Day 3

Mindset Of Miracles

~ Releasing Negative Feelings ~

One summer weekend, I discovered my grandsons were interested in learning how to release the negative feelings in their memories and bodies. I told them that their Team had the ability to instantly remove those negative sensations, sorrows or pains.

I also shared that they can individually release situations and related sensations by using a method called Tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by literally tapping over specific areas of their bodies where their energy points or meridians are located, which releases old information that is held in their body. Afterwards, they can immediately draw into the newly created void what they would prefer instead.

Tapping can release Post Traumatic Stress problems. Let’s face it: we sometimes feel like the walking wounded because of the life injuries we feel we have sustained. Tapping can release these triggers and also free us from the grip of addictions. Any suffering or lack we perceive, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, can be addressed and removed through Tapping.

I taught the boys how to use the long version of this method of release and also a shorter version that is so discreet others around them would not even notice when they were using it.

They had already learned that the water in the cells of their bodies held vast amounts of information. Some of that information was important for the forward motion in their lives and some was no longer necessary for their progress. I knew that Tapping would assist them in this helpful exchange of information. They quickly learned how to apply what I shared with them.

Be Aware, Be Purpose-Filled, Be Genuine

I told the boys it was really important that they combine genuine feelings about what they preferred to have happen with a personal desire for change. Otherwise, Tapping would just become a rote activity and they would not receive the outcome they sought. I reminded them that mindless tapping and words that sounded like blab, blab, blab would never effectively relieve a negative situation.

However, being connected to the Divine by actively creating aware thoughts, focused vision, purpose-filled words and genuine feelings would truly assist them in receiving what they were asking for.

Taking It Like a Man?!

About a month after my grandsons had gone back home, I had the opportunity to go and see them again during an evening baseball game. The bright floodlights were already on and the night took on a special big-league feeling as the youthful players ran out to the freshly mowed green field.

Our seven-year-old grandson who played that evening was a small fellow with lots of fire in his belly. In the past, he could become easily crestfallen and discouraged when things didn’t go as he had expected, and tears of frustration often accompanied those moments.

His eleven-year-old brother was all dressed up in an umpire uniform and called the game from behind home plate. I sat in the stands with their nine-year-old brother and some of the children’s friends and parents.

The time had come for the youngest brother to take his turn at bat. He came jauntily walking up to the batter’s area and took a couple of swings to loosen up his arms and shoulders before he stepped into the box. He dug his feet into the dirt and readied his stance as he firmly grasped the bat. He looked a little like a bobble-head toy with his slight frame and his head encased in a huge helmet.

Despite his awkward appearance, however, once he hit the ball he could run like the wind.

The pitcher from the other team wound up and let the ball fly. Wham! The crowd gasped as the hard baseball struck the little guy! “Batter, take your base!” his older brother (and umpire) announced. The diminutive fellow bravely made it to first base without uttering a word.

The oldest brother looked up into the stands and spotted his other sibling with their friends.

“Did you see that?” he called up to them.

“See what?” responded the middle brother.

“Did you see him take that hit like a man?!”

He was right. Something was different about the first grader standing on first base. I wondered how he was doing considering he had just sustained a pretty painful blow. He seemed to be absolutely fine. This was definitely not his typical response.

The little guy made his way around the bases, scored and eventually headed back into the dugout.

I walked over to the bench soon after he had sat down. I asked him how he was doing and how he had managed to handle the hit he took with such a positive, upbeat demeanor. He turned to me and in doing so revealed a huge grin. Then he matter-of-factly replied, “Nana, I just did this!”

He held out his hand and showed me that he used one of the short versions of Tapping to relieve his discomfort so he could get his attentions back into the game and enjoy himself!

Creating the World He Preferred

I couldn’t help but chuckle with happiness for this cute little fellow. He had purposefully created the world he preferred instead of allowing a bad pitch to rain on his parade and spoil his evening. Pretty awesome!

Just to clarify, this young boy most certainly did not take it like a man in the sense most people would mean it. That response usually requires sucking it up, or grinning and bearing it while shoving down feelings and putting on a brave, false front. All of those are unhealthy ways of responding to life’s situations. Actions like those deny how a person really feels and represses emotions while discounting genuine concerns that deserve to be individually addressed.

So often those responses just build up unresolved baggage that many of us drag around in our day-to-day lives.

Because this grandson used Tapping, he fully released from his body the discomfort he was feeling and drew to him what he desired instead so he could genuinely enjoy his evening.

That response is very different from taking it like a man.

As a result of that complete release, he was able to continue focusing on developing his skills and hitting abilities instead of being frightened, paralyzed or bailing out of the box when the ball was next pitched at him.

Today, that little nine-year-old has such a great stick that league scouts in Phoenix call one another to give updates on where his games are being played so they can come out and watch his progress!

It is vitally important that we release what no longer serves us. Why? Because those thoughts and feelings distract and sabotage us from being able to fully use our energies and Powers.

This ability to readily release from our soul what we no longer desire and draw into our being what we prefer is a powerful life-skill that is worth mastering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The technique for Tapping is not covered in this book. It will be taught in the upcoming book, Preparing the Vessel. However, you can easily look up examples of tapping videos on my website, Look under the Preparing the Vessel Section for specific, powerful support, to see the locations of where you tap and to learn how to tap like a gorilla (alternate your Tapping by using two hands); it is so much more effective when you include this added information in your tapping experience!

Remember that your Tapping success is increased when you combine it with your sincere feelings as you do your series of Tapping movements. Be engaged and feel the words you are speaking! That fact is sometimes not included in the instructions you find on the internet or in other videos but it is a vital point. When you add your feelings, you are better connected to your Team and personal Power to create!

Also, include in your Tapping session a round or two where you draw to you what you would love to create to take the place of what you have removed. This is also a powerful activity to include in your experience! Lastly add your feelings of thanksgiving and appreciation to those who created you so you can stay more fully connected to the Divine.


Identify any nagging situation that has become a distraction to you. These joy-reducing circumstances lessen your ability to feel your full connection to your Team. Allow yourself to use Tapping to reduce and/or remove your discomfort or unhappiness. Often, this is the avenue to take to get the ball rolling so you can reconnect to your Team and start floating down stream again or regain the peaceful center of your hurricane.