EMPowerPlus Q96

EMPowerPlus Q96 Capsules Q science is the science of happiness. Provides Maximum Mood Support. Optimizes Mental Clarity. Promotes Total Mental Wellness. Safe and Effective For All Ages. Click Here.

Important Note: If you have the genetic mutation, MTHFR, consider taking Q96M.

Don’t know about MTHFR? Learn about the many symptoms and illnesses that can be created by this mutation. If you and some of your family members have been ill most of your lives, take a simple blood test to see if MTHFR is the root of those concerns. Or go to 23andme.com and get their saliva test. Then take the test and send it back. When you get your results plug them into the LiveWello.com site to have your raw data deciphered. This information can provide you with the results of your test for MTHFR as well as a host of other mutations. If you would like further help and direction, contact me.

Let go of fear. Remember, Knowledge is POWERFUL!

Learn what you are dealing with so you can create a plan to release the ill effects and more easily create your magnificent life.


A Team Of Experts

AnthonyStephanPic-1 Kimberley-2 Moshofsky-2
Anthony Stephen
When Truehope co-founder Anthony Stephan ponders the future, he sees a world in which everyone who suffers from a mood disorder has open and affordable access to a cure.
Stephen Kimberley, M.D.
Chief Science Officer

William Moshofsky, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Moshofsky has 30 years of medical experience as a family practice physician. He is the former Chief of Staff of PeaceHealth’s RiverBend and University District hospitals in Oregon.

EMPowerPlus Q96 Studies

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Kathy M.

“It saved my life.” Despite her great husband, job, house, and daughters, she battled depression every day. Meds didn’t help. EMPowerPlus Q96 allowed her to be pregnant and have her third baby free of any postpartum depression, and to breastfeed without any drugs getting to her baby’s developing brain. She got her ability to enjoy motherhood , and life, back.

Natalie S.

Natalie’s daughter was raging, and hardly eating or sleeping. On EMPower Plus/Q96 she saw “the true child emerge”. She got her daughter back..

Laurie P.

Medication made her feel numb, like she couldn’t breathe. She switched to EMPowerPlus Q96and says: My health returned. It got me to stability, got me to recovery, I started to get my personality back. She got “ME” back

Janine B.

Janine B. Even meds didn’t control her depression and hyper times. On EMP+ for at least 11 years, she’s never to go back to a psychiatrist or doctor about her depression and manic episodes. She got her life back; as well as control of her own health care back.

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