Four Letter Words #$&%!

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You’ve heard these four letter words before. Even fine, upstanding humble people use them…including your tea-toting auntie or Sabbath day preacher.

These expressions don’t usually bring out the best feelings in you. If you are not experiencing upbeat feelings, you usually will not be creating the world you desire.

In fact, when you think, speak, listen to, and then feel how these words resonate inside your body, you unwittingly push yourself away from your Power and ability to create. You stop creating your passions and dreams.

What four-letter words do you use in your life?

Ooops! Whoa there…just a minute…I’m not referring to those words!  I’m talking about words like want and need.

Did You Know That…

  • When you want something you inhibit your power to create?
  • If you need something you very likely will never receive it?
  • Just saying these two four-letter words can drain your energy?
  • Simply looking at and listening to them can negatively affect your body chemistry?

OK, Here’s the Good News!

When You “Awaken” And Actively Use Uplifting Words In Your Daily Life… 

  • The world will begin to open up to you and make sense…you got the memo!
  • You will be able to command and form your desires more consistency.
  • Your body chemistry will literally change to a more healing mode.
  • Your awareness, health and energy will markedly improve.
  • Your “Ah Ha” moments will increase.
  • People will enjoy being with you.

In fact, your feelings of love and acceptance of yourself and all others will increase And their feelings of love and acceptance for you will also grow.

Want and Need

Today you will learn more about the powerful yet paralyzing words “want” and “need” along with other distracting and sabotaging four letter words. You will also learn more about the importance of releasing them from your life.

You will also learn the other powerful words that can assist you in raising your awareness, energy and ability to rapidly create.  You will discover how you can quickly form, with detail, your personal dreams and desires in your daily life.

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If you find this information valuable and uplifting take action; share it with others. You may be only one person, but you have the ability to spread this positive, encouraging good news throughout the world by simply sharing it with one or two people. It may be exactly what they have been asking for!

The following list is just a small portion of the topics I teach. Feel free to scan through it to get some ideas of what you would like to learn! You can even jot down some of the ones that stand out to you. Then I’ll teach you how to apply them in your daily life.

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