create your window and doors.

Also remember that all the fats must be raw because a cooked fat is literally one carbon away from being plastic and plastic cannot conduct electricity!

Strawberry Breakfast Shake

(Focuses on building your body’s cell walls (Number 4 of the 4 to 1 oils)

This shake can be used anytime. It even can be like an ice-cream!

In blender (I use a strong blender like Blend Teck) put:

¾ C soaked almonds

1 T. chia seeds

Add water to the nuts/seeds to just above 1 C. line

Then add and blend till smooth:

1 ½  T. of organic coconut oil (adjust to taste if necessary)

2000 mg vit. C.

2 level scoops of KAL Stevia

10 shakes of Redmond’s Real Salt (sea salt)

1 large hand full of fresh organic spinach

1 ½ C. of frozen organic Strawberries

Blend well and enjoy!

Notes: Fresh high quality veggies and fruits are best but sometimes difficult to find throughout the year so I keep frozen fruit on hand.

You can also use a variety of other fruits like blueberry, berry mix, pineapple, mango, banana, peach… However, Strawberry and Blueberry have  a lower glycemic index (less sugar impact on the body) and is better for your body. (Don’t use cherries…they taste pretty yucky in this shake!)

Soaking Nuts and seeds

I use a glass jar and fill it ¾ of the way full of nuts or seeds. I then fill the jar with alkaline water and let it sit over night. I pour off the water into a plant and keep the nuts or seeds refrigerated till I have used all of them. Then I repeat the process.

Soaked nuts and seeds are easier to blend, more nutritious and more easily digested.

Evening Body Soothing Pudding

(Builds your body’s doors and windows (Number 1 of the 4 to 1 oils)

This pudding can be used anytime but I prefer it in the evening before bed to help assist with better quality sleep.

In Blender:

(I use a strong blender like Blend Teck) put:

1/3 C. Barlean’s Flax Oil

2/3 C. fat free cottage cheese

mix with spoon and let sit 5 to 8 minutes.

Then blend well until very smooth and buttery looking.

Then Add:

½ C. of soaked whole raw almonds (optional)

½ of a frozen banana cut up into pieces.

1 C. frozen blueberries

10 shakes of Redmond’s Real Sal

2 level scoops of KAL Stevia

Add a little water to assist blending if necessary or if using frozen fruit.

Blend well until smooth and enjoy!

You can also use other fruit like strawberry and pineapple…you can even leave out the nuts and fruit and experiment with just the Flax and cottage cheese. They are the core reason you are eating this pudding. The rest is just a more palatable way to consume it.

However, to keep it simple and consistent, I prefer the strawberry shake in the morning and blueberry banana pudding in the evening.

Blend well until smooth and enjoy!

Caution! If you are allergic to nuts or other ingredients create adjustments that will be in your body’s best interests!

In each of these recipes I am providing the names of some of the ingredients that I prefer to use. If you know of something that is superior to them, please contact me and share that information with me.

Examples of Physicians That Provide Support For Raising Your Electrical Energies:

The following are a couple of the doctors that assisted me in raising my electrical currents. There are many more.  Dr. Johanna Budwig’s research is what helped me. I did not meet with her personally.

Dr. Jerry Tennant (972-580-1156, Texas) This unassuming genius trained me in the Body Electric information and the importance of the use of raw fats in the body. He created the Tennant Biomodulator, a device that can measure the body’s electricity.

Dr Michael Margolis, (Mesa, AZ) “My Dentist” 480-833-2232, addresses dental concerns discussed previously (Cavitations in jaw, root canals, metals in mouth).

Dr. Johanna Budwig (Germany) is the scientist that discovered, in 1951, how to change flax’s molecular structure, for better assimilation in the body, by combining it with Cottage Cheese.

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Well, That’s Your Wrap-up!

It was my pleasure to be able to share this valuable information with you. Do contact or call me if you have any questions or would like more of my encouragement and support.

Once again, Enjoy!

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P.S. A HUGE Thank You! Goes out to Michelle Miron from Blog Talk Radio, “Love Your Life With Michelle” for the quality time she shared with me on her radio program.

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