Three Page Roadmap for Life

Opening to Your Creative Powers Exercise...Or Three Page Roadmap for Life! (from the chapter, “Wrapping It Up” in the book “The Mindset of Miracles”) Take three pieces of paper and a pen or pencil. Be sure to HANDWRITE on all three sheets. Fill out the information by following the directions below. Do these exercises quickly. Write what first comes to your mind, in other words, don’t think it to death.  Your first impression will more likely … [Read more...]

Chinese Bed Exercises

Ten Minute Chinese Bed Exercises Perform following exercise set in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before going to sleep.  It will help awaken the body and prepare it for the day and relax the body before sleep at night. They are very powerful movements and can help keep your body well and in balance. They help open up all your electrical currents and balance out the energy in your body. These are the exercises I did on … [Read more...]

Tuacahn Update Plus Classes in Mexico, CA and UT!

Thought I'd share the latest and greatest with you... Oh my goodness! The Tuacahn classes were really amazing. I continue to receive wonderful stories about what the class members are now experiencing. They are putting into action the simple eternal laws they were taught that day. Below are the juicy details... I'm also having more of these powerful uplifting classes on weekends in Rocky Point Mexico, West Covina Cal. and Brigham, UT. Feel … [Read more...]

Checklist to Stay in Balance

Have you noticed how your dance in life seems to be going great and then one day you wake up feeling like you have lost your confident stride and easy rhythm? Instead of those smooth moves, you are now stubbing your toes and banging your elbows while stepping on others' feet. Do you sometimes find yourself scratching your head and wondering what is going on? How did I get so off kilter? How can I get in sync with a happy skip in my step … [Read more...]

Saterday Weekend Event At Tuacahn, Utah

Release the “Monkey Chatter in Your Noggin’” Then Learn How to Command Your World! Discover how you can form your desires with such exactness that you can even put a date on it! Listen to real life documented examples of how people, like you, rapidly let go of stress. They then created miracles that forever changed their lives for the better. You too can apply these simple eternal laws that you already know deep within yourself. You … [Read more...]

What Are You Doing With Your World Now?

We Are Individually Either Creating Our World, Destroying Our World, Or Creating The Same World Over And Over. We do this by our thoughts, visions, words and feelings along with what we give our attentions.  What Are You Doing With Your World Right Now? Are you creating, destroying or creating the same thing again and again? Get clear on what you would really love to create in your world right now. Then take action! Allow yourself to … [Read more...]


"All experience is for your good... So If all experience is for your good, can you ever make a mistake?" Pamela Ann (From the book, Mindset of Miracles) ____________________________________________ "Powerful! Absolutely one of THE best books I've ever read!" Order MINDSET of MIRACLES here. ____________________________________________ … [Read more...]

Body Hydration through Water and Sea Salt

The following is and excellent report created by my good friend Tim Brown. I use structured alkaline 9,5 Kangen Water by Enagic every day as well as Redmond's Real Salt. I avoid most forms of bottled water, especially if it is reverse osmosis water because it is pure acid. Most "Water Stations" sell this type of water which contributes to a more acidic body. An acidic body is an unhealthy body! See for yourself. Purchase some PH paper from your … [Read more...]

You Can Do Anything Your Heart Desires…

You can do anything your heart desires, as long as it does not impinge upon the rights and freedoms of others... It is actually impossible to encroach into another’s space or freedoms unless they at some level invite you to do so. But just your desire to impose or invade another’s personal domain would trigger a catalyst of discord within you. Simply your thinking about striving to control another would in actuality begin the process of … [Read more...]

*Reawaken Your Faculties

Deep within, you already know all the information I am sharing with you. I’m simply assisting you in reawakening your faculties to the knowledge of these eternal laws. Your feelings in your body will assist you in validating the truths you are reading. The results of your reawakening will help you more rapidly apply the information you receive in your everyday life. Listen to your body. Open your eyes and see the world and everyone in it … [Read more...]