*The Actions That Generates Your Happiness

Go ahead, allow yourself to feel a warm, peaceful, joy, and thrill inside you that begins flowing into your heart and enlarges in your chest. It can then spread throughout your entire body.  This is your indication that you are completely connected to the “Divine” or your “Team” and that “Power.” These  actions are what generates your feelings … Read more “*The Actions That Generates Your Happiness”

*Remain Childlike & Filled With Amazement

At times, during your busy life, you can lose your bearings and begin feeling discombobulated. This  usually happens when you are trying to do everything on your own, forcing your way through life. Those are the times you take life way too seriously. Instead, stay connected and remain childlike while being filled with appreciation and amazement. … Read more “*Remain Childlike & Filled With Amazement”