Day 1

Mindset Of Miracles

~ The Team, The Power and The Divine ~

As I explained earlier in this book, I present my experiences in terms that personally resonate with me. If the terms I use cause you to close down because they are foreign or unfamiliar, or if you feel disharmony because they are different from your personal expression, feel free to insert whatever words will positively support you and your core beliefs.

Remember: I’m simply laying out the details of what I have learned and lived in hopes that you may also understand how to more fully connect to your own creative powers.

Also, remember that this book is written to provide uplift and insight to people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. Some of them believe in one God. Others believe in multiple Gods. Moreover, lots of people have feelings of fear, anger or unworthiness associated with that topic. (If you activate the teachings in this book you can rapidly receive insight to dispel those discouraging feelings.)

There are those who have no concept of a pre-life or an after-life. Nor do they have any base of background knowledge that they can presently recall of any godly or spiritual beings. In fact even the word God is completely foreign to them.

With that awareness in mind, some background information is pivotal to provide a foundation of understanding of what I am sharing in this book.

I am a respecter of all people and completely love and accept them wherever they may be in their life journey. I am not a representative of any particular form of religion. Again, I am simply sharing my amazing, life transforming personal experiences with you.

Introducing the Core Group

I have a Team who has been assigned to assist me. I believe my personal Team consists of God, ministering angels, spiritual beings, intelligences, my ancestors, the elements… I have always been connected to this Team who provides me pure, eternal love and intelligence.

I am able to reach out and speak with my Team at anytime to receive comfort, guidance, instructions and protection from them.

You have your own specially selected personal Team as well. It is up to you to discover who is on your Team. You are the only one who has the power to ask for this supportive knowledge to personally come to you. Your soul will literally feel and bear witness when your truth is revealed. Allow yourself the time to receive this enlightenment. Look forward to receiving it.

You may already have discovered this information. If so, allow yourself to fully activate this powerful knowledge. It is truly worthwhile.

As I was completing the final edit of this chapter, I received a phone call from Jessi, a long time friend and client. She had just completed one of my Spa and Soul Days the previous weekend and she shared her reaction to the word Team. That particular word had negative connotations for her, and immediately reduced her feelings of joy and well-being.

From her viewpoint, a significant amount of her family’s quality time had been lost because her former husband spent excessive hours watching professional sporting games and events. So the word “team” was a reminder of many sad and discouraging occasions.

However, she soon happily began identifying what she preferred, and recognized the words God Helpers or Helpers as her personal way to identify with her uplifting group. In the same way, you too will swiftly come to identify your own amazing, encouraging supporters.

Our Team Members Are Perfect in Every Way

The Team members I have written about are perfect in every way. They are completely free of any pettiness, pride, ego or insecurities.

They truly understand the various steps we take to permit our soul’s maturing through the experiences we glean here on earth. They are not easily offended. They see the big picture at all times and are able to maintain a perfect, consistent love. That love is solidly anchored in the eternal relationship they have with us in spite of our temporary, mortal, vacillating thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our individual Teams do not get hung up on the names we call them. They are not going to split hairs if we refer to them by only a couple of the thousand sacred or reverent names by which they have been known throughout time. All of those names refer to the same beings.

We Are All Vital to the Whole

It is important to remember we are all vital to the whole. We are each a part of our Team and they are a part of us. We are also all connected to one another while we are each creating our worlds.

If we try to exclude or ostracize another person, group or country, because of some discord or difference of opinion, it is as if we are trying to sever an appendage of our own body! We literally would not be able to function as perfectly without that portion of our being. We would not feel our full expression of complete harmony and wholeness with everything that touches our lives.

It is exceedingly important that we allow ourselves to become one with each other so we can become more fully one with the Divine.

What Is the Divine?

I once visited with a woman over the phone. During the conversation, I referred to a Being in my Divine group as a he. She quickly corrected my statement by informing me that there is no he or she.

This was the truth that personally resonated with her.

I appreciated her sharing her beliefs with me, and I took some time to ponder over them. I was thankful I allowed my mind to remain open to what she was sharing with me.

I soon realized that she was describing the Power that creates all, which of course has no gender, and I was describing one of my Team members that utilizes that Power. This Being specifically directs and commands that Power and also teaches me how to purposefully use it.

You can also utilize this same Power when you are connected to your own personal Team.

So what then is the Divine? The Divine simply means both the Power and the Team that are able to use that Power.

“What If I Don’t Believe In the Divine?”

Our Team members do not get all ruffled up if we don’t believe in them for a season, or if we choose to think they don’t even exist at all. Nor are they going to rain down some sort of wrath of heaven upon us when we question and search for answers as we develop personal faith and knowledge about mortal and eternal truths.

These beings know they are real and are immovably secure in their state of being. They are free of any desires to take a straw poll to learn if they are still popular, accepted or rejected by others. Those opinions shift as quickly as the wind changes directions. Why would they or any of us expend precious time and energy on that anyway?

Yet, in spite of our sometimes faltering and questioning faith-blaming them for chaos or disasters we have created-our Teams still continue to love, bless and encourage us.

We can choose to move further away from or closer to their enlightenment and source of Power at any time. Whether we deny or acknowledge this source of well-being and nourishment, they are still consistently there for us.

They understand we are trying to gain experience. They know we are ultimately seeking harmony in our lives. Often this questioning and searching is part of that process, and so is the stumbling and hesitancy because of the unknown.

A man who was wrestling mightily with a lengthy and challenging divorce and child custody situation once asked this question at a retreat class I was teaching:

“What if I don’t even believe in the existence of God?”

What immediately flowed from my lips were these loving, inspired words, which comforted all of us: “That’s all right if you don’t believe in them for a season because they continue to believe in you!”

Be at peace. Be easy with yourself and with others. This heating, stretching, molding, tempering and cooling is part of our course of action as we examine, learn and grow from the opportunities presented to us.

To better help you understand what I am sharing with you, let’s look at this from a slightly different perspective.

They Continue To Love Us

I am a mother and grandmother. When my posterity goes through their learning and expansion opportunities-sometimes struggling, becoming disillusioned, frustrated or angry-I understand their plight. I too have gone through similar adventures in the course of my own experiences.

I know life is a process. There are many pivotal steps necessary for that progression to take place. During our physical development we first learn how to hold our heads up. Then we roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, walk and finally run. We learn life-skills and eternal laws by similar methods, through specific precepts, step by step, line upon line.

I would not consider it necessary to scold my children or grandchildren if they stumbled during their first tentative steps in learning to walk.

Neither do I consider it necessary to punish or shame them when they are wrestling with becoming one with their soul.

One of my children walked the day he turned nine months old even though he was born a month premature! Others took their sweet time…yet they all eventually learned how to walk. It is the same with learning and mastering our life skills.

We each have plenty of time and more to get these concepts under our belts. In fact, we have all eternity!

I continue to love and desire my family members’ highest good, even when they are at odds with themselves and everyone around them. I understand they will not remain in this state forever. I know they are here to gain wisdom from the experiences they have purposefully drawn to themselves. I’m confident they will readily release those growth opportunities when they have mastered their desired experiences. Then they will move on to other life adventures.

If I, as a mortal mother, grasp this truth of the reality of what is required during our temporal expansion, how much more perfectly are we understood, loved and adored by our personal Team? I have only known them to treat each of us with tenderness and affection.

Additional Sources of Information

The Divine will provide you with information from many sources. Allow yourself to believe you are capable of receiving his knowledge.

Inspired people will just walk up to you and give you information you desire to know; or something will pop up on the Internet, TV, and radio or in conversations you have. Sometimes you will feel your Team’s uplifting encouragement while reading a book or scripture, or listening to a lesson, talk or presentation.

You will also begin receiving pure intelligence that will flow into your mind; not mere mortal words! This is pivotal, because communicating through floods of pure intelligence results in perfect understanding of these treasures of knowledge being revealed to you.

As a result, there are no misunderstandings about the instructions you are receiving and the concepts you are learning.


There are many ways to gather the information and experiences you desire to have. Let yourself recognize that you are able to receive this knowledge from your Team. Start noticing your increased awareness and Ah-Ha! moments that begin to come to you. Find a notepad or journal today and begin recording your experiences! Allow yourself to believe you are worthy to receive this knowledge now.

Take the time to genuinely become an honorable, respectful, courageous, virtuous, accepting, happy being in life. That use of your quality time will be worth every minute you spend. Commit to yourself that you will immediately start to incorporate this knowledge into your life.