Day 2

Mindset Of Miracles

~ It’s Only Slightly Breezy Now ~

The first evening I met Chef Mickey, I thought he was a strikingly handsome man in his white uniform jacket. He was well over six feet tall and extremely fit from working in the kitchen. He had beautiful bronze skin and his long, shiny, black curly hair was slicked back into a ponytail. He had high, chiseled cheek bones, flaring nostrils and beautiful full lips, together with gentle ebony eyes and dark lashes-the perfect combination to send many girls’ hearts aflutter. To top it all off, he was a man of great passion who loved to cook. His creations were both magnificent to the eye and delicious to the pallet.

Earlier that day, I had become the President of the Homeowner’s Association at a resort in Mexico, so some of the owners took me out to celebrate at a fine Mexican restaurant. While there, the chef came out and introduced himself to us.

I found him to be soft-spoken and not boastful, yet he had a powerful commanding charismatic presence as he briefly visited with the other people at our table. Although we never exchanged a word, he definitely left a lasting impression. I felt it was important for me to take note and remember this man because I clearly knew from the feeling I received that this chef was part of an amazing plan and experience that was being formed.

Only Win-Win Situations

Meanwhile, we were having some problems with our restaurant at the resort; business was not flourishing. As a result, I began to think about what options would be available for us if it shut down.

About four months after meeting Chef Mickey, an owner from the resort approached me and gave me Chef Mickey’s business card. I had been so busy with other matters; I hadn’t given him much thought. By late spring, the original proprietor of the resort restaurant had sold out to another individual and they were trying to make a go of the business.

In August, while having a business lunch at a café, I once again crossed paths with Chef Mickey. I reminded him of our brief encounter earlier in the year, and informed him that I worked at the resort.

With surprising candor, he immediately responded by telling me he felt he was supposed to cook for us at the resort. I quickly replied that I also knew this was so. I disclosed to him that I already had his card and would be getting in touch with him in the near future.

Now, I believe in mutually beneficial situations. Early on, I had already decided I would never take this chef away from another restaurant so he could work for us. Nor would I ever deliberately undermine the success of our resort restaurant.

With that in mind, I thought when the time came for this chef to team with us, his commitment to the restaurant he worked for would have already come to a close. Moreover, his involvement at the resort would be free of any interference with the well-being of our existing restaurant. I felt an assured calm feeling with that thought and moved on with my day.

Promises to Keep and Mouths to Feed

Six months flew by from the last HOA meeting and I found myself preparing for the next one in September. I told the homeowners, in their newsletter, we would provide them with a full breakfast buffet. I was also working and negotiating with our rental company about some real estate classes that were being planned at the resort (which would also require catering).

On Tuesday, before our Saturday meeting, I visited with the woman coordinating the real estate classes. I had to admit that my attentions were somewhat distracted during that meeting because just prior to it I was informed that the resort’s restaurant had closed down. We had no one to cook our owners’ breakfast! And we had no one to cater all the food for the classes scheduled for the following week!

At this point, I knew it was too late to notify the owners of this change so they could bring down their own provisions. I also calculated the attendees would not have sufficient time to go out for breakfast prior to the morning meeting.

Somehow, I felt a certain assurance that a way would be provided for us to have the owners’ buffet we had promised. A little thrill ran through my body when that thought entered my mind. I refocused my attentions to what I’d like to see happen on that Saturday morning and gave no energy to the details of how this breakfast would be created. I just kept that assured feeling whenever I thought about the buffet and then moved on to my other responsibilities.

During my meeting with the event coordinator, the woman suddenly blurted out that a certain café had just closed. Lo and behold, it was the same restaurant in which Chef Mickey worked!

An excited feeling rushed into my body. Here was the exact solution I had asked for. I stopped the meeting for a moment, excused myself and walked immediately over to my desk to retrieve the chef’s business card. Then I picked up the phone and started dialing.

Within a moment, Chef Mickey was at the other end of the line, telling me he was available to work for us. We set up an appointment for the following day to begin the planning process.

The Reawakening

The next day, I excitedly welcomed the chef to our appointment and felt an absolute assurance all was well. We quickly exchanged greetings and spent a little time telling one another about our individual backgrounds.

During this time, he shared with me information about a deep, personal loss. He felt great sorrow and didn’t know how to overcome his difficulties. I saw how strongly those experiences had affected his Powers and ability to rapidly create what he would prefer to have happen in his life.

I immediately began training him about connecting to his source of creative Power as well as to his Team so he could start receiving what he purposefully would love to experience in his life now. I taught him how to reawaken himself to his ability to turn toward a better feeling place. I prompted him to let his heart swell with feelings of joy and gratitude. I encouraged him to remember when he felt feelings of Enthusiasm.

I suggested that he now allow those feelings to well up inside of him.

I pointed out that when he let himself feel those feelings he was more perfectly connected to the Divine and his ability to create.

I could see his countenance change and a light start coming out of him. I asked how he felt in the center of his chest. He told me he felt good. Within moments, his discouragement had been replaced with feelings of well-being and hope.

After this experience, we eagerly moved on to plan the owners’ buffet. With the chef’s suggestions, I wrote down the menu and made a grocery list. Then we brainstormed about what we would require to complete the event and I jotted down all the details. The chef also suggested that he create some appetizers for the Monitoring Committee’s Friday evening meeting. I thought that would be a great idea too, so we included it in the plans we were forming.

I made a couple of calls to my husband and family to relate to them what we would like them to bring from the list. They, along with some of our employees in our business in the States, started pulling together the items so my husband Ron could drive everything down to Mexico early Friday morning.

When Friday evening came, Chef Mickey, along with his two assistants, were fired up and ready to present the succulent dishes.

Keep That Good Feeling

While we all enjoyed the savory morsels, Chef Mickey took me aside and told me he didn’t have a place to cook the owners’ breakfast. He had contacted other restaurants he previously worked for and they all refused to let him use their kitchens. I asked, “Chef Mickey, you lost your good feeling, didn’t you?” He admitted that he had. I urged him to try and get it back again.

Then I asked him where he would like to cook the breakfast. He responded that he would like to cook it at a specific grill near our resort. He mentioned the husband of the couple that owned the restaurant was out of town and he didn’t think the wife would give permission to use their kitchen. I swiftly curbed that conversation and requested he quickly allow himself to release those thoughts.

Then I told Chef Mickey I had a great feeling and my feeling was that he would be able to work in the kitchen of his choice. In fact, the owner of the grill would be happy to allow this to happen. I asked the chef if he also had a good feeling and he said, “Yes!”

I turned to the committee and asked if they could assist us. I explained what the chef was experiencing and I requested they take a moment to picture the chef and his assistants eagerly working in the kitchen at the grill. Then I invited them to envision seeing, smelling and tasting the food as they prepared it for us. Next, I asked them to visualize the owners’ buffet tomorrow morning with everyone enjoying their breakfast. Finally, I asked each person to allow in a feeling of excitement about what was being prepared for us tomorrow. I waited for a short moment and thanked the committee.

Then, I turned to the chef and said, “Now keep that good feeling inside of you and go ask the owner if you can use her kitchen. She will say, ‘Yes’ to your request.”

Off he went into the night.

“Go Help Chef Mickey Set Up!”

By the time the committee members left my home and I had cleaned up the dishes and put everything back in order, it was midnight. It felt wonderful to lay my head on my comfortable pillow and pull up the warm covers over my body. I couldn’t help but feel giddy with anticipation to see what would unfold for all of us the next morning. I kept picturing the chef and his helpers busily cooking away in the kitchen at the grill. As a smile came to my lips, I drifted off to sleep.

Later, I awoke with a thought in my mind, “Go help Chef Mickey set up the breakfast!” It was still dark outside. I glanced at my watch and pushed the button that lit up its face. It had been broken a few days earlier and now was working perfectly (how the watch was quickly repaired will be discussed in the next chapter). I was thankful I could check the time without having to crawl out from the comfort of my bed.

The hands of the watch indicated it was only 5:00 AM. I groaned and nestled more deeply into my covers. I felt like I had just gone to bed and I desired to sleep longer so I could be better rested to conduct the owners’ meeting.

Again, the words came to my mind, “Go help Chef Mickey set up the breakfast!” I bolted right out of bed and quickly changed my entire attitude and feelings. Of course I would help him! I felt delighted to have the opportunity. I quickly slipped on some clothes and headed toward the door.

As I stepped outside, I immediately noticed the strong wind that had formed while I was sleeping. The wind blew so hard it briskly pushed me down the open corridor toward the elevators. I entered one of them and rode down to the ground floor and hurried to the main plaza where the breakfast buffet was being set up. I turned the corner to the plaza and saw tablecloths blowing around, sterno fuel flaming out and a forlorn chef along with his crew wrestling with the unruly situation.

At first, I tried to help by suggesting we move the tables in between pillars to try and protect them from the blustery wind. A funny picture then entered my thoughts. I envisioned us as a few ants desperately moving a leaf around to protect it from the blasts of a jet engine. I started to laugh.

We were trying to do it alone without being fully connected to our Team!

Chef Mickey came to me and said, “Miss Pamela, we have to have the breakfast inside the restaurant.”

I glanced inside the restaurant and saw all the chairs carefully lined up and organized for the meeting. I instantly saw in my mind’s eye the owners trying to balance their plates and utensils on their laps as they ate their breakfast while straining to listen to the information being presented to them. I realized it would be very awkward for them and the noise created would be such a distraction that the meeting would not be productive.

I Have a Wonderful Feeling

Then, that sweet familiar feeling of calm and perfect assurance came over me. I confidently told the chef the meeting would be inside the restaurant and breakfast would be on the patio, as we had planned. I went on to ask the chef where he cooked breakfast that morning. He smiled and said he cooked it at the nearby grill.

“So you kept your good feeling?” I asked, and he told me he had.

Next, I told him I had a wonderful feeling inside of me: we had the ability to command the elements to change, if that was our desire. I told Chef Mickey I felt it was only slightly breezy now. “But how do you feel?” I asked the Chef. He said he had a wonderful feeling, as well. I asked him if he would be willing to join me and say out loud, “It’s only slightly breezy now!” He responded, “Yes!”

Together, with grins of delight and feelings of excited anticipation, nothing wavering, we said in unison, “It’s only slightly breezy now!”

We waited for a moment. Afterwards, I asked Chef Mickey, “Now tell me, how is it?”

His eyes got big, his smile enlarged and he exclaimed, “Why Miss Pamela, it’s only slightly breezy now!”

I then told him he could set up the tables anyway he liked. It was only slightly breezy for the rest of the day, which was perfect for the warm late September weekend.

The owners enjoyed the meal, completely unaware of the events that transpired. I was so thankful that I awoke and chose to respond to that prompting. Together, Chef Mickey and I were able to share in the miracle of commanding the elements to be calmed, and we instantly witnessed the joining of our desires with the Divine to create our world…our miracle.

Creating the Same World Over and Over

In October, not long after the breakfast, Chef Mickey was hired to provide the meals for the real estate classes. While Chef Mickey visited with me about what he could provide for our resort, he also took the time to share with me a personal dream he had. His real heart’s desire was to own his own restaurant.

He’d worked in Vegas for twenty-five years. Then, for many years after, he worked for top successful restaurants in this Mexican resort town. He set up their menus and created their favorite dishes in hopes of one day being able to have some ownership. He went from restaurant to restaurant. To his dismay, ownership had not materialized. Each restaurant proprietor told him, “No.”

He was creating his same world over and over again!

I listened to him speak of other personal losses and I could see and feel his despair. I stopped his conversation not long after he began his woeful tale and told him he had the Power to change his world now.

I didn’t stop his story because I didn’t have the time or because I was not interested. Rather, I stopped him because of how much I cared about this man and his personal happiness-and mine, as well. I knew whatever we focused our attention on was exactly what we would create.

Once more, if we added our negative, passionate feelings to what he had experienced, only more negative outcomes would come rushing into his life as well as mine. So, of course I was not willing to listen to all the details of his lack and loss! I did not desire to create more lack and loss for either one of us.

Once again, I trained him in how he could unleash his Powers to create what he preferred instead. I shared some examples of how I had been able to use this Power in my life by being connected to the Divine. As I spoke words of encouragement and truth, I could feel the connection to my Team increase within me. It felt wonderful. I could see that Chef Mickey also started to feel uplifted and connected, as well.

He had been saying that someday he would have his own restaurant. Well, he had been receiving exactly what he asked for. He asked for a restaurant someday and that is where it would always remain…in his future, not in his present.

I instructed the chef that it was important for him to set aside all frustration, disappointment and sadness. Then, I suggested he clearly focus and envision what he desired to have happen in his life. It was important that he saw his dreams in detail and that he asked for those details to start forming now.

“What do you really desire to experience in your life?” I asked him. Without any hesitation he replied that he would love to have a restaurant of his own and name the restaurant “Chef Mickey’s Place!”

Activating the Plan to Shift Someday into Now!

I suggested he imagine where the restaurant would be along with any other important details.

“First,” I said, “picture the location of where you would like your restaurant. See the details as it is being formed. Visualize the color of the walls as they are being painted and the art you are hanging on them. Observe how the kitchen looks while it is being constructed and organized, along with the bar and seating areas. Notice the furniture you are purchasing and moving into its place as well as the linens, dishes and utensils. Now, see yourself hiring people who love the restaurant business and enjoy working with you in a harmonious way.

“Next,” I said, “view yourself going out and purchasing fresh, high-quality food. Then, see, smell and taste your amazing dishes as you prepare them. Picture yourself in every aspect of his creation and see it happening now! ”

I also told Chef Mickey that he was not to be concerned about how this would all happen. He was to believe it was absolutely possible and to trust that this was his truth. Somehow it would materialize when he was ready to receive it into his life.

I explained to him that everything is first created in a spiritual dimension and then it comes into our physical presence. As soon as we make our requests, by speaking or thinking about them, they start to be organized and are created in that realm, like drawing the blueprints for a home. I went on to share that any form of wavering or vacillating slows, paralyzes or pushes away that forming process.

When we let go of any distractions, fear or doubt and start feeling excited and passionate about our desires, they begin to come into our physical world. We have the ability to purposefully decide when we would like to receive our requests and even put a date and time on those desires… a few years, a month, later this week, now.

The final key component to our realizing our wishes is when we open up, believe and trust, with every cell in our being, that this goal is possible through our connection with the Divine. When we are connected to the Divine those requests can rapidly flow into our lives.

I then told him to let an excited feeling well up inside of him because those dreams were now being created. Those feelings literally validated his connection and were driving his desire forward into his reality.

I visited with the chef a handful of times that autumn and then focused my attention on completing my responsibilities at the resort.

Chef Mickey kept his good feelings. A little more than six months after the owners’ breakfast and the initial beginning of his training, he called me to invite me to the opening of his new restaurant. He named it “Chef Mickey’s Place.”

He didn’t even have to save up the money. An acquaintance provided all of the funding!

Chef Mickey turned out to be a powerful and rapid creator who accomplished his goal in a short amount of time. But, he shared with me a very important fact about his ability to finally create what he preferred. Somehow, at first, he didn’t fully comprehend that when he was utilizing his Power to create he was literally connecting to a creative source that was greater and more powerful than himself. He had united and become one with deity and the restorative Power of the Living Atonement…an At-One-Ment with God and the rest of his Team.

It wasn’t until a friendly priest reminded him of this pivotal fact that the chef was finally able to allow himself to fully internalize what I had taught him about the Divine.

He then applied the simple steps from his training and unleashed the ability to fully create. After struggling for years while seeking ownership of his own restaurant with zero positive results, he was able to quickly experience the joy of his dreams within a few months!

This is precisely why I share the details of how you, too, can rapidly create whatever your heart desires. And this is why I boldly speak of the Divine and the miracles they would love to create with you.

Your Treasure Trove of Truth

You will also easily and quickly draw to you experiences like this one. Take some consistent quality time and apply this knowledge. Sharpen your awareness of what you are thinking and feeling. Let that Team become one with you. With that awareness and connection, the words you are reading will evolve into something more valuable than a bunch of entertaining stories. They will become a treasure trove of information for you to learn how to connect with the Divine and play with them each day of your life. Permit these truths to deeply resonate within you.


Get a piece of paper now and identify a situation or goal you would love to see come easily and quickly to you NOW. Write it down. Add the details as you picture it forming clearly in your mind. Put a date on it. Allow yourself to feel eager anticipation and genuine excitement concerning this goal.

Boldly tell others, free of any wavering, about what you desire to create while HOLDING ONTO THOSE GREAT FEELINGS (remember the board meeting).

Take no concern if sometimes people respond to what you tell them with puzzled expressions or less than supportive feedback. Just rev up those feelings every time you happen to think about your plan. Refer to that paper as often as you would like to keep that vision fresh and clearly defined in your soul. FEEL and observe the shift in your body and world as your goal begins to form and come to you!