Day 5

Mindset Of Miracles

~ Millions of Dollars ~

I am profoundly blest with many great and true friends. These are dear relationships that have grown firm roots through the happiest and most challenging of times and life situations. One of those endearing friends is Sue. We have been friends for well over thirty years and are now more like sisters.

I appreciate her out-of-the-box way of seeing this world and her passionate love for her family. I admire her curiosity, courage and zest for life. When deemed necessary, she also has an ability to tell it like it is to your face-always an important trait to have in a true friend.

Our conversations are usually centered on our families’ activities, projects we are currently creating and future goals we are forming. Those exchanges are also liberally sprinkled with good-natured humor, lots of lighthearted laughter and a bit of playful teasing.

One day in mid-February, I was walking along the beach with Sue. As we walked together in the late afternoon our thoughts drifted over to the topic of the troubled economy and some of the concerns that were associated with it.

I clearly understood if we continued this conversation we would create more of those problems. Because I hold both of us in such high regard, I suggested we focus our attentions on a different subject if that would be all right with her. She agreed and we began exploring another topic.

I shared with Sue that I was experimenting with something very important to me. I had deliberately chosen to learn and master drawing to me only harmonious relationships in everything that touched my life. That desire also included creating what I would like to experience in my financial world. And, I was taking bold steps to form exactly what I desired in that arena.

In fact, I was actively releasing any financial discord in my life so I could purposefully experience something better. I also clearly understood that speaking about and listening to economic woes would only bring financial problems to me and anyone else that was participating in that conversation.

Since both Sue and I were such rapid creators I understood we could immediately draw to us more of what we were discussing that day.

With that clear eternal law in the forefront of my mind, I excitedly told her about something I had recently been reminded of that could rapidly draw to any of us what we preferred when it came to financial well-being.

Releasing Distractions

The following are some of the key points we discussed that day:

The first steps to begin drawing financial harmony into our lives is to immediately turn off the news or radio and let go of reading the newspaper whenever we realize they are promoting negative, discouraging, inflammatory or contentious dialogues.

Why is it important we take such deliberate actions?

Because these sources of entertainment or information are often just distractions from the goals we would like to reach. In fact, they are a waste of our precious time and valuable energy.

It is also very important that we release any inclination to listen to or participate in conversations that are negative, gossip-ridden or judgmental. Those conversations have the ability to indoctrinate us again and again with negativity that create even more of what we prefer to eliminate from our world.

Note: How do you feel during and after a negative conversation? Do you feel drained and more discouraged than you did before you began your visit? Those experiences have less than zero benefit for you and the people you are interacting with. The words you and they are speaking are not worthy of anyone’s time or energy. They throw you out of the center of your peaceful, calm hurricane. Commit today to only participate in uplifting, encouraging, brainstorming-for-wonderful-possibilities type of conversations.

Creating Our Preferences

I then went on to share what I had been teaching some of my clients. It was more information about eternal laws and the Teams we each have.

Simply put I said, “It is as easy for Them to create a button for us as it is for Them to create $100,000. It takes the same time and eternal laws as well as the same energy and Power.”

Sue began to laugh and jokingly said, “OK then, how about this? How about you and I both create $100,000 and we will split it!”

Then I boldly bantered back to her playful suggestion, “Screw splitting the $100,000! How about you create $100,000 and I create $100,000 and we’ll each take it home?”

We both laughed at what initially appeared as a pie-in-the-sky plan.

Now anyone that truly knows my friend knows that she is not one to put on airs. Nor is she one to be driven in the pursuit of great financial wealth. Yet, she is always blessed to see whatever she gives her attention to come into her life.

Actually, we could have united with one another and commanded that goal to form, but I knew Sue was already a powerful creator. She needed no assistance from me. This fact was obvious because of the constant happiness and abundance that surrounded her.

I was certain that she was already very connected to her team and was not in need of or desiring $100,000 in the first place. After all, it was just a whimsical little conversation at the end of a long day.

However, during our conversation something shifted inside of me. I acknowledged to Sue that initially this conversation seemed only entertaining-but I literally believed and more importantly felt the reality of those statements. In fact I was so certain of their powerful truth that I was going to go home and create that $100,000!

We soon finished our visit as we continued to enjoy the stroll in the sand while the sun set during the early balmy evening. Overall, the weekend was relaxing, enlightening and much appreciated. Sue and I, along with our husbands, enjoyed every moment of it. Shortly thereafter, we all returned to our separate homes in Tucson.

“Send Millions Easily and Quickly Now!”

When I got home, I went to my Team and requested a meeting. I asked them to forget about the $100,000. “Send millions!” I requested. “Send millions easily and quickly now, please!”

I clearly could envision a particular financial situation I had deliberately chosen to change being strengthened by those funds cascading into the bank as my chest swelled with a familiar warm, expanding feeling of Enthusiasm. That feeling indicated to me that my request had been heard and was now being organized and granted.

I was also exceedingly excited because I understood that this shift in financial abundance would positively affect hundreds of people and their families.

Six weeks later on the last day in March, the first million arrived. At the end of April, the second million arrived!

I’m sharing these facts with you not to brag but to give an actual example of what is available to each one of us. These eternal laws are real. They actually work and those who created this world are willing to provide these same blessings to you!

When I was requesting this change in this financial situation I sent out my appeal and let go of how it was to be accomplished. I completely trusted that all concerned would be cared for.

I held on to those feelings of confidence and excitement about the situation being created. I also knew the evidence of this transformation was now being organized for us and was swiftly coming into our lives. Each time this subject came to my mind, my whole body would resound with that reaffirming amazing feeling.

Notice that this meeting with my Team was held only one time regarding this subject and my requests about my preferences concerning the changes to this financial shift were also asked only once during those conversations.

I did not beg, plead, yearn, remind, force, obsess, calculate, worry or fear while I created this request. Those actions would have moved me into a place of darkness, confusion and lack plus disbelief that the answer to my request was even possible.

Instead, I felt a certain active faith and belief, a kind of assured knowing, free of any wavering that the desire of my heart was heard and was rapidly being formed.

Our supportive creative Partners that assist us, as we collectively form our worlds, have perfect hearing and memory. In fact, they already know our desires before we ever utter a word to them.

Whenever you are creating your world, remember these Beings exist in sheer abundance! If you momentarily lose your verve and confidence in your ability to use your birthright to command your world, stop and regroup. Step quickly back into the light and build upon those wonderful assuring thoughts, visualizations, words and feelings that continue to more perfectly connect you to your Divine Source. That reconnection will empower you and move forward the desires of your soul.


If you are experiencing money woes, notice what you are thinking, feeling, envisioning, talking about and listening to that has to do with the subject of money. What are you posting and reading about on internet sites? Whatever you give your attention to WILL multiply. If you continually feel you have a lack of money and financial resources, you will continue to experience that lack.

Begin NOW to notice how profoundly rich you truly are and express sincere appreciation for all your blessings. TURN OFF negative news, radio, TV and the internet as soon as it begins to slide into discouraging topics in ANY of their forms. Focus on what you would LOVE to create in your life. Keep money in the same perspective as everything else you would enjoy receiving in your life. It will naturally flow in just like everything else you purposefully create!