Allow Yourself To Receive!

Allow yourself to fully receive what you have asked for; embrace and accept it! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

You Have Plenty Of Time And More…

 Feeling hurried, frazzled and distracted today? Try doing the following activity... Take one deep conscience breath. As you let it out, notice your body and how you are feeling.  Easily and quickly allow any tension or distress to rapidly depart from you. Now gently speak your truth to your soul: "I have all the time and more to accomplish all I desire to create today."  Say it several times with real meaning behind the words. Feel a … [Read more...]

“Ah Ha!” Moments

There are many ways to gather the information and experiences you desire to have. Let yourself recognize that you are able to receive this knowledge from the “Divine.” Start noticing your increased awareness and “Ah Ha!” moments that begin to come to you.  Allow yourself to believe you are worthy to readily receive them now. Immediately start to incorporate this knowledge into your life.   Pamela Ann  … [Read more...]

Give Thanks, FEEL Gratitude!

Give thanks for all that has been and is now being provided for you. FEEL that genuine gratitude. That feeling rapidly drives the desires of your heart to come into your now world! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Float Your Boat Gently Down The Stream…

Remember the words to this simple childhood song, after throwing out your oars: Float, float, float your boat or your body. How do you float it? Gently DOWN the stream. What is your attitude as you float? Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Because this life is but a dream.  It’s not your main reality. So be easy with yourself and everyone else! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Allow Yourself To FEEL…

Allow yourself to feel a tickle of hope and excited anticipation for the adventure you are embarking on. Let this change occur in your mind, better yet, in your entire soul so you can receive and further develop your “Mindset of Miracles.” Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Simple & Childlike…

Keep your life simple and childlike, teachable, easy to forgive, thrilled with the basic wonders of the world around you, filled with delight and emotional awakened awareness. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Ask For Your Desires, Nothing Wavering

Ask for what you specifically desire while completely believing, nothing wavering, that you have already received that desire. Recognize in your thoughts, visions, feelings and words that your preference at some level has already arrived (it first is created in a spiritual dimension)! Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Allow The Time To Receive Your Enlightenment

Allow yourself the time to receive this enlightenment. You may already have discovered this information; for those who have not, look forward to receiving it. It is truly a worthwhile experience. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Your are the Driver…You Hold The Key

You are always the driver in your vehicle of life. It is you who steers the wheel in the direction of your desired destination. You choose how fast or how slow you would like to go.  If you recognize dissatisfaction with what you are experiencing, you can immediately turn and head in a different direction! You are never stuck unless you decide to push on the brakes and come to a complete stop; putting your vehicle into park. Doing so is actually … [Read more...]