*Simple Yet Powerful Lessons

Allow yourself to quickly and easily let go of all resistance, stress and difficulty from your life by putting into practice what you are learning. You will be able to replace those  feelings with peace, wellbeing and clarity of mind if you are willing to exercise the SIMPLE yet POWERFUL lessons taught herein. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*We Are All Part Of The Whole

We are all vital to the whole. We are each a part of our “Eternal Team” and they are a part of us. We are also all connected to one another as human beings in the creation of our world. If we try and exclude or ostracize another person, group or country, because of some discord or difference of opinion, it is like we are trying to sever an appendage of our own body! We literally would not be able to function as perfectly without that portion … [Read more...]

Ponder And Meditate About Your Creations

Ponder and meditate about what you would like to create. Let those ideas form and come into your soul. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*Consistently There For Us

Whether we deny or acknowledge this eternal source of wellbeing and nourishment, they are still consistently there for us. They understand we are trying to gain experience. They know we are ultimately seeking harmony in our lives. Oftentimes this questioning and searching is part of that process, and so is the stumbling and hesitancy because of the unknown. It's alright. They'll help light your way today. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*Ask, Seek & Find

Ask And It Is Given. Seek And You Will Find. Knock And The Door Will Be Opened.  We are the ones doing the asking, receiving, seeking, finding and knocking. We even open the door; it’s always unlocked!  Nowhere in those statements does it say, “Ask, seek and knock and in a few years, perhaps a decade or two, it will be provided for you.” Really look at those bold words. The "Divine" is prepared to give you your requests NOW!  So what are … [Read more...]

How Am I Feeling Now?

Throughout your day ask, "How am I feeling NOW?" Keep turning to that better feeling place.  Remember that your feelings are your perfect compass and guide throughout your life.  They will never fail you. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Daily Miracles

The beings that created you are Gods of miracles.  They love and adore you. They create miracles everyday for you. Look for them…give thanks. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

Step By Step, Line Upon Line

Just as our bodies physically learn how to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, walk and then run, so do we learn of life and eternal laws by specific precepts, step by step, line upon line. We were not scolded by our Earthly Parents when we stumbled during our first tentative walking steps. Neither do our Heavenly Parents consider it necessary to punish or shame us when we are struggling with the exercises of our mortal experiences in … [Read more...]

Now Is The Time!

Now is the time to discover what you really would LOVE to experience in your life.   Then unleash your amazing ability to create an extraordinary experience today!   Pamela Ann … [Read more...]

*Floods Of Pure Intelligence

You are capable of receiving floods of pure intelligence that will flow into your mind; not mere mortal words. This is pivotal, because when your "Team" communicates through this method it results in perfect understanding of the treasures of knowledge being revealed to you. As a result, there are no misunderstandings about the concepts you are being instructed in. Pamela Ann … [Read more...]